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    I just finished reading all four of the Women of Ivy Manor – Chloe Bette Leigh and Carly – and would recommend them to anyone Each book pulled me into the story of this family and I could not wait to see what would happen next I loved how you see how each family member matures overtime and the next generation steps into Ivy Manor I especially liked the historical references in the books – everything from how different people heard about war the depression segregation JFK being shot and even what books or songs they were listening to at the time – from the 1917 to 1991 I found it interesting that all of these women had issues with their mothers as they turned 18 and were moving out of the house – freedom and how each rebelled disobeyed their mother But interesting that they all had great relationships with their grandmother and the older generation Thankfully most of the mother daughter conflicts were resolved after the period of rebellion or at least by the end of the series I was sad that in each book the women’s first true love died but thankfully they each found love again – the heart can be healed after heartache I loved the Christian morals that were woven into the book must in the last book Carly than any of the other books Several themes throughout all the books how one event in someone’s life can change them forever and how secrets within a family can destroy relationships

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    Lovin' this book so far Ah Lyn Cote has become one of my new favorite authors

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    Linda Leigh Sinclair was born to her mother Bette right after the end of World War II She is raised in the sheltered environment of Ivy Manor and has never known hardship or wanted for anything In the summer of 1963 her family is visited by the Dawsons old family friends who happen to be black Leigh realizes how sheltered her life has been when she spends time talking with Frank Dawson an older college boyLeigh greatly desires to go to Washington DC to hear Dr Martin Luther King Jr's speech but Bette will not hear of it She wants to shelter Leigh from the potential danger involved With Frank's help Leigh attends the march anyway setting a new path in motion for her life Leigh becomes a journalist and gets involved with the civil rights movement as well as protests against Vietnam Even though she is knowledgeable about the world now Leigh makes some poor choices and gets caught in a large mess drawing the shame and scorn of her family Can she and her mother come to a place of forgiveness?As the third book in a series Leigh gives enough information for those who haven't read the two previous novels to be uickly drawn into the story Yet series fans will also revisit familiar characters and locations This is a truly character driven story and the reader can understand the dynamics that fuel Leigh's decision making and her actions Although she's tempestuous and does what she wants regardless of what her parents say she still knows what is best for her life and remains in college despite draws elsewhere Leigh suffers her share of heartache which might be the pivotal point for her bad choicesAt times this almost seems like a current events of the 60s and 70s story The author tries so hard to include every single important event and issue of the times that it often overshadows the main plot Although this is a Christian novel the spiritual message is understated Overall Leigh is a pleasant and sometimes moving story but doesn't provide anything groundbreaking in the way of plot The fourth and final book in the series Carly will follow soon

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    After the first two books of the series I was excited to start the next story of this intriguing and awe inspiring family The women of the previous two books were incredibly moving and incredibly strong in light of the situations they had to face This book did not disappoint Leigh’s story was just as heart wrenching and spell binding as her mother’s and grandmother’s stories I found it difficult to put the book down once I got started Again the fast pacing of the story didn’t hinder my ability to follow the story I enjoyed watching Leigh grow mature and figure out who she was as a woman Her story was just as thought provoking as her mother’s Leigh grew up in a time that isn’t often written about I felt a connection to Leigh’s restlessness and need to do something to change the world I felt her hopelessness and despair at all the violence and instability of her world I saw the sixties and seventies through her eyes in a very new light Her fear of nuclear war matched my own fear of ISIS Her story struck a chord deep inside me I wish I had a little Leigh in myself I felt that the ending suited Leigh and how she lived her life beautifully Again the author brought the time period to life perfectly It shed new light on a troubling stretch of years The characters were deeply human and relatable The relationships between Chloe Bette and Leigh were eual parts heart breaking and hopeful joyous and sorrowful The obstacles each woman had to tackle in the story were mind boggling and yet they survived That says something about the strength of person when they are backed up against a wall I can’t wait to read the last book in the series and I hope all the loose ends from Leigh are tied up nicely in the finale These woman had made me think about myself and the strong wonderful sometimes maddening woman who have loved me raised me to be the woman I am and encouraged my dreams without fail My great grandmother b 1911; d 2012 grandmother b 1930 and mother b1956 I could envision their lives growing up as I read each story I could see them reflected in Chloe Bette and Leigh

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    I liked this book a lot It moved uickly and it was interesting to read about life in the '60s and '70s I am glad I didn't live then too much unrest Not that life today is easy by any stretch of the imagination I guess it's easier to ignore what's going on in the world since the war is far away and not at home Not that I'm pleased with this eitherI felt badly about the poor relationship with Bette and Leith mother daughter especially because I read all about Bette in the last book in this series I did like to see how Leigh relied on her great aunt and grandmother and how her sister was invovled in her life too And the book had a decently happy ending except that history is repeating itself in this family sagaI'm anxious to read about Leigh's daughter in the next and last book

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    This was the third book in The Women of Ivy Manor This book was set in the late 1960s and I thought Leigh was such a great character Her story of growing up in such an era of civil rights Vietnam War hippies and lots Leigh went through a lot of heartbreak but in the end she found herself and found the love she needed to move on with her life and rise her daughter Carly I can not wait to read the last book in The Women of Ivy Manor series

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    This is the third book in a wonderful series The Women of Ivy Manor It tells a very realistic saga of life in the 1960's through the early 1980's Parts of the book are very heartbreaking showing there are sometimes far reaching conseuences to choices we make in life but the strength and faith of several of the characters is admirable

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    Just like Bette I love the historical side of this book and found it to be a great readI like Bette just a hint better but only because I am fascinated with that time period I also like how the book links together with Bette and am looking forward to reading Carly next

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    I liked this book mostly because of the name It continues the Ivy Manor series I enjoyed the story as the character finds herself a pattern of this series

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    3rd generation of Women of Ivy Manor the struggles of Leigh and her friends as they become adults during the turblulent 60's

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