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N the hearts of some and given the opportunity will dramatically change the future forever especially the innocent 'Soiled Doves' set in the 1870's continues to captivate the reader as they discover what happens next Along with this riveting tale of love loss and revenge Linda has included a family tree to show the li.

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Neage of the unforgettable cast of characters from 'Doves Collect' Soiled Doves along with the enite Dove Collect series touches down on the theme of suppression of one group over another; the wealthy over the less fortunate the slave owner over the slave white over black one nationality over another and man over woma.

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Its been said that 'Love can heal a broken heart' That old saying is put to the test in the forth spellbinding novel of the 'Doves Collect' series Discover how the rich cast of characters will overcome unthinkable tragedies and losses proving that life isn't always as we expect Past indiscretions and pure evil lurks i. Errata expect Past indiscretions and pure Wendy Knits Lace: Essential Techniques and Patterns for Irresistible Everyday Lace evil lurks i.

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