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The Cat Who Could Read Backwards

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Ushly furnished house in a moldering neighborhood and has a raft of enemies all over townHe offers the newcomer a tiny apartment in his building at a nominal rent and willeran grabs it surmising the deal will involve lots of cat sitting Meanwhile a gallery whose artists get happier treatment from Mountclemens is owned by Earl Lambreth The acerbic critic has praised pa. The mystery plot is decent but it took awhile to get going The resolution felt extremely rushed and was a bit out of left field which I don't enjoy in a murder mystery The book was written in the 1960's so parts of it are predictably dated An electric pencil sharpener is a shocking piece of cutting edge technology There's a very casual attitude to smoking and getting on a plane involves a lot less security Also I was very confused about a clue until I remembered that an electric clock is not the same as a digital clock and doesn't behave the same when unplugged I was fine with all of that Dated technology doesn't bother me What bothered me was the very masculine air to the book willeran walks through the newsroom on his first day and notes the inevitable girl reporter At one point he describes a satisfying salad as a man's salad Women are described chiefly by how they look and if the male characters think they're a dish or not The only female character who is not described as feminine is named Butchy No joke that's her first name She's described as husky and she never grew out of her tomboy phase because apparently her large frame wouldn't let her She's not allowed to be feminine is what I took away from it I was not surprised when it was later inferred that Butchy was a lesbian Because of course sigh That's all very dated too but I'm much less inclined to be fine with itwilleran does no cooking for himself I could feel myself getting fatter every time he went out to eat somewhere

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Intings there by a reclusive Italian named Scrano; the junk assemblages of Nino who calls himself a ``Thingist'' as well as works by Lambreth's attractive wife ZoeIt's Zoe who one night past closing finds her husband stabbed to death in the vandalized gallery Days later willeran guided by an insistent Koko finds Mountclemens's knifed corpse on the patio behind his hou. Cats are my family I enjoy any books that adeuately include them; you know than claiming they exist However I staved off collecting most of Lilian Jackson Braun’s sweet looking books because they are numerous Even I surmised they would be fluff Perusal took years Let me overturn that impression they have substance The mysteries are excellent and you really settle into the cast“The Cat Who Could Read Backwards” 1966 is constructed superbly Jim willeran like many didn’t know cats in close uarters Introduced to a Siamese by a short lived character; Jim is stunned by Koko’s profound intelligence and elegance His own history is doled out over several novels a divorcé starting anew in a smaller city with a smaller bank account He was an award winning crime reporter in a major centre We find him gratefully assigned to newspaper features about art Knowing neither art nor this city readers learn the subject along with him All Lilian’s books appear to expound on a new topic which I thoroughly enjoyCompounded by a strong identifiable history two factors launched my pleasure to five full stars From antagonism and cliues of the art industry to the mystery itself; all of it was written extremely well Jim’s involvement is plausible he makes logical efforts at deduction there is a flow and the interest remains raised The sensitivity of his moustache and Koko’s ability to convey his intuitiveness are uniue touches Especially praiseworthy I have never seen a cat themed novel depict a human feline relationship better than Lilian’s do The proliferation of her series is extraordinary in itself The first three were well received in the 1960s but paused for eighteen years Lilian felt that hardcore crime was en vogue She resumed her pen in 1986 to greater acclaim and my gratitude

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Jim willeran is a prizewinning reporter who's been on the skids but is now coming back with a job as feature writer mostly on the art scene for the Daily Fluxion George Bonifield Mountclemens the paper's credentialed art critic writes almost invariably scathing hurtful reviews of local shows; delivers his pieces by messenger; lives with his all knowing cat Koko in a l. Aweful Simply awful Bad What the heck I read about the first 5 or so of these things I had already read those rapey books called harleuin romance So it was this or cereal boxes Cats No Never no Defrost my old refrigerator Oh hell yes This Awful

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Lilian Jackson Braun was an American writer She is well known for her light hearted series of The Cat Who mystery novels The Cat Who books center around the life of former newspaper reporter James willeran and his two Siamese cats KoKo and Yum Yum in the fictitious small town of Pickax located in Moose County 400 miles north of everywhere Although never formally stated in the books th

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