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The fun fair is in town With its clouds of pink candy floss and whirling big wheel what child could resist such temptation Little do the Eden sisters know that they are being lured into a wicked witch’s lair Belladonna wantsAurora’s heart and Stormâ?. This book is about the three Eden sisters Aurora Storm and Any It is the second book in the Eden Sisters series From the bottom of the ocean a magical flute with power to control people resurfaces and an evil witch called Belladonna seeks to find it When Belladonna learns that it is in Eden’s End she makes a plan to become the Eden sister’s stepmother so she can both find the flute and take Aurora’s heart She wants her heart because only the heart of the fairest of the land can restore her power The girls soon figure out that their stepmother is really an evil The Eden sisters along with Aurora’s true love Kit go down an adventure meeting an assortment of dangers and encounters with new versions of the classic fairy tales Out of the Woods is an example of a fractured fairy tale in which it references a number of classic fairy tales from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to The Snow ueen to The Princess and the Frog to Saint George and the Dragon to Orpheus and Eurydice and so forth From a teacher’s perspective this is an interesting book because this author Lyn Gardner took the essence of each of these stories and made these ideas into her own uniue story This is good to have in the classroom because it introduces all of the concepts of these other stories while representing them in an interesting style I recommend it for 5th to 6th grade

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??™s all powerful musical pipe and she will stop at nothing to get them Driven by vanity and greed she makes a truly formidable adversaryAfter escaping from a deadly game of hide and seek in the enchanted fair our three heroines flee through the woods with severa. I enjoyed this seuel to Into the Woods although it didn't draw me in uite as uickly Like Into the Woods this is the story of Storm Eden and her two sisters Aurora and Any This time an evil witch Belladonna is after Aurora's heart literally and Storm's magic pipe What I liked about it the most was figuring out what fairy tales were sprinkled throughout This time around there is a healthy dose of Greek myth in addition to fairy tales like Snow White the Frog Prince the Snow ueen and Little Red Riding Hood An enjoyable follow up with the door left open for One thing bothered me though Storm and Aurora end up in the underworld and they end up seeing their mother there Supposedly everyone who dies has to bathe in forgetfulness so that they don't remember their lives but their mother knows exactly who they are and helps them out Why didn't their mother bathe in forgetfulness when she died Note I read this in e book format and was actually impressed with how well it worked as an e book It had small illustrations here and there just like the first book and they worked well even on my 6 inch Nook screen The text formatting looked nice as well on my Nook There was one typo that really stood out though In one of the chapter titles it said Auroro instead of Aurora

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L ravenous wolves and a sweet toothed lion hot on their heels Now they face their biggest challenge yet a treacherous journey into the Underworld For only when the pipe has been safely returned to the land of the dead will the Eden sisters truly be out of the woods. While I haven't read the first book in the series I enjoyed reading the seuel There was enough of the back story that I didn't feel lost on what was going on nor did I feel that it was redundant I really liked the way in which Lyn put a spin on various children's fairy tales and meshed them together in this book It was the fairy tale lore that hooked me the mostIn true fairy tale form there's adventure love danger and an important message that lies just beneath the heart of the story I like that the story continues with the three Eden sisters and Kit the love interest for Aurora one of the sisters I enjoyed the adventure the sisters went on and all the twists and turns that lie waiting to ensnare the reader in Out of The WoodsI really like how the three Eden sisters support each other no matter what I adore their motto being Forever and Always I enjoyed the message towards the end of the book Look forward Keep your eyes on the road ahead Don't look back It's a powerful message not only to Storm one of the Eden sisters but a great message for the reader I thought Out of The Woods was a great ending for the Eden's sisters journey

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