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Hauptrolle soll in Skogland fallen Aber dort wartet auf Jarven eine Überraschung Sie soll Malena die Prinzessin von Skogland bei einem Empfang vertreten Und dann überstürzen sich plötzlich di 3 starsishThe cover of this book was too delicious to pass up Yummy pink with sparkles and a sku

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Ein Land voller Geheimnisse und ein Spiel das plötzlich keines mehr istAusgerechnet die schüchterne Jarven kommt bei einem Film Casting in die letzte Runde Die endgültige Entscheidung über die This is a fun book Lots of action suspense and intrigue I've tried to get some of the kids to re

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E Ereignisse und Jarven erkennt dass sie nur der Spielball in einem heimtückischen Plan ist Ob sie Malena und dem Jungen Joas helfen kann die Verschwörung zu zerschlagen Es geht um Leben und Tod S Possibly the most confusing book I have ever read The Princess Plot tells the story of a mssin Take the Fight Out of Food: How to Prevent and Solve Your Child's Eating Problems in einem heimtückischen Plan Take the Fight Out of Food ist Ob sie Malena und dem Jungen Joas helfen kann die Verschwörung zu zerschlagen Es geht um Leben und Tod S Possibly the most confusing book I have ever read The Princess Plot tells the story of a mssin

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    My first comment about this book is that it is an unusual story I picked it up for my library at a recent book fair and it has a pretty steady circulation; not hot but definitely not dusty either Both the book and the blurb are attractive pink and princessey with a pirate looking skull; a young girl wins a dream movie role and is catapulted into real danger For the most part I would say that the story lives up to this expectation especially if that expectation is from young dreamy eyed girls Jenna finds herself filling in for a young princess who she looks remarkably similar to and discovers that there is very real intrigue politics and class issues at stake In general I like the way the political problems are handled They are intriguing and dangerous without the normal political complexity which works well for a middle grade novel even if they are somewhat simplifiedHowever I do have two problems with the book First the resolution of the book is a little too easy considering the theoretical depth of political problems in the storyAnd second there is a crucial part of this story that I just don't believe Jenna leaves home and hops on a plane with adults she has only just met without ever having spoken with her mother She just goes off without a thought in her head which I find troublingly stupid She tries to phone her mother a few times but seems content with faked texts First I doubt Jenna would be able to fly to another country without identification and secondly I find it difficult to believe that a girl who is as sheltered as Jenna has been just suddenly chooses to ignores her mother I think I find her stupidity at the beginning of the book to be annoying making the rest of her actions unbelievableHowever as long as I can overlook this huge character flaw I enjoyed the story It was fast paced and different girly girls rescuing the day among somewhat modern kidnappers and gun wielding revolutionaries with a dose of royalty and celebrity dreams along side

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    This is a fun book Lots of action suspense and intrigue I've tried to get some of the kids to read it at school but I think they were put off by the pink cover I was afraid it would be just a 'girly' book and I wasn't really in the mood for one but wanted to read it so I could booktalk it when school starts again I was really surprised at how much fun it was It isn't a 'girly' book at all I hope they change the cover because both girls and guys would like this book

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    35 StarsA very enjoyable and engaging story about Jenna a young girl who is raised never knowing who her father is or the truth of her identity but who is sucked into the political turmoil of Scandia which is on the brink of civil war following the death of its king and tricked into pretending to be their princess Malena to whom Jenna just happens to bear an uncanny resemblanceWe also get to have snippets from the POV of Malena Jenna's mother the Regent and several othersThe emotions were very realistic the politics both interesting and very illustrative of actual situations which helps readers to have a better grasp of such incidents and although the ending was satisfying enough I really would not mind seeing a seuel to this

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    3 starsishThe cover of this book was too delicious to pass up Yummy pink with sparkles and a skull and cross bones to make it look bad ass and though the cover is delicious like a cotton candy cupcake at Crumbs the book is just ok like a smaller vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting which many people like because its comfortable Much like this bookThe story goes that Jenna daughter of an over protective mother who is an etiuette teacher for a living really does anyone actually do this? takes one chance in her life to sneak behind her mother's back and audition to be a princess in a film While she believes the other girls including her BFF yes this term is used just like that numerous time throughout the book unless the author got lazy and decided to just write BF are prettier than she is she gets the part and is immediately scooted off to a country she has never heard of while in an alternating plot her mother is seemingly deceived and kidnapped While on the set Jenna is given a makeover to look like the country's beloved princess Malena who she is a dead ringer for except for her dark hair dark eyes tan skin the fact that she is a bit shorter than Malena and plumper but really DEAD RINGER no one can tell the difference when she is put in a wig and given contacts and told to not speak So the story moves along at a very fast pace if not a predictable pace No surprises lurk behind the twists and turns for us with an analytical mind but a younger group may actually not see them coming A younger less perceptive group but if they picked up this book especially based on the cover they will not mind and may even suspend what they see coming and feign surpriseI started to get lost when the book began over using abbreviations like OMG OMG but none the less I would give this book to tween girls looking for a mystery with a hint of pink even if the actual mystery has a hint DUH than pink

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    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToocomJenna and her friend get invited to audition for a movie about a princess Little does Jenna know it's not actually for a movieWithout telling her overprotective mother she auditions She makes it to the final round not believing that she's been singled out and chosen above all the other girls in her townBut instead of filming a movie they take her out of the country to fill in for a real princess during her salute to the crowd during her birthday so that the princess can enjoy her day in peace She's still dealing with her grief over her father's death not two months priorWhile Jenna's auditioning the real princess has escaped from her boarding school and is heading for safety Political issues are cropping up and she knows that her uncle the regent will be siding on a very important issue The two parts of the country are at odds the southern half is wealthy and happy while the northerners struggle with povertyWhen the king was alive he was working towards strengthening the country together But now that he's dead things have gotten worse The regent is going in the opposite directionThe princess knows she's got to make a stand but with someone standing in for her how will she get the chance? Meanwhile Jenna's beginning to figure out that something's not right but she's not sure what's really going onTHE PRINCESS PLOT is one part political drama one part mystery and one part fairy tale all included in a very fun read

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    I've had this book on my bookshelf for years and since I recently picked up its seuel I though it was about rime for me to read it The first thing I noticed straight away is that it's for a younger age group Not middle grade The awkward age in between The age where people would actually use omg and bff in real life So that kinda put me off but I continued reading Some parts are a little bit predictable but some parts weren't This may have started like a 'omg im so cool' pre teen story but holy heck it didn't continue like it was one There was plenty of suspense and some political stuff in there too It was awesome I won't be lying if I said that this book shocked me Because it did4 out 5

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    S Possibly the most confusing book I have ever read The Princess Plot tells the story of a mssing princess adnd a young similar looking girl who is taken awaky by officials to serve as a replacement while the princess is being relocated Sounds like a great tale I know But let me tell you this book is anything but that The Princess Plot skips to conversations where you have no idea who the people are and what they're talking about Half of the things they are saying are boring and unneccessary to the plot THere is about fifty pages of interesting text in the entire 400 page book

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    This book was really kind of weird It had the whole princess and the pauper thing but weirder Maybe the whole book felt so weird because it was originally written in Polish or something It felt really old fashioned but eveyrone had cellphones weird? Oh yeah

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    best book ever Must read

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    It was a streach for everything to stick together but overall a great story BTW don't let the cover full you

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