FREE READ å Der Fall Dreyfus Teufelsinsel Guantánamo Alptraum der Geschichte

Der Fall Dreyfus Teufelsinsel Guantánamo Alptraum der Geschichte

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In December 1894 Captain Alfred Dreyfus a brilliant French artillery officer and a Jew of Alsatian descent was court martialed for selling secrets to the German military attaché in Paris based on perjured testimony and trumped up evidence The sentence was military degradation and life imprisonment on Devil’s Island a hellhole off the coast of French Guiana Five years later the case was overturned a. I find the Dreyfus Affair fascinating So much fuss for so long about seemingly so little one unimportant and unjustly convicted man But so many fault lines converge on this case around race and ethnicity and Frenchness anxieties about the modern world political structures and corruption the legacy of a century of revolution and political instability the army and military values religion and the place of religious institutions in the modern state education and social mobility and class And these fault lines meant that France tore itself apart about this case for years This isn't the book to read if you want to know the basics of the case but it makes useful connections between the Affair and modern anxieties and tensions


Re Dreyfus’s convictionWas the Dreyfus Affair merely another instance of the rise in France of a virulent form of anti Semitism In Why the Dreyfus Affair Matters the acclaimed novelist draws upon his legal expertise to create a riveting account of the famously complex case and to remind us of the interest each one of us has in the faithful execution of laws as the safeguard of our liberties and hono. Although the author tries entirely too hard to draw parallels between Guantanamo and Devil's Island it is the first work in which a lawyer deconstructs the massive subversion of the French legal system that made the conviction of Dreyfus possible in the first place

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Nd eventually Dreyfus was completely exonerated Meanwhile the Dreyfus Affair tore France apart pitting Dreyfusards committed to restoring freedom and honor to an innocent man convicted of a crime committed by another against nationalists anti Semites and militarists who preferred having an innocent man rot to exposing the crimes committed by ministers of war and the army’s top brass in order to secu. This book explains in granular detail everything that I had hoped to learn in my French history classes back in college Begley sets the scene nicely by putting the Dreyfus Affair into the context of culture how the French were feeling what the people on the street saw and read and why the French might have been so eager to find a scapegoat in Dreyfus Further Begley's description of the living conditions while Dreyfus was in prison was another eye opening part of the story Apropos to that he makes the obvious connection to the not so secret American military prisons around the world and this is ultimately my one issue with the book The book is written in a way that might be interpreted as critical of the US and that gets a little distracting as the book progresses and you're not sure if you are reading a political commentary with history to support it or history with political commentary to support it And yes the title says right off the bat that it is going to explain why the Dreyfus Affair is relevant to us today but the leap from the turn of the 20th century to the turn of the 21st century is a bit jarring and while I agree with many of the links that Begley makes they can be abrupt at times I would have appreciated detail of the Dreyfus Affair fallout and the implications from then till now rather than then and now I do think this book would be a great addition to any university level History or Poli Sci class as well as an important addition to the history of modern Jewish culture Begley strongly implies that assimilation does not exist but rather acculturation and with that there will always be the us and them

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