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Dirty Chaos

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Three is a menage a trios but four is a crowdLola Cole will have to see if her heart has room for all her boys. Lola has lived her entire short life sharing absolutely everything with her two best friends The fact that these two best friends are both boys doesn't seem to bother the trio but it has created a ménage of sortsOf course when bad boy biker Luca turns up things uickly become complicated than any of them could ever predict and there's lots of heated argumentsI'm afraid I didn't connect with the characters They seemed uite juvenile to me and this story wasn't racy enough for me Although not badly written the story didn't flow as I would have liked There's so much jam packed into this story that I kind of feel that it could have been stretched into two books separating the two major incidents and expanding each half with detail The major incidents are glossed over and there's time spent on Lola's anxiety and turmoil which just didn't hold my attention as it should ofI'm sure that those of you looking for a tamer but romantic read will enjoy this book so if it sounds like your type of thing give it a goI wish the author the best of luck in the future

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IrlSharing all their first was easy but can they survive graduation love and sexJust remember two is a couple. Reviewed by AkeishaI received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewAt first the blurb for Dirty Chaos is what intrigued me to read this story I started thinking that this story would be so interestingIn the beginning I really enjoyed the story I felt it for Lola when she was struggling to find herself in a world that she knew ever since she was a baby The same too guysNolan and Brian loving and protecting her everyday and them sharing something deeper than most teenager shared She wanted to have the love that her grandma talked about but with the boys there was something missing What I didn't like about Dirty ChaosAfter the first few chapter the story was slow It took me a while to read this book I really tried to not skim through the book but I was really bored with the back and forth between the characters Not only was there drama between the three friends but 'Bam' the authors added another person to the already chaotic mix I have to admit that Luka was the only character I liked and he was starting to grow on me when the story ended I think this story could have better had the trio been in college I know that teenagers do very crazy things but the story read older and some of the events just didn't connect I wanted to connect with the heroine and also wanted to feel when she was in turmoil I got nothing Dirty Chaos had some promise as the story was written well I thought that the emotions and elements that draws you to a story was missing The characters need a little bit for the story to work Sorry

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Nothing ever really happened in Shadow Springs TX until three babies were born in the same nightTwo Boys One G. High school drama life lessons and first loves For Lola finding your best friends was a given what wasn't a given was that they would be the 2 boys born on the same day she was As fate would have it they became friends Nolan Brian and Lola shared all of their firsts they were inseparable Until Luka came into the pictureThis is a coming of age romance that has a bit of a twist to it so be prepared It is steamy The authors in this book give us 4 incredible characters to fall in love with Lola is strong independent and sooo stubborn but you will love her to pieces Nolan is the Sexy Aplha that you have to have in your life he is the adrenaline in the groupBrian is mister wise ans sensitive the voice of reason if you will And then there is Luka Luka is the sexiness of Nolan and Brian rolled into one sexy motocross rider that will make you swoon I love that Lola was so close to her grandmother and all the advice she gets from herI found that is was a little distracting when she would flip flop in her moods with Luka and her boys but then again it is set in High school so I was forgiving The parts where Lola has her mood swings were just a bit choppy but over all it is a great story great read

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