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Juggling on a High Wire

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“If I’m working ‘when I want to’ how come it seems like I’m working all the time” If you’ve ever thought these words in your freelance or self employment career you’re not alone Work life balance can be difficult to create and maintain especially when you’re the boss and the only one doing the work In Juggling on a High Wire author Laura Poole reveals the ke. Are you self employed and working out of your home Freelancing can be

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Y ideas in defining and envisioning life balance as well as easy to implement strategies for creating it Forget about “having it all” it’s time to focus on what you want and need in your life and how you want to live it Inside you’ll learnThe tools you need to develop a vision for the kind of life you’ve been dreaming aboutTask management tips and tricks for being a. Great for any self employed personAs an independent editor I found the

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Mazingly effective with your timeOptions and choices for managing non work issues such as parenting personal needs and How to cope with those times when you’re overworked and what to do when you hit a business lullWhether you’re just starting out in self employment or have been at it for years Juggling on a High Wire will help you gain the balance you’ve been looking fo. This book is full of wonderful information for people who are self empl

  • Paperback
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  • Juggling on a High Wire
  • Laura Poole
  • English
  • 10 January 2017
  • 9780986053825

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    Are you self employed and working out of your home? Freelancing can be wonderfully freeing but does come with a learning curve Laura Poole's book helps you ask the right uestions about your work habits are you most productive in the morning? Are you a night owl? and your business are you overworked? What steps can you take to even out your work flow? Other freelancers share vignettes with their tips for working while taking care of children or elderly parents and keeping a business running after an injury If you are succeeding as a freelancer you probably know most of these things about yourself But sometimes you need to hear it from someone else I'm going to pin this uote on my wall Work life balance is NOT saying yes to everything But do say yes to reading this book

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    Great for any self employed personAs an independent editor I found the advice in the book incredibly helpful and I hope to put some of the tips into practice in my own life

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    This book is full of wonderful information for people who are self employed Even though my freelancing work is very part time right now and I doubt it will ever be full time as my current situation works well my business is still really important to me It can be hard to balance personal relationships with work and find time to get things done This is especially true since I started working full time outside of editing so I appreciate all the tips in this book for finding that balance Especially relevant I think is the uestion If I say 'yes' to this what am I saying 'no' to?

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    Laura is the kind of busy productive encouraging freelancer that you want to take advice from She keeps it real and fun—and doesn't waste your time If you're struggling with work life balance or better yet before you struggle with work life balance spending the hour or so it will take to read this book will be well worth itYou'll get advice on the fundamentals on working with and around and sometimes in spite of others and on how to correct the balance when it begins to tip One of my favorite features is the Words of Wisdom sections These vignettes from other experienced freelancers add an unexpected richness and breadth to the book Disclosure I contributed one of the Words of Wisdom vignettes

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