REVIEW ✓ A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel

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  • A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel
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  • 26 December 2019
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A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel

Lupinus Ä 1 REVIEW

Odyguard and Papa President orders them to pretend to be in love for the sake of gay rightsOr in which uraniea and lupinus combine meetin. Ooooooh I loved this For such a short book it packed it all in and did it well A great interpretation of the bodyguard story line Well a perfect interpretation actually Much love for SterekRead


SterekStiles and Derek wake up married in Vegas Well they would have if it was legalIn which Stiles is the president's son Derek is his b. This was freakin' adorableStiles is the President's son and Derek is his bodyguard They have to pretend to be engaged because of reasons Derek takes Stiles to meet his family whom all adore Stiles immediately The entire story is pretty much all puppies and rainbows and I loved it I read it with a big smile on my face the whole timeThere's also scent marking and BITING Yum

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G the Hales President Papa waking up married fakepretend relationship First Boy Stiles and bodyguard Derek into one ficWords21285 complet. Sighs I wish this were longer but I loved what was there

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