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Fall of the Dreamer Dreamer #2

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; the Cambiar Virus is spreading fast and people are dyingAmelia doesn't want to give up her peaceful life but someone must fight for those who are unaware of the danger With Cameron acting strange her friendship with Sa. I love when you can actually see a writer improving Dawn of the Dreamer was good a really uniue story But Fall of the Dreamer is definitely better We come to the story on the heels of Amelia and crew taking down the Multi mind corporation This is the company that is anti dreamer Dreamers are harder to control as evidence by Amelia and Joe But the MMC is too big to be taken down by a simple info leak The world now knows what they're really up to so they've gone to ground Instead of forcing them to cease operations the rebel dreamers have pushed them into the closet And this time they're trying for a full elimination of dreamers A virus is sweeping through the city People are dying But their are those working from the inside to figure it all out The very same people keeping dangerous secrets from Amelia Events ramp up as those are revealed and life gets real I was a full of Cameron fan in the first book but I found myself falling in love with Joe in this one He's such a great character But it's really Amelia that steals the show She isn't some headstrong heroine that rushes into danger I liked that about her She isn't stupid But when put into crazy situations she's strong and loyal This book is intriguing and entertaining I'd recommend it to any fan of the genre

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Enjoying her new life in Sandhaven after previous year's events Amelia feels like she has it all – great friends a home by the beach a job that she loves and a handsome boyfriend But a new threat is growing in the city. Awesome follow up to Dawn of the Dreamer highly recommend

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Rah strained and her relationship with Jonah growing complicated the last thing Amelia wants is to put her personal life aside and get involved in another life threatening situationBut this time she doesn’t have a choi. L J Higgins has created a fantastic book series and a very believable world that you find yourself draw into with every chapter I would recommend this series to anyone who has an open mind to what our world could come to or to someone who enjoys a fantastic dystopian book I loved Fall of the Dreamer and I am looking forward to the last book of the Dreamer Trilogy

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  • 11 April 2019
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L J Higgins likes to write stories that make you uestion and remember to appreciate the world around you To remind you to open your eyes minds and heartsSome of her favourite things are Green Tea Family Writing Obviously Being Creative Painting Drawing The Beach Summer and HonestySome of her favourite books are Harry Potter Series The Hunger Games Series The Wool Trilogy His

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