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Sissy In Law

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It's not a good a idea to cheat on your wife with her best friend It's an even worse idea to let her little sister find out Kayla.

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Dominates humiliates and feminizes her brother in law during a humiliating day at the mall that he will never forget Forced femini.

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Zation forced bisexuality bondage humiliation female domination and forced crossdressing in this 9000 word story for mature reader. Sir Gawain and The Green Knight reader.

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    Sissy In Law begins with revelation that Ryan was feminized by a group of girls during his high school years It’s a revelation that’s awkward and embarrassing but one that his girlfriend and her sister agree to put behind them – at least until Kayla catches Ryan cheating on his blushing beautiful bride Before long he’s being feminized again and it’s the woman he’s been cheating with – his wife’s best friend – who is first to abuse himLike so many of Kylie Gable’s stories the focus here is primarily on embarrassment and public humiliation but I’m not sure it’s ever been uite so intense Most of the story centers around a shopping trip in which Kayla has Ryan measured and fitted for women’s clothing and paraded around in nothing than skimpy lingerie while she tells anybody who asks precisely why he’s going along with it The attention to detail is lovely and the emotional element is so very well doneThe climax is satisfying in multiple levels bringing together several of Kylie’s favorite themes while leaving Tom no choice but to accept his fate as Tiffany As published on Bending the Bookshelf

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