The Best Laid Plans Signet Regency Romance review ¾ eBook or Kindle ePUB

The Best Laid Plans Signet Regency Romance

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Al husband one who will fulfill her father's social aspirations But when her advisor Lord Weyland helps her.

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Cross off the men on her list Catherine wonders if true love has been staring her in the face all this tim.

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American heiress Catherine Prescott D'Eauville has arrived in Britain to find the most suitable and practic.

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    Catherine Prescott D’Eauville a wealthy American heiress has just arrived in England to fullfil her father’s ambitions to establish herself in society by marrying a impoverished English peer No one with a rank lower than “Earl” need apply Meanwhile the independent minded unconventional and adventurous Cat aims to satisfy herself by wedding a man complacent enough not to interfere with her own desires for freedom and world travel However she does not anticipate meeting the intelligent and charming Lord Weyland who fails to meet any of the criteria on her carefully composed “List”

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    Typical Regency romance This one involves a young lady from America Catherine Prescott who has come back to England to marry an earl She and her cousin have created a list of eligible bachelors from which to pick And of course she falls in love with someone who is not on the list

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