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Why we created these uniue recipes that are like our favorite foods except with beans and rice as the main ingredients Tacos Burgers uiche even Pizza just to mention a few Includes 30 dinner recipes which will feed a family of 4 for an entire month There is even a shopping list of all ingredients reuired to prepare all 30 recipes One trip to the st.

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Ore and you’ll have everything you need to prepare a different meal each night for one month These recipes are also healthier than their traditional counterparts While we were working on getting out of debt we not only dropped a few pounds eating these recipes we reduced our grocery bill by 450 per month which helped us get out of debt much faste. Dahlia Black us get out of debt much faste.

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Beans and Rice cookbook and debt reduction tool inspired by Dave Ramsey If you are serious about getting out of debt one great way is to reduce your grocery bill The old saying eating “beans and rice rice and beans” is an excellent way to significantly slice your grocery bill But no one can stick to eating just beans and rice for long That’s.

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