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My Only Love My Only Hate

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The charismatic lawyer for twisting her testimony so that Tanis seemed to accuse her own fatherPenniless and desperate to disappear Tanis changed her name worked days and went to night school Occasionally wor

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King as a professional escort she never dreamed that one night her client would be Giles Blake It seemed a heaven sent opportunity to even the score would she learn that love could be even sweeter than reveng

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TURNABOUT IS FAIR PLAYGiles Blake's reputation as a prosecuting attorney had been established eight years ago when he put Adam Haines behind bars Though Haines had been guilty his daughter had never forgiven

About the Author: Lucy Gordon

Christine Sparks was born in England UK She wanted to be a writer all her life and began by working on a British women's magazine As a features writer she gained a wide variety of experience She interviewed some of the world's most attractive and interesting men including Warren Beatty Richard Chamberlain Charlton Heston Sir Roger Moore Sir Alec GuinessSingle life was so enjoyable that

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    For my first read I give it 3 stars I was on a Lucy Gordon binge a while back and was looking at some her other books and found this I was intrigued by the the back cover blurb the whole you ruined my family and i shall get my revenge on you story line I think I was in the mood for deception and revenge so I was a bit disappointed when I found that it was only present in probably the first few chapters of the book I noticed that Lucy Gordon loves to really opens her characters up to the readers and understand how they got to be the way they are and this book was no exception We get to hearread the H's thoughts and vulnerabilities When I first read the book I expected the H to be alpha controlling all throughout the book like some Hs I've read But he seemed to start as one but by the end he turned out to actually be a very sensitive individual who inspired such protectiveness by the h As for the h I had varying degrees of like and dislike for her I was initially gung ho by her personality and how she survived but then I was irritated by her blind devotionloyalty to her father I think I would have rated the book lower if she kept on that belief of hers But thankfully Gordon does make her see the error of her ways I read a rated RMature Young Adult book before reading My Only Love my Only Hate and maybe the transition from that book to this just made my reading sensibilities go all haywire so I wasn't able to cope with the sudden transition of super smuttytrashy world to melodramatic and sweet In conclusion 3 stars because I did receive some awww feels from the ending I do intend to re read this book again in the not too distant future and put a thorough review

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    I tried for years to locate this book the synopsis sounded great book was not great I almost gave it a one star rating The main character’s entire life was destroyed by the other character through a prison sentence given to her father I had visions of revenge left with not much Weak plot synopsis was best part no good supporting characters no good sub plots Not great

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