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Wer bekommt den Millionär?

Characters Wer bekommt den Millionär?

Riley P Lombard III is a blue blooded bachelor who likes being single But a fender bender with beautiful Kellie Sumners triggers

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E candidate to walk Kellie down the aisle But when it comes to finding husband material Kellie knows what she likesand it's Rile

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A telepathic glimpse of his future with this luminous woman as his bride To escape his fate Riley plots to find another suitabl

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    Riley is a rich psychic widower who isn't ready to love again When he meets Kellie he sees a flash of them getting married Kellie is a recently divorced single mom who doesn't trust love Although fate seems to want these two people together they both resist I really liked both of these characters and there were a lot of really funny parts I could understand why these characters would be resistant to love However all the mixed signals grew tiring after awhile While I enjoyed the book I think it could've been shorter

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    This is a cute tale of two people pretty sure that they could never marry each other but then it is very clear that they belong together

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