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    Announcement 7312018A kind person on Patreon offered to help pay for editing and another is doing the cover for free So Claimings 4 will be available as a regular ebook My goal is to make a September 2018 publication and the community is being amazingly supportive especially since they've already read the story But this will make it available to the larger mm communityOld reviewI am currently publishing this chapter by chapter at wwwpatreoncomlyngala and is not finished It will not be available as an ebook

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    4 Finale StarsIt’s no secret that I really really like this series and I’m very grateful for being able to read it so thank you to the generous people who felt that readers everywhere should and could get access to itGala has not failed in impressing me with her linguistic talents and this was no exception I wanted a concrete and happy ending for Liam and Ondry and I was not disappointed This is an unconventional uniue original romance and it’s in space and there’s alien tail sex and to top it all off a really truly epic connection between two individuals who never thought they could find love and happiness ever but did so with one another Simply wonderful and definitely a favorite series

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    It kills me to write this review I don't want to say anything negative because I adore Liam and Ondry and have been in love with this series since book one But needs mustI am happy that Liam and Ondry got their true HEA but not thrilled with the way this story played outOndry was different here neurotic somehow and overprotective to a fault His fear of dogs or one dog specifically irritated me as much as I tried to understand his Rownt point of view It was irrational and the Rownt are anything if not rational I found it interesting how much Liam had adapted to Rownt ways to the point that he didn't always understand Zach Mora one of the Grandmother's palteia There was no real plot to the story and while I go gaga over linguistic and cultural discussions some of the conversations read like filler Liam and Ondry also argued about the weirdest things like Liam being sore after being fucked with a tail for almost three hours; I mean wouldn't you be??? The driving force in the story was the Rownt attempting to trade with the Imshee for genetic material that would greatly increase a human's life span The resolution to this however was a mere afterthought We are told what happened not shown; there is no description or tension on pageI was appalled by this truly shocked and kind of angry truth be told I'm invested in these MCs and wanted than two sentences about something that's been a main focus throughout the series Ondry's decision as to whether or not he should hibernate to grow taller as befitting his tuk status was also dismissedSo damn disappointing 😭 Don't get me wrong I loved revisiting with these two and am grateful for the HEA but this book wasn't up to par with the first three somewhat understandable since it was originally not going to be published

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    re listen April Yes this one was definietly very 'explainy' Not a favourite and would have only been given 3 stars if it was anyone other than Liam and Ondry On a side note it was good to finish the audiobooks of this seriesReviewOh my goodness these two 😍😍😍😍😍😍We've gotten to know Mora alot and seen Liam and Ondry adjust to life on the ship as well as just meeting the imshee 😲😲😲So coolCurrently up to chapter twelve and something terrible has happened but I do love a protective Ondry Can't wait for the next chapterOk I finished this a while back and while I love these two than anything this story did end up feeling fact based about the ship and imshees etc not necessarily about Ondry and Liam I think I would have preferred some 'closing happiness' to Ondry and Liams story

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    35 starsI wasn’t sure what I was expecting with this book but I can’t help but feel slightly disappointedWhat mostly stood out to me was how sad everyone constantly was in this It felt way heavier than the other 3 booksEven Liam and Ondry had their ‘fights’ in this Of course Rownt don’t fight but Liam and Ondry were still upset with each otherAnd Ondry always came across as a wise Rownt to his own people in the previous books but here it seemed no one was all that happy with how he acted I was also very curious to see how everything would be resolved since it was still such a mess at 80% but then we got a couple of sentences saying Liam and Zach were view spoilergenetically altered hide spoiler

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    This series is addictive Moar pleaseThese books are pretty much a fantasy of manners or rather mannerpunk since this is sci fi The entirety of this installment save for a few pages takes place on a spaceship As Rawnts barter with the Imshee for the extension of the humans' lifespan we discover not only additional information about alien species the Cy and the Imshee but also particularities of the Imshee linguistics brilliant really brilliant and as per usual all kinds of trade and every day protocols and manners I truly hope there will be

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    Audiobook review Dec 2019 4 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️Well Godsdamnit I plowed through this series a second time via audiobook narrated by John Solo And the whole thing was spectacular ❤️❤️👏👏 And nowit’s over and I don’t know what the fuck to do except maybe pray for Lyn Gala to get John Solo to narrate Earth Fathers Are Weird🙏🙏🙏🐙🥰Just read or listen to this series because it’s than just about tail sex it’s about what makes people humans and aliens tick It’s about life understanding and above all LOVEOriginal review Oct 2018Yes 35 StarsWhat a joy it was to visit with Liam and Ondry again Gala picks up with the pair aboard their new home travelling through space Their goal is to trade with the insect like Ishmee for genetic engineering which will extend Liam's lifespan as well as Zach The Grandmother's paleteiaThe book starts with a bang in Ondry and Liam's nest What a talent Ondry has with his tail 💓💓 I think it's one of my favorite starts to any book in recent memoryIn short order we become invested in whether or not the Prownt will successfully trade with the Imshee This book had much dialogue and discussion on language psychology and cultural knowledge than previous books and much less actual plotWe get to experience these wonderful beings from both POV's and this was a treasure While this is not my favorite book in the series I adored seeing these two together againI love how possessive and concerned Ondry is of Liam I so enjoyed seeing just how capable Liam is of holding his own in Rownt cultureI know this story came via Lyn Gala's Patreon site and was funded by her patrons This is awesome I simply wish I had a little of a story here this felt like #35 in the series rather than #4Still I bought this straight away and didn't set it down until I finished it AND now I can happily await the next book in the series which will hopefully be thought out and heavier on plot

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    45 StarsI'm so happy that Lyn Gala revisited Ondry and Liam I love these two so much I rounded down because the story ended rather abruptly and then went to the epilogue I paged back to make sure I didn't miss something Still I love this universe and Ondry Liam I'd sure welcome of their story though the epilogue made it seem finished

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    The fourth and last installment of this wonderful series is available only on the author’s Patreon at the moment at the 3 dollar tier which includes other contents by the author While unedited I didn’t find it any less well written than the previous books the only issues I noticed were one or two misspelled words and in one case one Rownt word used in place of another but anyone familiar with the previous books wouldn’t have any problem catching what word the author actually meantRegarding the story itself another reviewer said that it does seem like a glimpse of Ondry and Liam spending time together than an actual book which is true It doesn’t mean that nothing happens on the contrary but it feels like spending time with them than reading a book with a definite structure and I think anyone who loves this couple will enjoy it anyway Personally what I loved and surprised me the most aside from Ondry’s view spoilerreaction to Zach’s dog hide spoiler

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    “The color of one’s pillows should be known only to oneself”UPDATEAudio Reviewed 12 10 19 Ebook Reviewed 4 15 19 I am going to miss Liam and Ondry And saying goodbye it's bittersweetI wish for books but alas Expeditions Estimation and Other Dangerous Pastimes is #4 the final one ; and it is the perfect ending for an unforgettable seriesI am also going to miss listening John Solo narrate new trading opportunities travels and adventures for Liam Ondry the Grandmothers and all the others characters he perfectly and memorably brought to life in this four books series In this book a new alien race is introduced and its highlight his uncanny ability with tone inflection and pace ; as his performance of the IImshee was brilliantA big part of why I find the Claimings Series so entertaining spellbinding and addictive is John Solo narration and characters portrayal He is a master of his craftAfter wiggling around Liam found the perfect position and Ondry curled around him As he was falling asleep Liam felt Ondry’s tail wrap around his left leg Maybe life wasn’t perfect but Liam liked the thought that at the end of a bad day he could come home to Ondry Thanks you Lyn Gala for giving us this amazing storyYour imagination and creativity let me enjoy traveling to Prarownt meet the Rownt cuddle in a nest full of colorful pillows wish to be a Paletia to Ondry and have nightmares about meeting IImshee and so many I know Claimings is a series I will listen again and againOverall 5 starsPerformance 5 starsStory 5 stars

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Nership But now Ondry wants to protect his palteia at any cost even if it costs him his newly won rank Liam hates the idea of Ondry sacrificing for him and he is not going to allow Ondry to lose status under any circumstances Add in the Imshee a predatory companio re listen April Ye Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything protect his Discordia palteia at any cost even if it costs him his newly won rank Liam hates the idea of Ondry sacrificing for him and he is not going to allow Ondry to lose status under any circumstances Add in the Imshee a Stage Mum predatory companio re listen April Ye

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Tuk Palteia Liam has survived the front lines of a civil war and a return visit to his home planet but now he has to face the ultimate obstacle Stubborn loversAs long as Liam and Ondry have the same goals the pursuit of profits and status they are the perfect part 4 Finale StarsIt Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything planet but now he has to face the ultimate obstacle Stubborn loversAs long as Liam and Ondry have the same goals the Discordia pursuit of Stage Mum profits and status they are the A Faint Cold Fear (Grant County, perfect Sweet Mandarin part 4 Finale StarsIt

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N animal a new human and an obstinate Grandmother and Liam has the recipe for a serious headache Despite what Ondry believes not all problems can be solved with a good trade a tail or a flash of tooth This time Liam and Ondry are going to need to find a compromise The fourth and las