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A Thousand Faces

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November 1918 Eastern Europe Upon Germany’s surrender Private Dietrich Groening tries to get back home and leave the Great War behind him but the Guardian has other plans As the village’s thousand year old protector the Guardian needs a body and this time Dietrich is it Dietrich finds himself hijacked by the Guardian Dietrich’s mind now a vast labyrinth of cor

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E ride whether he wants to or not A Thousand Faces is a tale of friendship and discovery that will transport you from the sweeping marshes of Belarus through the cobblestone streets of post World War I Germany to the misty Redwood forests along the Pacific Coast Feel the wonder and awe as the Guardian takes you into his world through the corridors of time and memory

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Ridors and hallways and doors filled with memories the Guardian’s collected from all his past hosts The Guardian says he intends to go to the place that has haunted him as long as he can remember a single memory which he can say is truly his a tiny pinecone completely devoid of seeds and he will journey far to find the answers he seeks taking Dietrich along for th