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    DNF'd at 36% Warning Spoilers follow The Good Bad and Ugly You have this girl named Whitney who apparently is a little piss on at Silver Lake High School She has a bible thumping mother super popular best friend and she's invisible But over the summer Little Miss Whitney decided to gain some weight and every man at that school wants a piece of her ba dunka dunka One of the men even compared her ass to the likes of Kim Kardashian while her best friend Dani put it on the same level as Kate Upton Then you've got Troy the star football player He comes from an abusive household his father is a drunk he's poor works at a pizza parlor and gets all the ass he can handle He's determined to get a scholarship and leave this town behind at whatever costA few of his buddies compared his manwhorism to that of Leonardo Dicaprio saying Troy got just as much ass as the Titanic heartthrob With her new found weightloss Whitney decides to try out for the cheerleading team at the insistence of Dani Because the girl just has it all now and deserves to flaunt herself I don't freakin know why she did it It was too convenient honestly Whitney goes to try outs does some split on the pyramid that she's never been trained to do then picks a wedgie out of her assTroy is sitting in the bleachers watching all of this go down listening to his buddies make bets about who they are gonna screw this yearThen Troy's eyes meet Whitney's and vice versaAnd WHAM Just like that Troy has decided he has to go on a date with this girl who has been lurking around campus for 4 yearswhom he's never showed any interest in until she gained weight and joined the cheerleading team etcHer very presence gets his dick agitated and before long he's strutting over to Whitney grin in full force ready to lay out all of his cards Troys asks Whitney on a date she says yes of course I mean why wouldn't she? This guy who has ignored her for 4 years suddenly shows interest in her Kate UptonKim Kardashian bod and she's smitten They go on one date decide they like each other and the next chapter a week has passed and they're all cuddly at school Strange really how uickly a virgin girl can jump into the arms of a bad boy whom she claims to know has a bad reputation Even her mother knows about his heated affairs yet the woman lets her daughter mosey around town with himI ended up stopping at 31% when Whitney lost her virginity to Troy I assume this is where the baby comes into play She brought a 4 YEAR OLD condom that she'd kept stored in a secret place at home Remember her momma's uber religious Whitney just became stupid to me after that I mean she wasn't smart to begin with but what intellect she had dropped completely when she handed Troy the 4 YEAR OLD CONDOM to use POINT BLANK1 Stiff dialogue Not enough descriptions or pauses in between conversations2 Continuous run on paragraphs3 No relationship build up 4 Repetitiveness Not just with words but scenes Anytime the POV changed to Troy it was almost guaranteed that 1 his father was drunk and 2 Troy was about to get a black eye or bruise somewhere else5 Bad flow caused by unnecessary words He says nodding and following to the next room6 No voice7 NO CHEMISTRY BETWEEN THE LEADS NOTE As I am writing this review I see that Blitzed is currently #9 on 's top 100 Conclusion Don't waste your money or wait on reviews to come in The cover? AmazingThis book? What 36% I read not so muchI paid for it so I'm rating it 1 STAR

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    This was just ok for me I thought Whitney was a brat who made decisions about her and Troy's life without even consulting him Troy just took everything she dished out without any fight I love a pregnancy romance story especially if it's done well Their daughter Laurie was sweet and showed maturity than her mother

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    Self note from what I seen herione might annoy me too much Plus I need to know if they were both celibate during separation If anyone knows for sure can you please tell me For now this is a pass

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    At first I was all into it especially the highschool part The heroine leaves her junior year some skinny forgettable girl goes on some pasta diet gaines weight thickens up comes back a breaks neck Catches the eye of the king of the school; captain of the football team yada yada yada everything goes great I am enjoying it she hands over the V card finds out she is preggo runs to europe breaks his friggin heart has a kid doesn't tell him shit5 years later has the fucking audacity to come back with her on and off italian boyfriend and daughter back to town; throws her boyfriend in his face; still doesn't tell him he is a dad like wtf? You effing piece of shit whoreAnd the hero? When he finds out he is a dad the douche hugs her and thanks her? I would be choking the bitch all the millions he has I would be suing the shit out of her and she has again the AUDACITY to ask for child support? Bitch sit the fuck downAs you can see I hated the whore of a heroine hated her She deserved to be left aloneand the hero was an idiot for taking her back after each time she left him and believe me it wasn't just once

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    This is the story of the hot high school football hero and the shy high school virgin who get together She ends up blossoming over the summer into her senior year and ends up trying for the cheerleading team and gets in and it seems like overnight she is one of popular crowd Of course he's the high school hottie and has been for a while and has never noticed the heroine before There have been a lot of these books out recently because of the popularity of some of the titles like Elle Kennedy's The Score and Kristen Callihan's The Hook Up which I both love However this one falls a little flat in the story telling even though there is a teem pregnancy in this book I read one other Lauren Landish book and this one was a little better than that one which got 2 stars

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    Hmm pretty goodThis story was pretty good Minus the fact that I wanted to weak knee the heroine Whitney every 20% of the book she'd make an irritating decision that honestly didn't make any sense but WHATEVERTroy was honestly the perfect hero He may have been to perfect even because he let Whitney get away with too much crap WHATEVER Haha ok it's low on the smutty bits high on the angst and high on the sweet moments As annoying as Whitney was she was also sweet and MOSTLY good for TroyI loved their friends and people who loved them I loved the little moments between Whitney and her friend Dani the mostAll in all a good story I used it mostly as a pallet cleanser between dark reads and it was good for that Some heavyemotional moments but they were balanced with the sweet ones

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    Women the specie of this female mc is just a snake She should suffer for a incurable disease that would not kill her soon but would make her feel pain and lose all her physical capabilities but would keep her brain intact so she would suffer in a living hell Being aware of everything and everyone but no being able to do a single thing

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    Really silly youthful mistakes ridiculous coming together with zero anger who finds out the love of his life had his child and never told him and he doesn't get angry child dialog was awful half the time I thought her mother was talking? I finish the book because of troy not Whitney

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    I love sports romances they’re right up there with rockstar romances There’s just something about a super confident sexy guy being ‘brought down‘ by a girl he can’t resist Add a secret baby secret either because the girl doesn’t know how to get ahold of the guy or because she doesn’t want to ‘ruin’ his life and I’m all in Unfortunately this was not one of the better ones I’ve read I gave it 3 stars because I absolutely loved Troy and his daughter Laurie A lot of the secondary characters were awesome as well but Whitney though I really wanted to understand her just missed the mark for me I got that she didn’t want to ruin Troy’s already rough life by springing her pregnancy on him They were both young and he was determined to play pro ball but when she does come back after 5 years she leads him to believe that she’s committed only to cut him off cold again when he’s traded across the country I think it would have been believable if Troy had been at least a little mad at her He just accepts that Whitney kept their daughter from him and then they fall right into bed Obviously he’s just happy to have her back but when she does it again he doesn’t even fight for her and Laurie He again accepts Whitney’s decision and though lonely and unhappy goes on with his lifeI also didn’t understand why Lorenzo was even in the book After being there for Whitney since Laurie’s birth and coming to the USA with them because he loves them so much he throws them away like nothing and doesn’t look back Not even to see how Laurie’s doing It’s like he was added for drama between the leads but then the drama was left out I didn’t hate ‘Blitzed’ The story does have some great characters and a satisfying happy ending I just wish there was a little realistic interaction between the main characters

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    Almost child likeSo here's the deal The story is about a High School girl who dates the hot shot B fall in love each has different upbringings virginity lost then surprise pregnancy Now female main character freaks and decides to not tell hot jock boyfriend about baby as it's better for him to not know Flash to current time and the baby is now 5 and female lead tells hot Pro nfl boyfriend that she had baby and kept it from him all for his own good The dialog was immature Troy was not even mad that his daughter has been kept from him Reality they only dated a few months if that and kept the love alive for 5 years Whitney has no problem telling her daughter who her father is whom she did not know about for 5 years and then decides that it's best not to move with him or keep any kind of relationship with him after a mid season transfer I call BS There was no angst it's stupid dialog with all 'lets just love each other' mentality I might sound harsh and I hate that I mean this author took time and wrote this went through the process of publishing put blood sweat and tears on this story and here I am saying its kind of crappy Well sorry but this was not a good read wouldn't recommend and sorry to say I wasted my time But good cover That's the only nice thing I can say

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Athlete practically the King of Campus God’s gift to women that’s what they call him but I’ll make a gentleman out of him Everything is perfect and he already practically has his ticket to the Big Leagues There’s just. At first I

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“I brought Laurie back to meet her father I brought her back to meet you” I’m normally not into jocks but when Troy Wood asks me out I feel like I’m the Chosen One After all he’s hot as hell and Silver Lake’s best. This was ju

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One little problem I’m hiding a secret that could destroy him and his future I can’t tell him I can’t tell him that I’m pregnant with his baby Blitzed is a full length romance with an HEA no cheating and no cliffhanger. Women the s

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