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    This is an excellent book if you are not familiar with the 5E or Learning Cycle approach to teaching science. It is extremely short, but there is enough information on each topic to get you started using the model in your classroom. If you're using the 5E approach, you'll want to keep this one handy to refer to as you are getting started lesson planning.

    I highly recommend the 5E approach. Basically, you start by Engaging student's interest (this is the anticipatory set, nothing new there), then having them Explore before Explaining what's going on. That's the big difference with this model. The kids do a lab or activity to gain some knowledge about a concept before you teach it, instead of learning about it and then doing a lab to confirm that what you told them was true. 5E is a much better way to teach science!

    Now here's why I only gave it four stars. 1) A lot of their examples are aimed at the lower grades. They usually give three examples per topic. Often, one will be for K 2, one for 3 5, and one for 6 12. Ok, so their audience may be elementary school teachers, but it's not helpful to lump together seven grade levels any way you slice it. Just give four examples. 2) In some sections it feels like an entire book could be written about something they describe in two paragraphs. I'm not faulting them for that; this is a brief overview. My quibble is that they could have included a lot citations so that you could follow up with topics you want to explore in depth. I guess I'd have liked an annotated bibliography.

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    This was a great purchase! The book was short and sweet but had a lot of good value. I have taught before, but this is my first year in science and this was a great introduction to the 5Es. The writing is very good and there are plenty of examples to get me started. I would definitely recommend for anyone who has little to no exposure to the 5Es or anyone who would like simplified clarification. Small enough to finish in one to two sittings which I liked.

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    If you have had no exposure to this type of teaching this would be a basic overview. However with a few classes given by our school for educators it was redundant.
    This whole type of teaching is based on students who desire to learn. In my opinion not a universally successful methodology for every learner.

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    Great book!

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    Very informative and comprehensive. I had very little knowledge about the 5 E, and now I feel like I have what I need to create 5E lesson plans.

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    Uses a lot of repetition to rehash standard educational best practices. Nothing groundbreaking here.

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    One of the few text books I am keeping. Its short and practical.

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    This is a good resource for persons interested in science.

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The 5Es of Inquiry-Based Science (Professional Resources for K-12 Teachers)

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This resource supports core concepts of STEM instruction and specifically addresses the connection between technology and the 5Es Adapting to the changing technological worldis crucial in all fields of education and The 5Es of Inuiry Based Science helps teachers integrate their instruction strategies to incorporate technology while meeting the demands of today’s science standards both uantitative and ualitative. This was a grea

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