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Adam Greene while on location in Montana Delivering up Adam just doesn't seem right Especially since Courtney's got her eye on him tooAdam's not interested in high maintenance actre. This little Chr


Matchmaking is not in Courtney's job descriptionAs assistant to a famous actress Courtney is used to fulfilling ridiculous reuests Then her boss demands a date with handsome cowboy. If you're looki

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Sses But he can't deny his attraction to sweet fresh faced Courtney How can a small town guy compete with glitz and glamour Leave it to a cowboy to wrangle himself a Hollywood endin. What a great st

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    If you're looking for a sweet stay cation all the way to Montana with a cowboy a Hollywood film crew complete with diva and a few gold nuggets of truth woven in you'll love Lesley Ann McDaniel's new romance Poor Courtney the stressed out assistant to the diva herself is just hoping she won't get fired She's finally landed this job which she hopes will take her far in a filmmaking career but it's all she can do to keep the actress happyEnter Adam handsome cowboy who just wants is to keep his ranch which is the only reason he let the crew film there Neither of them anticipated the ride they were in for stampeding their hearts and even making them look a little deeper at their spiritual walksWith plenty of action spicy dialogue and laugh out loud humor this book is a winner

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    From the first moment I met poor frazzled Courtney in a small Montana grocery store trying to buy French spring water for her uppity actress employer I knew this story was going to be a keeper Add in a hunky cowboy a few horses and a writer who can convey humor like few I've ever seen and you have the perfect smorgasbord of a story You'll laugh your heart will flutter and most importantly you'll be touched by the gentle spiritual messageSo what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a cup of coffee and a slice of Montana huckleberry pie and curl up for a read you won't soon forgetWell done Mrs McDaniel Looking forward to the next book in this series

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    When author Lesley Ann McDaniel mentioned Montana and coffee in her opening line she caught my attention Her witty humor realistic dialogue and believable characters held my attention all the way to the end yep I couldn't put Lights Cowboy Action downI enjoyed McDaniel's character Courtney so much I wanted to spill coffee on my shirt just to be like her She was real not a perfect model looking waif with everything going for her but a boyfriend A young professional woman happily raised in a Christian family Courtney lost her faith as she gained her worldly life ambitions She didn't run away as a prodigal her heart slowly went cold She hasn't made time for the Lord or for a serious relationship Besides being the assistant to movie star Angela Bijou allowed only enough time to fulfill the diva's whims and take the brunt of her ugly tantrumsFilming the latest Bijou movie under the vast majesty of Montana's Big Sky Courtney realizes how small her world has become She meets handsome Christian cowboy Adam Greene and begins to open her heart to the possibility of restored faith and true love But Angela has her roving eyes on the cowboy and orders Courtney to arrange dates as a diversionary flingMiscommunications clumsy moments and a serious lapse in judgment will have you holding your breath for Courtney to see if she will finally make the right choices in lifeThis would be a great summer read while sitting in the sun with a cold drink You'll love McDaniel's fresh voice and humor

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    A great summer read Set in the Rocky Mountains of Montana Lights Cowboy Action ticks all the boxes with the perfect amount of romance drama and spirituality Take a hard working fresh faced girl a self centered movie star and a handsome rancher add love a little misunderstanding and a pinch of faith and you’ve got a recipe for a great storyAuthor Lesley Ann McDaniel excels at weaving captivating characters plot and setting into a very entertaining novel I particularly enjoyed experiencing life on a movie set in a small town in Montana If you can’t be there in person the next best place is cuddled up in a comfy chair with Lights Cowboy Action

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    Whew What a delightful rompThis wonderful little book kept me off balance and turning pages from the very beginning Whenever I thought that nothing could go wrong for the characters did They always seemed to just catch their balance and notice each other when something new and unexpected came and threw them into the wringer again If you are looking for a fun romantic ride through a comedy of errors look no further This is it

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    This little Christian romance set in the heart of Montana is perfect for reading by the pool on those 90 degree days which is exactly what I did Nothing like some Christian based fluff reading to spend an afternoon and this novel ette fits the bill

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    What a fun read The words created a film in my mind as I journeyed through this story Highly recommend it is a inspirational book that keeps you connected to each character Enjoy

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    What a great story I love Montana and immediately connected with the characters Lesley does a great job of taking a number of conflicts and bringing them together for a fun ending

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    Cute story Would have given it stores but way too many God references I'm Christian but it was too over the top for me

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    Nice story Simple but great

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