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What Ive Become The Humanity Within Book 1

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Set of circumstances I was able to escape Now I'm a beast a demon the like of which the world I've become stranded on has never seen before scraping by on the fringes of society hiding from the natives and doing my best to avoid notice After all I rather doubt the natives would take too kindly to a monster living nearby They'd probably organize themselves into some kind of.

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I wasn't always like this a monster running through the woods on an alien planet I was once a man I had dreams a girlfriend and a great job Then They came In the middle of the night They scooped me from my home and changed me Made me do things I'd rather not think about for reasons that are far beyond my comprehension They weren't able to keep me though and through a bizarre.

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Mob or hire monster hunters to take me down And besides even if they took me in what then Would they help me get back home Protect me from the demons that are surely coming for me No Even if they opened their hearts to me I couldn't do that to them I couldn't possibly bring Their wrath down on this world It would probably be best for everyone if they never knew I even existe.