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O find the real Faustus is to find the real history of his age and to take a tour from alchemical labs in princely dungeons to war torn Italy Martin Luther’s Reformation Wittenberg and the magnificence of Charles V’s court The life of the legend becomes as real as any living perso. Never really go

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Around the world there are hundreds of nightly performances of Goethe’s Faust as well as actual attempts at soul selling on eBay Faustus has rightly been described as an icon of modern culture But in 500 years no one has written his biography until now Faustus is the real story beh. Great book the

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Ind the legend It is the story of a 16th century scandal who claimed mastery of the forbidden magical arts and dared rival all of the miracles attributed to Jesus He evoked uproar and was accused of the worst crimes But Faustus was not a charlatan nor was he in league with the devil T. It is incredibl

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