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Lady Laurel Westfield had been brought up to be the most proper of ladies But when Major Braedon Sinclair sets his sights on the young debutante propriety is the last thing he wants from herBraedon wants a woman with the attributes of a courtesan and the reputation of a fi. Another audib

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Ne lady He wants her to accept his unconventional desires desires that include another man in their bedEthan Ash Sinclair's former lieutenant is the other man in his bed Now that they're home from a decade at war neither wants to give the other up but both want a woman to. The sexual ac

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Share their passionsThey tempt the very proper Lady Westfield with erotic and forbidden gifts that scandalize her as well as arouse her curiosity But with the ever increasing threat of discovery will Laurel succumb to their seduction Or willingly submit to the both of them. I needed a hu

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  • 11 January 2019
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About the Author: Kristabel Reed

Kristabel Reed lives on the East Coast and loves to explore the steamier side of historical romance There are so many sexy situations that didn't just pop up in the 21st century and my goal is to burst the myth of the prim and proper debutante She loves romances but historical ménages particularly which add an element of danger and discovery not seen in contemporaries Historically speaking u

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    ETA 912 I was drawn to this story because Ethan had visible burn scars that he suffered in the war and Braedon had rescued him and I am a sucker for damaged heroes Braedon wanted a wife who was a lady but could accept him and Ethan and their ongoing relationship wholeheartedly and willingly participate in their menage After meeting Lady Laurel Westfield at a ball and she had hit it off with Ethan Braedon began a seductive campaign to seduce her be sending her an erotic picture book and other gifts I find it interesting that even though the time period was sexually repressive there were still ways to encourage sexualityI really liked this story and it's been a reread and I have very few rereads

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    another lost opportunity of a possibly good book First of all when writing a romance novel include romance I get that these fellas wanted to have great sex but how about a hello you are beautiful are you thirsty? you take my breath away I'll be in touch I felt so naked and vulnerable for the heroine While they were trying to get a sense of her sexual depth they could have offered her some tenderness try to develop some trust Let her know that they were going to be there for her on her journey And for her part she might have asked where it was all going instead of free falling into a completely new lifestyleSecond This book was a logistical night mare One minute he is in front of her kissing her the next minute he is doing things that would have reuired him to get behind and under her I just think when you are writing about sexual entanglements it is important to keep track of who is putting what where and if someone moves this information should be disclosed otherwise the whole thing turns into a frustrating game of twisterThirdly really? That is how you end the book? Did you get a phone call and you just decided to type the end so you could catch up with whoever was on the other line?There was potential but the author didn't have a very good editor or else the publisher accidentally printed a draft rather than the final copy

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    Another audible book not as good as some of her books; but worth a read or listen

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    There is no delicate awakening to the sensual pleasures for Laurel with the onslaught of Braedon and Ethan but of an explosion of sensation I find it a little unlikely for someone so young and untried to embrace their lifestyle so readily but her maturity and grace belie her youth Braedon and Ethan are comfortable in their sexuality and I love the intensity of their relationship and their feelings even if they do not always express them verbally Ms Reed takes her characters to the height of passion and as the reader you are allowed the opportunity to enjoy every moment of their journeyLototy Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance MorehttpswwwcoffeetimeromancecomBoo

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    The sexual action throughout the story is hot I loved Laurel and Ethan but Braedon was a spoiled little boy who whined about everything That means that I really got into the story and the characters This was a good read If you like erotic regency romances you will like this one

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    Talented author and I loved the time period the novel is set in but I wish there had been development of the romance plot and less sex; that would have nudged my rating up to 4 stars

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    Very good; really get the feel of the times; hot and steamy

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    I needed a huge suspension of belief to be able to enjoy this book

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    35 stars

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    Final Score 5 Smut filled Stars

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