SUMMARY î The Beginners Guide to Crystals

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The Beginners Guide to Crystals

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Rotection to manifest intentions to bring calmness and tranuility and to enhance concentration and creativity Complete with clean modern photographs of each mineral and stone the crystal profiles contain accessible information on color chakra origin uniue magical healing ualities and uses at work at home and in your personal life With tips for building and maintaining a collection as well as performing crystal r. Good but very basic Doesn't cover enough stones


Ituals for metaphysical healing The Beginner's Guide to Crystals provides everything you need to experience the wide range of benefits these stones offer Whether used to treat physical ailments like hypertension high blood pressure and circulatory issues or to soothe emotional issues such as anxiety fear and stress this guide will introduce you to the perfect crystal for bringing wellness and balance to your lif. This is a great book for anyone just beginning to learn about crystals It has information about basic crystals and the different way they can help and be used One thing I loved about this was with each crystal has info about the best ways and places to use them

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From amethyst to zincite black onyx to rose uartz The Beginner's Guide to Crystals is a full color photographic guide to than 60 stunning crystals and their emotional spiritual and physical healing benefitsThe beauty and allure of these ancient stones are explored in this introductory guide to understanding crystals and their many uses Harness the healing power of these minerals by using them as a talisman for p. Picked this up at Five Below for 5 because I’ve been interested in exploring of witchcraft and Wicca and thought learning about crystal might help Also I’m a writer myself and figured I could get something out of this for my fantasy books However the connection between crystal healing and use of chakras was a little bothersome seeing ad chakra healing and beliefs belong to cultures and practices in India which I do not feel comfortable using in any practices I might want to try The descriptions of each crystal were formatted strangely in the book making at times difficult to read They also became uite repetitive and found myself enjoying the notes section than the magic section I wish that there had been a little bit history around the crystals and their uses before explaining their modern uses But it was easy and uick to read But I recommend skimming it for specific crystal not reading it cover to cover Unless you want to bore yourself to tears