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M again Let alone that her stormy affair will have nine month conseuences Knowing the pain of a chaotic childhood Nola is determined to raise her child aloneWhen he discovers the truth Ram. Nola Mason is

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“This baby is mine too Nola I’m not letting you out of my sight” When Nola Mason gives in to an explosive fling with her arrogant boss Ramsay Walker she believes she’ll never see hi. I am a Mills a Quantum Physics and the Multiplicity of Mind you out of my sight” When Nola Mason gives in to an explosive fling with her arrogant boss Ramsay Walker she believes she’ll never see hi. I am a Mills a

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Has other ideas There’s only one way to ensure Nola sees sense steal her away to his rain forest hideaway and with the sultry heat fueling their incendiary passion entice her to marry hi. I read this bo

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    Slutty heroine not for me

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    heroine had 3 lovers before the hero definitely not my cup of tea

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    I am a Mills and Boon Insider I bought my own paperback book as there are a few titles new and some back copies of paperbacks that I would like to read I did find that there was a good story line to Kidnapped For The Tycoon's Baby However it is romance fiction and I didn't really feel like the characters were real life The scene locations are just fiction but I had no real connection with the places But having said that I did like the two main characters Nola Mason is head strong and knows how to do her job She has had her heart broken by a previous boyfriend and has no plans to fall in love with any other man her work comes first Ramsey Walker is Niola's boss at her new job He isn't the marrying type and doesn't want any children With tension rising between them a one night sex takes place with conseuences A good story to curl up with on winter nights I'm ready to read books by Louise Fuller

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    Kidnapped for the Tycoon’s Baby by Louise Fuller is a sexy one night stand romance where the resulting pregnancy leads to a life long relationship between a female computer hacker and her billionaire bossNola Mason in Australia on assignment for her company’s computer security business has made a point of avoiding the man who hired her Ramsey Walker as much as possible She knows that mixing business with pleasure is a mistake after a previous workplace romance went sour and she ended up humiliated But Ram can be very persuasive and they share one explosive night together Ram is clear before they hook up that it’s a no strings attached night as he’s not interested in marriage or a family Nola agrees – but soon finds after she’s returned to Scotland that she’s pregnantBelieving Ram had meant what he’s said she doesn’t tell him about the pregnancy and only returns to Australia when her business partner can’t She hopes to be able to avoid Ram but her luck runs out when he returns early from a business trip Stunned with the news that she’s pregnant and still miffed that she left their night together while he was still sleeping he kidnaps her with his private plane to his rainforest oasis Ram might not have wanted a family but he’s not going to let go of Nola and their baby without a fight Has this confirmed bachelor met the woman who’ll change his mind?For of this review please visit Harleuin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review

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    Nola Mason is trying to just do her job It doesn't help that Ramsay Walker stirs her up He is not the man she wants Or needs And he has women on his plate than any man should She doesn't want a man in her life that she can not count on Never againRamsay has no desire for anything but a fling It doesn't matter that Nola is all he can think of Even letting her know theirs is just a one night deal No strings attached He is never marrying or having children No family for him Well that is until he finds Nola is actually pregnant and he is the fatherOverall the story is a little flat And kind of weird Yes they eventually get to the happy ever after but it really takes a lot of work to get there

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    A wonderful story that will keep you enthralled until the very end  Ms fuller has written one of my favorite presents and I read them all  It has all a romance reader could possibly want  Nola Mason has her own business with a friend and is upgrading Ramsey Walker's systems against hacking  Both of them have issues in the past that keep them from wanting to form a permanent relationship and Nola is contented to stay a virgin  That is until she gets to know Ramsey  One night is all they need to make all these decisions go out the window They will have to find common ground for the sake of their child  Loved it don't miss this one

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    Mediocre story It kept my attention but it just had a few too many things that didn't work for me The opening few scenes screamed work place sexual harassment and I struggled moving beyond that I also found that the H Ram was all over the place not consistent The conflict towards the end seemed contrived and the light bulb moment of revelation was off screen and I had trouble buying into the whole HEA Overall an OK story

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    I read this book uite awhile ago and thought I had done a review I can't remember too many details but I do remember the angst amoung the hero and heroine and the heroine wanting to carry on by herself after she found herself pregnant

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    Just okDidn't really keep my attention Even now can't remember what the book was about Found the H to be annoying from the start Liked the h intelligent and fiesty but the romance just didn't do it for me in this book Will not read again

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    A passionate romantic read with a strong hero but in my opinion a stronger heroine Loved it