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A proposal from the enigmatic earlPlain lame Ellie Lytton isn’t destined for marriage She’s perfectly content being her stepbrother’s housekeeper Until the high handed Earl of H. I've given this a B at AARLouise Allen is an author Under My Skin isn’t destined for marriage She’s perfectly content being her stepbrother’s housekeeper Until the high handed Earl of H. I've given this a B at AARLouise Allen Glazes Cone 6: 1240 C / 2264 F is an author

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Ew home But soon Blake’s fighting an unwanted attraction to his argumentative companion And when she needs protection he determines he’ll keep her safe by making Ellie his countes. While I love murder mysteries and romantic suspense

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Ainford arrives with shocking news her stepbrother has been killedEllie believes the earl is responsible for her plight and that he is duty bound to escort her on the journey to her n. I was SO ON BOARD for the first half of this book E The Meri Scott Show (London Loving Book 2) is responsible for her plight and that he Matthew Everingham, A First Fleeter And His Times is duty bound to escort her on the journey to her n. I was SO ON BOARD for the first half of this book E

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    I've given this a B at AARLouise Allen is an author I can rely on to deliver a well developed strongly characterised romance within the restraints imposed by the Category format and true to form she’s done just that In Marrying his Cinderella Countess she uses the well worn trope of an impoverished young woman marrying an attractive wealthy and titled man but puts a slightly different spin on it by creating a refreshingly different heroine who possesses the sort of honesty and forthright manner that aren’t often found in the genre Ellie isn’t a termagant and she isn’t a feisty curl tosser; instead she’s someone who faces problems head on and works through them no matter how difficultSince the deaths of her mother and step father Eleanor Lytton has lived with and kept house for her step brother Sir Francis Aged twenty five she is on the shelf and in any case has been told so often that she is plain gawky and ‘difficult’ that she never expected to marry and instead lives uietly making a little money from her work as an author of childrens’ books She longs to write a sensational novel of the sort published by the Minerva Press and has already begun to write it often finding her attention wandering to her desert lord hero dark handsome and grey eyed astride his trusty steed when she should be writing her educational tale for young peopleShe is trying to re focus after her last mental excursion into the desert when the arrival of an unexpected visitor interrupts her train of thought much seriously this time On her doorstep is her desert lord made flesh – William Blakeford Pencarrow Earl Hainford – asking to speak to her urgently Ellie is surprised to see him and is even so when she realises he is injured and insists on tending him before he can tell her his purpose in coming to see her But soon enough he explains that Francis is dead killed in an accident at his club the previous evening Hainford explains that he had been engaged in a heated altercation with another card player when Francis tried to interrupt and unfortunately got in the way of a bullet which wounded Hainford before killing her brotherEleanor wasn’t particularly fond of Francis but it is nonetheless a shock to hear this and she can’t help but worry about what will happen to her now her step brother is dead A few days later she discovers he has left her destitute; her earnings will not be enough to enable her to keep a roof over her head let alone buy food and other essentials – but the family solicitor informs her that she has actually inherited a small property in Lancashire which had been part of her mother’s dowry and Ellie immediately determines that she must remove there and make it her home She arranges to move north as uickly as possible but as she has very little money she asks Hainford to convey her and her maid to Lancashire It’s the least he can do she tells him considering he played a part in her brother’s death and to his astonishment the earl finds himself acuiescing to her reuestAfter a journey of several days during which Blake is surprised to discover that not only does he like Eleanor’s gumption intelligence and sometimes painful honesty but he’s than a little attracted to her – they arrive at Carndale Farm which though not completely uninhabitable is in a bit of a shambles Horrified at the thought of Eleanor living in such a ramshackle place Blake tries to get her to return to London with him – but is so high handed in his manner that he puts her back up and makes her even determined to go her own wayBlake can’t account for the fact he feels so responsible for the prickly but intriguing Miss Lytton He knows her brother’s death wasn’t his fauIt – but when he learns of problems at Carndale which are likely to result in Eleanor becoming homeless he instructs his man of business to secretly purchase the farm But it’s not long before Miss Lytton is beating down his door like an avenging angel refusing to accept his charity – and Blake without any clear idea of what he is doing or why blurts out a proposal of marriageShocked though she is Ellie is a woman of practicality and sound good sense and knows it would be extremely foolhardy to reject such an offer So she accepts deciding there and then that in return for all the things she will gain by marrying him she will be the best wife she can possibly be; she will run Blake’s household be a creditable countess warm his bed and bear his children and provided she does nothing idiotic – like fall in love with him – all will be wellAs I said at the beginning of this review Ellie is a breath of fresh air among romance heroines; she’s honest with herself and with others and doesn’t shy away from difficult situations even when she knows there is most likely heartbreak awaiting her And she needs all her fortitude later in the book when the shadows of Blake’s past rise up to threaten her – their – future Blake is along the lines of your standard tall dark and handsome romantic hero but he’s also witty intelligent perceptive and self aware enough to realise when he is going about things the wrong way and to know he needs to learn from his mistakes The romantic and sexual tension between Ellie and Blake simmers from their first meeting and Ms Allen builds it steadily and convincingly Their eventual lovemaking is imbued with tenderness and affection as well as attraction and sensualityI do have a couple of niggles that caused me to lower my final grade a bit however Firstly Blake’s insistence on clinging to his memories and guilt over his previous fiancée’s death for so long stretched my credulity somewhat and seemed too obvious a way of stringing out his inability to recognise what he feels for Ellie And secondly Ellie’s wariness of men borne of her lecherous step father’s unwelcome and unsuccessful attentions seems to be dealt with a little uickly That said though it’s not glossed over and there’s no uestion that Blake’s understanding is a big part of what helps Ellie to overcome her fearsOverall and even bearing in mind the reservations I’ve expressed Marrying His Cinderella Countess is a well written well put together and enjoyable story It’s a short read but one that kept me engrossed from start to finish and I’m happy to recommend it

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    This is sort of like two different books for me The beginning is a crazy fun old time with Ellie chilling out at her house working on her tawdry for the time novel and Blake showing up on her doorstep bleeding everywhere and bringing the news that Ellie's idiotic stepbrother is now idiotically dead And even though Blake isn't really responsible for the stepbrother's death Ellie now a penniless spinster is enterprising enough to shame him into escorting her to her new home From there eh It's fine I guess Louise Allen is a charming enough writer and her characters are typically mature and rational people However what starts as a mildly entertaining alliance of a handsome popular earl and a plain spinster with a bad limp morphs into this like overly fraught story of spouses beating themselves up about their inadeuacies and learning to communicate with each other Which I repeat is fine But as a married person it's all a little been there done that As BAVR says More bloodshed please Also the title is a liar Harleuin keeps doing this summoning the name of Cinderella and then neglecting to put Cinderella elements in the story Sure Ellie fills the role of her stepbrother's housekeeper in the beginning but he's dead on the first page and she was always free to leave and associate with friends or whatever Just being poor in genteel society and giving up on your future because you're not conventionally attractive does not a Cinderella story make This reminds me of all the romances based on Beauty and the Beast that feature a hero with maybe a scar or a bad haircut because he's surly and think they're being subversive for it I see you lying titles I see you

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    It gets four stars for hitting on SO many of my favorite tropes One uibble though view spoiler The hero loves his dead ex and not the heroine for the majority of the book which almost made for good angst but somehow it never really jelled for me His abrupt pivot to having never loved his ex after and hey he actually does love the heroine felt pretty random tbh hide spoiler

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    35 but not enough to round up I love moc's but the last 15 to 20% of this just became too implausible Earls confiding in servants servants being able to pen notes that sound like they came from a Duke suddenly in love love with his very plain and lame wife It just put a damper on what until this point was a very good story

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    This was a pretty good historical romance starting with a bit of a road trip and ending up with a marriage of convenienceEleanor is a lame ordinary orphaned spinster who has been told her whole life how plain she is When her step brother is killed Blake The Earl of Hainford shows up to give her the news and boss her around He was present when the stepbrother died and Eleanor holds him partly responsible Eleanor later learns that her scummy step brother gambled away her inheritance on a bad investment and she is now penniless except for a small house she inherited from her motherEleanor insists that Blake escort her to her home and he agrees I liked Eleanor She was practical mature and kept a cool head in a crisis As they travel and get to know each other Blake finds himself attracted to her When the house is clearly uninhabitable Blake proposes marriage But they both have secrets It was the secrets that annoyed me most in the story Eleanor has a fear of men and we know that something happened the night she broke her leg and her stepfather died I'll leave it up to you to figure out just what happened it wasn't very hardBlake reacted badly when the woman he had been promised to as a child rejected his proposal and ran away view spoilerFelicity had known she was promised to Blake her whole life But when he turned 18 he left home and went to London to carouse drink gamble and whore around When he decided it was time to get married he showed back up and informed Felicity he was ready She rightfully told him to suck it He had forgotten her in the country and abandoned her He didn't love her I LOVED THIS Finally a Regency woman who has it figured out Sadly she ran off with an artist and when her father disowned her was left a ruined woman in a foreign country where she died of a fever Blake is sure that he loved her but didn't realize until too late and now his guilt eats him alive hide spoiler

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    I was SO ON BOARD for the first half of this book Ellie was an unconventional heroineat first She was educated; an unapologetic bluestocking with a love for books and libraries; a secret author publishing travel books geared towards children under an assumed name; very plain; and disabled due to an accident that left her with one leg shorter than one another causing her to limp She was also fiery and had no problems standing up to Blake and telling him exactly what was on her mindat firstBlake was a rather meh character in my opinion I never particularly liked him or disliked him; he was just there I never really understood why he proposed to Ellie except that they got along sometimes and he thought it was time to marry I'm sure he could have found numerous eligible women who wanted to marry him once again I wasn't sure why he proposed to Ellie Unfortunately marriage changed Ellie uite a bit uite uickly and not for the better This was when I started checking out of the book She was content to be herself with all of her perceived flaws openly when she was single but as soon as she became a countess she spent all of her time worrying how Society might see her and look badly upon her husband because he had chosen to marry her She goes to great lengths to hide her limp when she had never cared before and her freckles which hadn't seemed to bother her before her marriage view spoilerAnd then she spends the rest of the book worrying about Blake loving some dead woman even though Blake had made it clear that theirs wasn't a love match And instead of addressing the issues in their marriage which I feel like pre countess Ellie would have she just runs away to a farm and doesn't tell anyone where she's going or why hide spoiler

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    While I love murder mysteries and romantic suspense I suppose you could call historical romance my guilty pleasure except I don't feel remotely guilty about it I've read almost all of Louise Allen's books and she is one of my favourite MB Historical authors She always comes up with great stories meticulously researched which often don't go in the way one would expect and this is one of thoseIt is 1816 and Ellie Lytton is dependant on the charity of her step brother Francis She has money of her own which he has control of as was usual at the time and a small income from writing children's books Then disaster strikes and Francis dies leaving her destitute not only had he lost his own money he'd also managed to lose hers Ellie has no choice but to pack up and head to Lancaster and her sole remaining inheritance a small practically derelict farmhouse As she has no means of getting there she manipulates her step brother's friend Blake into taking her in his carriageYou might think this would be a fairly predictable story the clue's in the title etc but it is so cleverly written that every time you think you know what is coming next something completely different happens I also enjoyed the way the main characters actually liked each other and the only thing stopping them getting their HEA was their failure to communicate both had issues in their past that needed to be overcome So an enjoyable Regency romance with lovable characters a few surprises along the way and a very sweet ending Recommended

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    A very soft 4Terrific heroine Spunky and smart without seeming like a 21st century transplant Nice hero He was a little overwhelmingly introspective at times but an overall nice guyThe first half of the story was well written and fun The second half of the story bogged down in the big M and choked Have no clue where the title came from No resemblance to any Cinderella story at all

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    Plot 35Characterisation 455Prose 45How much I enjoyed it 45

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    Allen references the darker version of the Cinderella trope in her storySet in 1816 London Ellie Lyton's life is turned upside down whenthe Earl of Hainford shows up at her door bleeding and with grave newsBoth characters have painful secrets which must be revealedin order to have a loving relationship