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    Excellent read This was romantic suspense at its best likable Hh who had great chemistry and a great plot with the right mix of romance and suspenseactionThanks for the rec Shawna runs off to get the next 2 books in the trilogy

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    5 stars – Romantic SuspenseAfter reading and loving Kylie Brant's Waking Nightmare I decided to read some of her previous worksTerms of Surrender is the first book in Brant's Alpha Suad series and it's a surprisingly deep emotional story for such a uick Silhouette read about past lovers with a painful history who are reunited while working a case together as SWAT hostage negotiators It’s got an intriguing suspense plot touching romance a sexy protective alpha hero and a couple of verrry steamy love scenes I really enjoyed it and I’ll definitely read books by Kylie Brant 5 stars

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    I was unsure how to rate this book On one hand it was good better than average writing and better than average realism in showing the emotions involved The suspense plot was weak imo because I don't think SWAT teams and FBI would make some of the choices in the book On the other hand I thought the actual hostage negotiations were well done Plus Dace's character growth seems to unfold in a reasonable and believable wayMy main problem with the book was that the author did too good a job building Jolie's character her pain her inability to give herself emotionally etc I didn't really like Jolie especially her confusion over one major plot point that I won't reveal Her continued regret made me think less of her Because of the author's huge investment most of the book in getting the reader to understand the depth of Jolie's problems I simply wasn't convinced of her change at the end It was too abrupt And it's disappointing when major changes in character are caused by a traumatic situation instead of thought and personal growth

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    Rating 4 Trope Reconciliation Romance Chemistry Low Boil One Sentence Summary Two hostage negotiators become the target of a bank robber's revenge Review I've been in a bit of a romance funk lately with every book I'm starting not really holding my attention so I decided to go through my 'To Read' list and dig out something from a few years agoI think the world needs romance novels where the couple are cop partners throw in the fact that they are hostage negotiators aka the TV show Standoff and you've got a hit as far as I'm concernedThis book pretty much lived up to expectations and can recommend to those looking for a uick romance read

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    Dace Jolie adalah negotiator police di Alpha Suad Keduanya punya hubungan yg menghasilkan seorang anak laki2 yg akhirnya meninggal dunia Setelah itu Jolie lgsung meninggalkan kepolisian metro ga jelas di kota mana ke LAPD Sampai 50% cerita blm dijelaskan apakah Dace Jolie dulu menikah apa penyebab anak mereka meninggal dan juga biasanya tampilan fisik para karakter khususnya hero heroine digambarkan cukup detail ini sama sekali tidakNama penjahat2nya sih sdh muncul di 13 cerita tetapi yg bikin penasaran si org dalam yg membocorkan info ke penjahat2nya itu siapa? Sy sih udah nebak siapa orgnya motifnya yah money

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    Decent There's a nice twist at the end with who is helping the villian It's very sad what happened to their child and tore them apartA uick read More romance than suspense but a decent plot

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Terms of SurrenderSilhouette Romantic Suspense #1533

Summary è PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ Kylie Brant

First she'd left without a wordSecond he hadn't chased her down Now they had to face their past under heated circumstances And SWAT team hostage ne. Excellent read This was romantic suspense at its best l

Free download Terms of SurrenderSilhouette Romantic Suspense #1533

Rted felon with revenge on the brain Staying alive would push them to the limit but staying away from each other might just push them over the edge. I was unsure how to rate this book On one hand it was g

Summary è PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¹ Kylie Brant

Gotiators Jolie Conrad and Dace Recker couldn't let their simmering feelings explode Because they'd suddenly become partners and targets for a thwa. 5 stars – Romantic SuspenseAfter reading and loving K

  • Paperback
  • 224
  • Terms of SurrenderSilhouette Romantic Suspense #1533
  • Kylie Brant
  • English
  • 08 October 2019
  • 9780373276035

About the Author: Kylie Brant

The mother of five children Kylie Brant claims she began writing to save her sanity Plotting stories became her method of escape from the reality of constant ball games chauffeuring kids and refereeing minor disagreements between her perfect offspringIn 1992 she was elated to get a call from Silhouette offering to buy her second novel Home with laryngitis at the time she still managed to