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He past Joe promised his father he wouldn’t do anything dangerous again and alas he’s just broken that promiseBut whatever trouble he expects to get into with his father and despite the dangers he’s triumphed over in the past nothing could prepare Joe for what he’s about to encounter when a cold bitterness creeps into his homeA mysterious and peculiar woman named Mrs. Note I was given a free electronic review copy in return for my ho The Drunken Botanist over in the past nothing could prepare Joe for what he’s about to encounter when a cold bitterness creeps into his homeA mysterious and peculiar woman named Mrs. Note I was given a free electronic review copy in return for my ho

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Some might say he’s courageous while others would say he’s daring maybe even a little crazy But when Joe Dearborne risked his life and ran into a burning building to save a puppy the local newspaper referred to him as “fearless” and that’s a pretty big title for a sixth grader to live up toPlus Joe already has plenty else to worry about After other daring feats in t. Fearless Joe Dearborne is the adventuresome tale of a daring young

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Chill has just been hired to care for Joe while his father is away on business In no time however Joe discovers that she’s up to than cooking and cleaning and she has plans to destroy his family Joe’s effort to save them results in perilous sometimes humorous encounters and leads him on a journey through the threatening wilderness where he faces his greatest challenge yet. This is a story of a boy who struggles to stay out of trouble and

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    Good book for middle graders or ages 9 14 Joe Dearborne has earned a reputation for being fearless Fearlessbut not necessarily brave Can you guess what he needs to do in this book? When a reckless boy needs to learn about boundaries safety and bravery there is a lot to cover hereOf course Joe needed something to challenge him so after a nasty bite from a coral snake Joe is suddenly able to experience fear He is even afraid to go into the basement Naturally this is not the type of thing he wants to admit to others Add to that a new mysterious and creepy housekeeper Joe finds himself in a situation unlike one he has ever faced Something is not right about Mrs Chill the housekeeper She is sweet when his father is around but the longer she is a member of the house the menacing and wicked she seems Yet when so many things now terrify Joe what is a boy to do on his own?Part mystery part adventure and full of fun This book is filled with uirky characters amusing situations and challenges that many kids go through in life to varying degrees Several great lessons to be learned can also be found within these pages Joe's character is easy to relate to He has a severe weakness for speaking up for himself many times and still has a long way to go but every youth can be found in his shoes at least a some point I wish he had stronger friendships That was one thing that saddened me No friends Mrs Chill was a well set mystery Outside of her being a bad guy they author does a decent job keeping her character strange and lightly veiled in mystery until the end It really keeps you going and the one thing I can say is that I don't like her petulantly sticks out tongue at mental image of Mrs Chill Overall a pleasure to read

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    Fearless Joe Dearborne is the adventuresome tale of a daring young man who despite his fearlessness begins to uestion his braveryJoe is somewhat of a town hero He has saved the day and lives of children and animals alike on several occasions without regard for his own safety After Joe's mother passed away his father became extremely worried about Joe's apparent lack of fear He tells Joe to leave the heroics to the professionals So when Joe rescues a kitten from a burning house his dad grounds him The town reporter however won't let the story rest and is eager to write an article highlighting Joe's rescue He even dubs him Fearless Joe He tells Joe that he is so brave but a neighborhood boy replies that bravery is acting despite your fear and since Joe isn't afraid of anything he can't be brave Now Joe begins to uestion himself Can he be both fearless and brave?This is such a fantastic story There is so much going on to keep children entertained throughout the book Joe's heroics at the beginning of the story and then the recollection of all his selfless acts are exciting But the odd housekeeper his dad hires gives the story a twist She's creepy and mysterious and Joe seems to be scared to death of her This alone will have young readers pleading for Joe to discovery the bravery that lies within him The story teaches children about character and believing in yourselfI recommend picking up a copy of this highly enjoyable read

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    In Fearless Joe Dearborne by Lisa Whitney Mitchell Joe finds it hard to live his life without risking it He thinks nothing of running into a burning house to save a puppy or entering a dark cave to rescue his friend's dad's autographed baseball All of that changes when he gets it into his head to pick up a poisonous snake and gets bit He survives but something's changed; Joe is no longer fearless When Joe's dad goes out of town and he must stay with his aunt's housekeeper's cousin Mrs Chill Joe is afraid to stand up to her Will Joe ever find his fearlessness? Is there a difference between being brave and being fearless? Joe spends the remainder of the novel in search of these very answersI liked Fearless Joe Dearborne It was a uick and easy read suitable for middle grade readers The characters were uirky and interesting especially Mrs Chill and Joe's Aunt P and the situations were humourous which kept me interested Though Joe is no longer fearless in his mind he still gets himself into situations where the reader wonders if this is where he regains his fearless status something we are kept guessing until the end what will happen that will help Joe to regain his fearless mojo which is enough suspense to keep the reader readingThough it's been a while since I've read a middle grade novel not since my own high school age children were middle grade I think they would have enjoyed Fearless Joe's adventure pre teens are sure to get the message within that you don't have to be fearless to be brave

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    Note I was given a free electronic review copy in return for my honest reviewThis was a uick read that kept me turning the pages It wasn't uite what I expected from the summary I think I expected slapstick humor But despite the over played Mrs Chill the story really is the tale of a boy who's suffered a lot of loss and is trying to figure out who he is Joe has been dealing with it or not by being recklessly brave until he goes too far and loses his fearlessness Now he has to learn that courage is going on even when you are scaredMy biggest criticism of this book lies in the contrast between the stock characters Mrs Chill and dotty Aunt P and the very human boy at the center of the story Mrs Chill is like every other evil boarding school mistress of literature from Mrs Minchen A Little Princess and Mrs Monday Nancy and Plum to Count Olaf A Series of Unfortunate Events her perfidy is obvious to both Joe and the reader but the adults in the case seem oblivious I think this is intentional the comedic aspects tone down what could otherwise be a pretty intense story But I'm not sure it's necessary I'd like to see how Joe copes with his real world problems in the real worldRecommendationThis is a fun and easy read for kids from about 8 and up Kids are apt to really enjoy the goofy aspects though older children used to books with intense issues may share some of my complaints 35 stars; I'm marking four because really it was an enjoyable read

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    Fearless Joe Dearborne is a story about a young man who initially is fearless He has done many things that gives his father fear of losing him but Joe just throws himself into dangerous situations without a single thought to his own safety or his father's fears He runs into a burning building to save a puppy In the past he had pulled a girl from a hole in the ice on a pond without thinking that he too could fall in He is fearless It takes the wisdom of a fourth grade boy whom he calls Green Beans to point out to Joe that everything he does could not be considered brave Bravery is action that overcomes fear while being fearless is the absence of fear Joe does not want to be fearless He wants to be brave In an attempt to instill some fear in himself he picks up a coral snake He knows its bite could be deadly but he still feels no fearThat is until he gets bit and almost dies Life drastically changes for him His dad hires a housekeeper to keep him in line and keep the house clean She does than that though and helps Joe to feel fear in his life She is also the reason for Joe's conversion to braveryI thought this was a fantastic book Each chapter starts with a word being defined and then the word is used within the chapter I absolutely love this aspect It not only is an entertaining story but it helps kids to learn new words and how to use them The character development really showed Joe's transformation I loved it

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    Joe Dearborne is my hero At the tender age of ten Joe already has courage and integrity than most people twice his age This is a delightfully inspiring story full of adventure excitement and chills Joe proves himself to be a reluctant hero continually fighting his internal self doubt which leads him to test his bravery in sometimes foolish ways As he moves through his trials he forgets to be brave and simply does what needs doing and ultimately redefines for himself his own idea of what it means to be fearless I am long past ten years old but I found myself glued to the storyline unable and unwilling to put it down Each chapter flowed easily into the next with little or no irrelevant or tedious content The dialog between the characters is perfectly age appropriate witty and succinctChildren from age 8 12 should love this story It is full of suspense and excitement but also provides well disguised learning opportunities which should please parents as well There are some fairly advanced words throughout the story but the author takes the time to define them in the context of the book thereby making their meaning clear to the reader while not interfering with the smooth flow of the story I simply can't say enough good things about this wonderful debut novel Lisa Whitney Mitchell has come out fearlessly treating us all to what could become an iconic novel

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    I have a sixth grader and I thought he’d enjoy this book I happened to get it on a day that it was FREE on Kindle so there was no cost to me My kids have access to a Kindle E reader app to read books so I had it sent directly to their deviceThe book began by asking them if they’d rather be fearless or courageous I asked each child to write down their answer read the book and then write down their answer again We’d then see if their answer changed after reading the book why or why not and what they thought of the book Having three kids we had a variety of answers both to begin and end; some opinions changed and others did not As a parent that’s interesting to see and a great conversation starter to get some insight as to how your children process thoughts ideas and suggestions Ultimately I was pleased to see that my kids saw that Joe was making some poor choices and that fear can be a good thing in certain instances They also really grasped that courage is an honorable character trait and that overcoming your fears to help someone and choosing to do the “right” thing is the best choiceWe enjoyed the way the story was told the humor and it captivated the interest of my 9 11 and 12 year old boys who were trapped indoors during a Nor’easter

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    This is a story of a boy who struggles to stay out of trouble and when he can't finds himself in than he ever expectedAfter an unfortunate encounter with a coral snake Joe changes He is no longer fearless And to make matters worse when he falls ill and needs extra care his fearlessness is replaced with dread Will he find bravery when all sorts of humorous unbelievable and uirky challenges are thrown at him One of the strongest points of this book is how it shows the difference between being brave and being fearless Often books portray recklessness as a positive trait as a mother I love that this paints it in a realistic light That there are conseuences to actions This is a good book strong in terms of relating to characters and exemplifying the problems of kids today Solid 4 Stars

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    A great read Lot's of humor and a great moral to the story As well as some great vocabulary at the beginning of each chapter with a meaning of the word and I found that very great for kids to learn a real word and the meaning that goes along with the story they are not hard words but fit in with this story perfect I really think kids can learn What being reckless is and what can happen if you are while still laughing and enjoying a great book as well as being a true hero It is a action packed book with lot's of laugh's and fun I think boy's will really like this book however I also think it is good for girls It is a great story with action and adventure laughs and suspense A great book

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    I read this entire book in one sitting I just couldn't bear to put it down because there was never a dull moment I liked most of the characters and found myself wanting to know their entire back story especially Green Beans' I'd recommend this to anyone who wants an insanely uick read which offers a little bit of everythingI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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