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Horizon By Lois McMaster Bujold

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Itional Lakewalker practices cannot hold every malice at bay forever Yet for all the customs that the couple has challenged thus far they will soon be confronted by a crisis exceeding their worst imaginings one that threatens their Lakewalker and farmer followers alike Now the pair must answer in earnest the uestion they've grappled with since they killed their first malice together When the old traditions fail disastrously can their untried new ways stand against their world's deadliest f. Love love love these 4 books And the epilogue of this book is one


In a world where malices remnants of ancient magic can erupt with life destroying power only soldier sorcerer Lakewalkers have mastered the ability to kill them But Lakewalkers keep their uncanny secrets and themselves from the farmers they protect so when patroller Dag Redwing Hickory rescued farmer girl Fawn Bluefield neither expected to fall in love join their lives in marriage or defy both their kin to seek new solutions to the perilous split between their peoplesAs Dag's maker abiliti. Eight or years ago I bought and read the first book in this seri

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Es have grown so has his concern about who or what he is becoming At the end of a great river journey Dag is offered an apprenticeship to a master groundsetter in a southern Lakewalker camp But as his understanding of his powers deepens so does his frustration with the camp's rigid s with respect to farmers At last he and Fawn decide to travel a very different road and find that along it their disparate but hopeful company increasesFawn and Dag see that their world is changing and the trad. There are some fairly negative rewiews of this book They claim it

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    Eight or years ago I bought and read the first book in this series Beguilement but never felt particularly motivated to finish the 4 book series until a few weeks ago It occurred to me that before I let my expensive non resident library card lapse for the next few months I should grab this series off the library's shelves and plow or skim through it as the spirit moved meThe second book was a skimmer for me I didn't rate or review it because of the amount I skipped over but the third was good enough that I actually read the whole thing with a fair amount of interest especially the last part which really ramped up the intensity The excitement kind of ramps down again at the start of this fourth and final volume in the series but I found myself unexpectedly taken with the telling of Dag and Fawn's stay with a camp of Lakewalkers where Dag can learn from others how to use and control his abilities as a maker and healer The magical aspects of this were fascinating Dag and Fawn are still battling the prejudices that Dag's people the Lakewalkers have against Fawn's the farmers and vice versa Specifically Lakewalkers don't like Dag practicing his healing abilities on farmers But when a young farmer boy gets lockjaw from stepping on a nail what's a self respecting healer to do? And one thing leads to another and of course Dag and Fawn and their friends aren't finished dealing with the deadly malices that blight their lands And one malice is of a sort that no one's ever seen beforeview spoiler hide spoiler

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    I figured out a long time ago that Lois McMaster Bujold is one of THOSE authors basically if she writes a book it's good Period And the Sharing Knife books are no exception McMaster Bujold's worlds feel real and her characters matter This series is a little slower paced than some of her science fiction but they're still very rewarding readingHorizon is the fourth book in the Sharing Knife series in which a farmer girl and a one armed Lakewalker man meet while fighting a terrible monster and end up marrying However in this land farmers and Lakewalkers generally avoid each other The Lakewalkers despise the farmers for having no magic groundsense; the farmers fear the Lakewalkers for their magic and because the Lakewalkers make knives out of their dead kins' bones What the farmers do not understand is that the sharing knives imbued with the souls of the dying are the only weapon capable of destroying the terrible malices which are kind of like the Star Trek's Borg only organic see my review of Jim Butcher's Alera books Lakewalkers hunt malices and if they didn't the land would soon be overrun and destroyedAs Dag and Fawn deal with both malices and malicious humans they see clearly what no one else has realized that the rift between farmers and Lakewalkers inadvertently benefits the malices The seemingly mismatched couple sets out to change prejudices and find solutions ultimately a greater challenge than slaying a maliceIn the crowded sci fifantasy realm not many authors stand out but Lois McMaster Bujold is so good she scarcely has any competition Of course if you're going to read about Dag and Fawn you should start with Book One and travel the author's land clear to the Horizon

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    The final book in the sharing knife series is as I expected entertaining The premise of the entire series was around breaking prejudiced old traditions and making ways for a new better and accommodating world It was a love story full of adventures and camaraderie What I love most about the series was the homey feeling I got while reading it was inviting comfortable m and have lovable characters I grew fond of Dag and Fawn the main characters and just wanted of their story I truly enjoyed this series

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    In which this four book romance fantasy wanders – by which I mean plot? What plot? – to a close – by which I mean babies for allYikes A friend called this the never ending beige adventure which made me laugh More than the book didI'm feeling kind of cranky about this book It's intellectually boring with a thematic conversation communication clashing and changing paradigms etc little deeper than your average morality play I could forgive intellectual boredom for emotional interest – God knows I've done that before But my emotional needle didn't so much as uiver throughout I will say that the book is at least prettily if rustically written And I don't usually get cranky over boring because boring for me is a great romance for someone else though I've never met anyone who was actually really moved by this particular series Bueller?No the real problem is the explicit and implicit helping of babymaking propaganda Did you guys know that the purpose of marriage is babies? Didya didya didya? The sheer amount of moral imperative this series piles on reproduction – though okay not always heteronormatively – is staggering because half of it is delivered with this 'duh' of universal unarguable truth which um no and the other half feels entirely unconscious and kind of uncomfortable as a glimpse of author id to me The older I get the toxic that becomes Yeurgh

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    There are some fairly negative rewiews of this book They claim it's a filler unnecessary and weaker than othher books in the series I must disagree A someone who followed the story closely I thoroughly enjoyed this book I t does have it's flaws there are several deus ex moments but it was pealasnt and enjoyable reading through and through

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    Fawn Dag and their never ending beige adventure

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    I'm not sure why I kept reading this series since I didn't like it very much A different series by this author the Miles Vorkosigan series is a funny clever space opera with interesting characters and plots and I had tremendous fun tearing through the whole series in a month This series was a fantasy romance emphasis on the romance which would be fine if the characters were interesting They're not particularly The heroine is a Mary Sue; spunky loyal clever compassionate and perfect with a little totally unfounded insecurity to keep her from being arrogant She had premarital sex the one time but that's not a flaw and nobody in world who isn't a villain thinks it is either The hero isn't much better being one of those Alpha Jacks of All Trades Of all the characters we meet his magic range is the biggest His malice series' main villain kill tally is the highest Whenever there's a fight he's in charge During the course of the series it's discovered he's also a healing prodigy and a maker mage the two highest status positions in his society He's missing a hand but it doesn't slow him down He has a variety of stump attachments suitable for any need including a bow and he's a great shot Gag me with a spoon Occasionally he's glum That's about itThey fall in love in two days and never have a serious fight They spend a lot of time being understanding and patient which I'm sure is a nice way to behave but we never see them struggle to arrive at that understanding or lose that patience which makes it seem contrived Why is their relationship so strong? Well because they're just such marvelous people But they're lousy characters because they're boring to read about

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    Mini Review YAY for narration by Bernadette Dunne I've heard her before but now I will keep an eye out for her name on audiobooks I really enjoyed her style of narration for this series I liked it It wasn't uite what I was expecting but it worked I should have realized by the second book that the series would be about the journey of making changes rather than finding a particular answer The focus moved from being about Dag and Fawn to showing the reader the world in which they lived and how much harm can happen due to ignorance and fear of the unknown It means something when the series is over and you're left wondering what happened to all of the characters that you've gotten to know I definitely feel that wistful note here at the end Horizon was an adventure story that teaches about being open to trying new things working with failure and noting that change may be full of prickly pangs but also goodness It was a nice jaunt into a different world and full of great characters that I enjoyed getting to know

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    Love love love these 4 books And the epilogue of this book is one of the best places to leave a series ever

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    AudiobookI guess this is the end of the series A really nice ending with both groups working together I would recommend this series

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