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    425 StarsHarrison Hunt has had a heart attack thus issuing a challenge to his four sons They have one year to marry with an heir on the way or forfeit their inheritances None of the boys were happy about this but agreed to do what the old man askedBefore businessman Justin Hunt was ready to begin his wife hunt that would be only a business arrangement he felt a strong urge to see his ex girlfriend that he left two years ago She had been perfect but because of his horrible upbringing and the poor example from his parents he felt he would do nothing but make a mess of marriage and fatherhood causing his wife and children untold heartbreak He decided to let Lily gofor her own good When he showed up at Lily's townhouse he was shocked to see a one year old baby girl in her arms One that looked suspiciously like himself Black hair check dimples check and her mother's lovely eyes check This author earns my high praise because this man who had to be in his thirties had been celibate since he had broken off their relationship two years ago That is unheard of in the book world of romance and I was beyond pleased It made me love him Loved it and highly recommend

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    This was my first read by this author and I enjoyed it It was well written with a great story The characters were loveable I'll be looking for the other three books in this series The Hunt for Cinderella I can't wait to read about the other three brothers

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    I'd have given this a fiveif there were to this series Which in fact doesn't appear to be a series at all I only noticed Frankie Fairchild which is a total bummer I will eventually read that one but I'm still tons confused by the plot The description says only so much The father gives all 4 sons an ultimatum since he recently suffered from a heart attack that has left him rethinking personal matters This was what killed it for me by one star off from getting a 5 star rating the three other sons involved with this ultimatum It was like setting up the readers for this promise of four books but settling for only one I wanted to know about the other brothers I could already tell that Justin had this in the bag I thought at least LFD would have thrown in something about the brothers to tie up this book but nothing Some typo errors here and there but nothing substantial that would have kept me from readingThis was written years ago so I was hoping for the others Fantastic writer but desperately would love a follow through even with the 'cousins' too So much potential and the only reason it lacked the five stars I hope the author understands it was superb writing but please I beg you of this Hunting for Cinderella Series with the Hunt's and the Fairchild's I do recommend but saddened there are only two Maybe someday??? One can hope

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    Leído el 09052010

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    3 12 Stars Ms Dyer does a wonderful job setting the stage for this new series It's hard to see Justin as the man who dumped sweet Lilly but once we learn of his painful upbringing we can see how he may have justified it to himself He's a great hero; steps up to the plate when he discovers he's a Dad and shows Lilly that she does come first This is a sweet lovestoryThe Hunt for CinderellaAfter suffering a mild heart attack Harry Hunt faces his own mortality and realizes that his four sons are chips off the old block in their workaholic ways So his gathers them together and proclaims that each must marry and their wives must be expecting be the end of the year or the mighty Hunt dynasty will be sold off chunk by chunk To further the challenge the brides to be cannot know that they are marrying into money these must be true love matches

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    a likeable read ^^

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    35 starsBecause Justin and Lily acted reasonable and the drama was minimum but it's not boring

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    what a sweet book about second chances

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    Great book from the beginning so much you don't want to stop reading it at all

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Ily ranch was his flesh and blood and he'd do anything to keep itEven if anything meant marriageNow he's chasing after entrepreneur Lily Spencer the only woman who had ever come c. 3 12 Stars Ms Dye

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When curmudgeonly software tycoon Harrison Hunt issued a challenge his four sons had to marry within one year or forfeit their inheritances Justin Hunt couldn't believe it The fam. This was my first r

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Lose to touching his guarded heart But when he turns up on her doorstep Justin finds than an angry ex girlfriend waiting there's a little girl in her arms that looks a lot like hi. Great book from the