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W her dreams After losing so much Matt knows his courage is faltering And when he learns the truth about what Shelby faces now they'll both need a heavy dose of courage if they dare hope for a future. i enjoyed read

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Old Love New NeighborForced to return home after a health scare Shelby Russell winds up next door to none other than Matt Durrant Her onetime fiancé and now a widower with two kids Matt plans to kee. meh that's kin


P Shelby at arm's length Even if she's the logical choice for a nanny Even if his kids love her Even if he's happier than he's been in years But Matt was the one left behind when Shelby went to follo. Yet another fu

About the Author: Lorraine Beatty

Lorraine Beatty was born and raised in Columbus Ohio but now calls Mississippi home She and husband Joe have two sons and six grandchildren Lorraine started writing in Junior High and has written for trade books newspapers and company newsletters She is a member of RWA ACFW and is a charter member and past president of Magnolia State Romance Writers In her spare time she likes to work in h

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    meh that's kind of what I felt about this one Not terrible but not terribly exciting either

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    Shelby Russell broke Matt Durrant’s heart when she broke off their engagement and fled town Now she is back in town after a health scare and living right next door to Matt With her history of leaving Matt a widowed father of two is wary of allowing his kids to get close to Shelby He doesn’t want his kids’ hearts or his own to be broken but Shelby is a new person with maturity Can Matt come to see Shelby as she has become and look past her health problems to see the love they can share again?I really enjoyed this book Matt’s distrust was hard to handle at first but it was easier when I remembered all that he had lost He was hurting and wanted to avoid being hurt again To his credit he does realize when he is being too distrustful fairly uickly and does apologize He is trying to let the past go The characters are both fun and easy to like The story progresses well and is very engaging I was happy to see how it ended Overall it is a very enjoyable read

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    Home To DoverBook 1This is the FIRST book in the Home to Dover series has this as book fourIn this book we meet Shelby Russell who goes home for an RR visit in the hometown she grew up She hopes not to run into her ex fiance whom she harshly broke up with but her next door neighbor turns out to be none other then Matt Durrant himself and his two motherless children Matt has his own hurts He never understood why Shelby left him like she did and he wants to protect his children from suffering another loss He was very much in love with his late wife whom he lost to cancer and cannot think about falling in love again But when his sister announces she cannot babysit any and when Shelby's grandmother has to suddenly go out of town it's only Shelby who can care for his childrenThe fears in this book were very understandable Losing one wife would make trying to fall in love with someone with a scary health issue and family history of death very difficult They were both Christians and relied on their faith which helped get them through on than one occasion I liked both characters felt Shelby was a bit of a bad influence on the eleven year old at times thoughThe romance was believable though I always hate it when they skip the datinggetting to know each other and go straight to the proposal

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    This story was about Shelby Russell who came back to town after having a mild heart attack She didn't want anyone to know how sick she was but after awhile some people found out Matt Durrant was very upset with Shelby because she had broken their engagement years ago He ended up marrying someone else and having two wondering children with them But his wife died from cancer so he was dealing with her death and his bitter feelings toward Shelby As luck would have it Matt and Shelby ended up living next door to each other She also ended up babysitting for him and falling in love with his kids Cassidy and Kenny She finally told him about her heart condition which became another worry for him He also wanted to find someone else to watch his kids In the end he fell back in love with her and they got married This was a great story about a second chance at love It is the first book I have read from the Love Inspired books about second chances at love But it will not be my last I really love these books

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    This little book had so much promise but it just failed to deliver Shelby Russell remained a static character while Matt Durrant remained angry difficult and largely unlikable The two main characters had enjoyed a brief romance that resulted in a broken engagement Both went on with their lives Matt marrying another woman and having a family while Shelby went on to have a magazine career in NY When a health scare sends her back to her sleepy little hometown Shelby discovers Matt and his children living next door to her grandmother She ends up babysitting his children as his wife has died of cancer and falls in love with them just as she is still in love with Matt The trouble is that Matt cannot trust her not to hurt him or his children by walking away again I had to force myself to finish reading this one mostly because the characters were just not that appealing

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    Yet another full length romance novel that could've easily been cut at least in half if the main characters had just sat down for a few hours and talked about everything They just wouldn't talk about their problems no matter how much it would've helped and that annoyed me Also Matt was a bit of a jerk until the very end Such a cute story It just could've been a lot better if the main characters hadn't been so intent on keeping themselves as miserable as possible by not being smart and talking Ugh

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    The story was OK but there was little faith or spiritual uplifting I found it to be very amusing but after half the book I was bored with the main characters inability to accept their own feelings and overcome the fears they recognized they had

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    Old love revisited when's heavy comes back to town and finds widowed Matt her 24 hr fiancé living next door Sometimes the people who love us most cause the most heartache

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    i enjoyed reading the story she had to almost lose her life to see what she needed to do it showed what forgiveness and the truth could heal old hurts and have a future

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