Morgan's Rescue Morgan's Mercenaries #6Love and Danger #3 Review Ý 102

Morgan's Rescue Morgan's Mercenaries #6Love and Danger #3

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D him of the torrid passion they'd once sharedA Daring RescuePilar's mercenary days were long over but lives hung in the balance and she had to attempt this rescue She'd once fearlessly gamble.

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A Driving NeedCulver Lachlan wanted no part of teaming up with beautiful Pilar Martinez for a new mission Seeing her again brought bitter memories of how she'd abandoned their love yet reminde.

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D everything for her work Now it could cost Pilar the only man she'd ever lovedMorgan's Mercenaries Love and Danger #3Four men Four missions Each battling danger to find their way back to love.

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I've lived six lives in one and it all shows up in the books I write one way or anotherI was always a risk taker and broke mustangs at thirteen years old in Oregon I learn to break them with love not threat or pain At 17 years old I picked night crawlers worms out in our Oregon orchards from 9pm to midnight every night I earned enough money to buy my school clothes and book I also plunk

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