CHARACTERS ☆ Decode and Conuer

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  • Decode and Conuer
  • Lewis C. Lin
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  • 06 December 2017
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Decode and Conuer


Fficult PM interview uestions Decode and Conuer will reveal Frameworks for tackling product design and metrics uestions including the CIRCLES Method™ AARM Method™ and DIGS Method™ Bigg Good book to skim before PM interviews but not as thorough or comprehensive as Cracking the PM Interview by Gayle McDowell which is a must have when interviewing This book will certainly give you confidence in answering uestions and playing to your strengths It's a great and fun weekend read but the best way to make the most of the book is by answering the interview uestions yourself before looking at responses Highly recommend if you need to brush up on PM interviewing and especially if you are transitioning from a non PM field to a PM role

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Decode and Conuer is the world's first book focused exclusively on product management PM interview preparation The author gives an industry insider's perspective on how to conuer the most di If you're a first time Product Manager or an inexperienced one this book might useful There was nothing earth shattering as far as I was concerned it was mildly useful as a uick brush up on items to remember to mention The other issue is that this book is about an interview in which you would be asked to go through your process beginning to end rather than a behavioral interview In my experience most companies seem to be moving in favor of behavioral uestions rather than scenarios for Product Managers

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Est mistakes PM candidates make at the interview Decode what interviewers are looking for why they're looking for it and how to deliver it Answers to the most important PM interview uestions Good book to prepare for general PM interviews It provides a good way to structure your knowledge Think of software engineer's certification if you ever passed it Most of the methods mentioned in the book are common sense but can be useful in a stressful time constrained interview environmentBottom line 5 if you are going through PM interviews