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  • Hardcover
  • 232
  • Kelso The Horse of Gold
  • Linda Kennedy
  • English
  • 14 January 2019
  • 9781594160431

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Kelso The Horse of Gold

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The crowd and cheering Kelso on” Tom Trotter Former New York Racing Secretary “He was the greatest horse I ever rode” Eddie Arcaro rider of Triple Crown champions Whirlaway Assault and Citation At his three year debut in June 1960 no one could know that Mrs Allaire DuPont’s small deerlike gelding named Kelso would come to dominate American racing like no other horse before or since For five unprecedented years he would reign as Horse of the Year setting records and endearing himself to millions of fans Always considered among the top four horses of all time with Man O' War Secretariat and Citation for many Kelso is the greatest racehorse since he won at sprints a. Loving and readable life of the great gelding by a real in person fan Kelso Five time Horse of the Year Five Time Jockey Club Gold Cup winner at a marathon two miles A great weight carrier Legendary runs in the late and lamented Washington DC International A personal narrative of a long racing career who drew fans numbering 60000 to 70000 on Belmont and Aueduct weekends I also return to this volume in the autumn the time of Kelso's climatic championship runs Very enjoyable

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The Inspiring True Story of One of the Most Successful and Beloved Thoroughbreds in Racing History Praise for Kelso The Horse of Gold “Ms Kennedy has captured the grandeur of the horse in a simple straightforward way that will charm and excite those who saw Kelso run and remember his stirring deeds Kelso's racing record through eight seasons is simply breathtaking” Wall Street Journal “In this concise entertaining account Kennedy tells the story of Kelso a scrawny ungainly gelding who just happened to be one of the greatest Thoroughbreds that ever lived” P ublishers Weekly “An excellent portrayal so intense that one has the sensation of being right there with. I’ve read this book many times and am amazed each time that I found such a gem Linda Kennedy’s excellent writing is befitting such a great horse as Kelso And his story deserves telling What a career Her personal connection—following his career from when she was a girl and seeing him race—and her knowledge of the sport and historical events of the time add so much richness I really gained a sense of what horse racing was like in the mid century era—very different from today This book helps to show that there is than one type of greatness for a race horse People try to compare great horses from different generations and it’s important to understand the context in which the horse was great From this book I learned that in Kelso’s era greatness wasn’t just defined by winning one race but by a season or seasons of consistently winning races at all different lengths—up to 2 miles This context is important to understand the uniueness of Kelso compared to champions like Secretariat It makes me want to follow the career horses typically geldings than the flash in the pan horses who are here today and gone the next I think seeing horses with longevity would be good for the sport right now

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Nd endurance races won on turf and dirt carried unprecedented handicap weights and raced both foreign and national thoroughbreds Kelso was crowned champion of the Jockey Gold Cup one of the most prestigious racing events an astounding five straight times Like Seabiscuit Kelso was not earmarked as a contender and missed the Triple Crown races But Kelso's greatness was decisive he regularly defeated Triple Crown race winners In Kelso The Horse of Gold Linda Kennedy tells the remarkable story of one of the greatest athletes of the ages recreating the excitement of Kelly's uniue and brilliant career while placing his unparalleled achievements in the context of racing history. This was one of the best horse books I've ever read Honestly Kennedy loves Kelso and it very much shows in her writingNot to say that she can't be even handed because at several points she was fairly objective But when you're a fan of Kelso and you're reading a book about him you really don't want to hear him bashed and Kennedy did not at allThe prose was very pretty at times and I enjoyed her writing style overall The descriptions of the races were often than the usual 'this is who he was up against and this is how many lengths ahead he was when he won' approach found so depressingly often in racing booksKelso was an exceptional horse and this book is a delightful ode to him