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    Book where have been all year?I first read book 1 earlier this year It was good but it lacked some stuff that kept me from immediately jumping into the seuel Then a couple of days ago I saw the preuel on someone's shelf and because I wasn't really in the mood for anything in particular I decided to continue with this seriesSo I uickly reread the first book to dive into this oneAnd God I'm so glad that I finally didThis book has everything I liked and wanted in book 1 and It is so amazing and heartbreaking SlytherinHarry is the best and his development in this book was magnificent And Draco was awesome as well really developing from being merely a second character to a bad ass of his own view spoilerOne of the best scenes in this book is when Harry stood up to Conner and the scene where Draco stood up to his father hide spoiler

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    Whoo When I said in my review of #1 that I hoped she'd relax into the world and let us spend time with and get to know the characters a little I had no idea my wish would be granted to this extentThis was incredible A fascinating enthralling heart breaking inspiring examination of the mind free will responsibility sacrifice friendship and familyWe learn about what has really happened to Harry because of the way Lily chose to raise him It's fascinating to get to head hop and therefore see multiple peoples' reactions to what is going on in Harry's head The descriptions of what the structure of Harry's mind has become were vivid and powerful and having so many of the battles take place there was fascinatingYes this is dark But it never claimed to be otherwise and we're also given the assurance just before the darkest chapter that things only get better from here Plus ever and always in the midst of the darkness there's some light and some hopeDraco is the most vivid example of this This Draco annoyed me in the first book and the first half of this one He just seemed so one dimensional in is adoration of and devotion to Harry He seemed weak and silly when Harry tried to break off their friendship for Draco's own good and Draco kept refusing But after view spoilerhe stands up to Harry and insists on going with him to the Chamber hide spoiler

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    I have too many mixed feeling for this story First of all it felt so long The next books are far longer but CoS was never my favourite anyways the settings and the events never intrigued me Maybe that it is why I couldn't enjoy this bookHarry's thoughts make me rage His obsession with Connor can't be healthy at any costs and whatever Lily or Dumbledore say doesn't change it This is why I don't understand why some of the adults don't interfere I mean yes Remus tried and I loved him for it But what about Mcgonagall? She was aware of the abuse some of it at least And the book was long enough for her to notice some Connor makes me want to stab a knife into my stomach I don't care if he is possessed or some shit I don't find him sincere Maybe my opinions of him will change if I decide to go on with the series but for now I want to strangle his throat and burn his the boy who lived arse I had always this problem with fanfictions OOC feels so wrong to me It's obvious in this story that the author had to change the personalities of characters I can't find it convincing Draco is too soft Lily is too horrible that it feels like this is some Lily bashing storyI know it serves the story but it still bothers me James is too stupid Sirius is too prejudiced when he denied all those pureblood shit because he wasn't a prejudiced bastard I can go on and onI still liked the book better than the first one I think Characterizations were detailed and finally Harry had some common sense and most of all he showed Draco he cared for him It looks like I am cold hearted I didn't even bat an eye reading last chapters that was supposed to be dark Or it is just it hasn't been long enough since I read Song of Achilles

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    HarryDraco friendshipSlytherinHarryMentorSnapeAUJust as good as I remembered and I'm enjoying this knowing how the series end and noticing small things knowing they're going to be explainedmatter later in the story

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    I love how well this is written All the elements of Harry Potter that we all loved is here smashed and molded even better There are unfortunate parts but there are extremely splendid parts The author combines and flits on canon in the best of ways adding layers and layers behind the original story deepening backstory describing emotion and strategy and society in ways Rowling hadn't and in ways I'm enjoying so much Truly fantastic and what I hope to come across every time I search for a book to readConnor's scar view spoilerI really gag every time it comes across Sooo cheesy I'm appalled But I ignore it carefully for the merits of the rest of the story hide spoiler

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    45 starsAfter finishing this book I realized that there is no way turning back; I must prepare myself for this promisingly long but incredible journey of several thousand of pages in this series next year Oh my review on this book? it's weird yet addicted since I'm only used to the original story of Harry Potter; however this series will take me to another new time line of my most favorite series of all time it's time to buckle up

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    Definitely as good as I remembered here's a series that makes me happy from so many points of view not the least of which is its brillianceReading it for the second time is different from reading it the first time around I noticed things I knew what to dread and what to enjoy while it lasted And I really love how everything is working awesomely together

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    Even better than the first one I love the characters Narcissa is awesome Remus is awesome Dumbledore scares me Compelling plot that mirrored the Chamber of Secrets while also containing new and creative elements The exploration of occlumency is fascinating

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    I'll review the series once I finish but may I just say Wow This isJust Wow

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    This may be the best fanfiction series I have ever read view spoilerThese subtle moments between Harry and Draco may have had me suealing Several times This friendship is just the purest love I can't wait to see how Harry will react when he realizes that there may be deeper feelings between them That ought to be interestingI'm really sad that Sylarana won't be there any I very much liked her sarcasmAnd Narcissa was simply badass in the end I love her hide spoiler

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