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    Phenomenal writing by Lynn Morris and her father Gilbert MorrisThis is great historical fiction It's fun to jump into another whole time era and learn about our world just through a fictional story For a short list of things I'm fascinated with the bookThe time period of the late 1800sLearning about the social status of a woman with a degree as a doctor during that timeThe skillful maritime terminology the Morrises sure know their way around a shipThe references to faith and God Even though Cheney is feeling a bit lost with religion at the moment I believe she's tryingThere's definitely romantic themes so I recommend mostly for high schoolers or adults There are a few mentions of a man trying to advance toward a lady seemingly without good intentionsOverall? I'll be happy to read books of the Cheney Duvall series

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    THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS Just so you know ;I am having some very conflicted feelings on this book there were a lot of parts I really enjoyed in this book and storywise overall I would say I really liked it But there were also a lot of things I didn't like or things that frustrated me Characters Cheney was only about a 3 star character for me She can be really sweet but also tough and gruff and even somewhat feministic at times which I didn't like at all I do like how the Morris' didn't seem to condone it though; it was just part of her story arc Just kinda meh I do love her parents though They were really sweet and supportive yet still protective They reminded me in some ways of my own parents I also really like Dev view spoilerOkay I REALLY would have liked it if she married him Seriously He's WAY better than Shiloh Shiloh and Cheney are just no hide spoiler

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    Let me lump all of the Cheney Duvall books in this review Some might be a bit better than others but not by anything significant to matter As a whole it is a good series Entertaining with good plots well developed characters and a positive message The books won't win literary awards but they're a good read nonetheless

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    45 starsSo the Cheney Duvall MD series was uneuivocally my favorite series when I was a teenager I think I was thirteen or thereabouts when I first discovered it and I voraciously ate up the available books eager to see what trouble Cheney would find herself in next curious about Shiloh's past and anticipating the moment she and Shiloh would finally get together They only stretched out the romantic tension for eight booksheh The series is largely responsible for my long term love affair with the nineteenth century in general and the Civil WarReconstruction era in specific I don't know how many times I read and reread the books but it's been a few years since I last picked them up and I randomly got it in my mind to reread them so here I am The Stars for a Light is the first book in the series and introduces Cheney a twenty four year old female doctor in Manhattan just days after the Civil War has ended; and Shiloh the ex Confederate sort of ex fighter who becomes oddly enough her nurse The book covers their voyage from New York to Seattle via Panama with Asa Mercer and his belles or maids or whatever Alas this is historically inaccurate as Mercer didn't leave the East with his shipment of bridesteachers until 1866 but I suppose one can grant the Morrises fictional leeway; certainly they're not the first or last authors to tweak history to suit their novel's needsAnyway this isn't my favorite book in the series but it sets the stage for the rest of it and rereading it reminded me of why I loved the books and characters so much as a teenagerand how I still do

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    I have to be honest I have NO idea how I came upon these books I just don't remember It must have been the idea of the story that grabbed me Who knows? All I know is that I picked this one up and I never looked back These are probably one of my MOST favorite series evereven above the Anne of Green Gables books and those I would and have take with me anywhereThis is the story of Cheney Duvall a young woman at the end of the Civil War She is also a doctor which was unheard of at that time It was considered crass and unwomanly to be a Dr That really doesn't stop her As she comes back to NY from her college years in PA she realizes that she will never be able to have a practice in NY Women find her vulgar and society doesn't seem to want to allow her to practice So she sends for a nurse and takes a job as a Dr on a shipa ship of women heading westto where there were men looking for wives She feels this will be good practice for herWhat she doesn't count on is that her nurse ends up being male Shiloh and that the trip to the west by boat is MUCH dangerous than anyone can ever know Its a great start to a great series

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    This was a good read in a lot of different ways; It wasn't dripping with romance or what does she think or what does he think drama That was refreshing Mercer's Belles what a grand idea for a story and also getting to know them in this voyage Shiloh was the most fun and interesting to read about and unfortunately I didn't really feel the same way about Cheney Cheney for me was uite unlikable had she had Lydia's character and warmth I would have enjoyed her I have book two in this series and I will certainly read it and go from there as to weather I read any in this series The use of the dialogue shut up and idiot was overused and I thought cheapened the story line some what Beans and Bull certainly did not help either; even though Beans turned out to be a lot smarter than anyone gave him credit for It had a lot of charm but also some lag time but I'm not sorry I read this book

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    This book was a disappointment Either I could not figure out what this story was trying to be or the story itself did not know what it wanted to be This book was not really romantic The main character was not really likable The characters seemed to be very fluid and do things inconsistent with their initial descriptions This book was not very inspirational but seemed heavy handed at times What Cheney was doing lecturing about inspirational subjects toward the end of the book was anyone's guess I struggled to keep all the cast of characters straight This has never happened to me before in this way I listened to this by audio and I kept going back and trying to straighten things out in my mind but to no avail I did however finish the book so that is an automatic minimum of 2 stars

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    I really enjoyed this book I loved the characters the plot etc I really loved how descriptive the author is and I found myself transported to the time and places Cheney visited I didn't even realize it was a Christian book either for most of the way through it I was thinking how nice it was that the main characters didn't fall into bed with one another and having to endure the passionate scenes Instead we see relationship being developed not just Cheney and Shiloh but other couples too It lacked the corniness that some Christian authors and addressed real issues and had characters doing real things In fact I was most of the way through the book before I realize it was Christian fiction I was pleasantly surprisedRighto off to track down the rest of the series Can't wait to see what Cheney and Shiloh get up to next

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    This is the first book in my favorite Christian historical fiction series Throughout the set the characters travel to many locations and meet a lot of historical figures So not only is the plot captivating but the reader soaks up uite a bit of geography and history The icing on the cake is that the characters grow in their faith and inspire the reader to do the same I have read the entire collection three times so far and have enjoyed it each time As soon as my friend returns them I'll start again

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    If you enjoy the Lynn Austen type of books I think you'll enjoy this one too I wouldn't say it's as good as the Lynn Austen books I've listened to but it's close I really thought this was going to be about the struggle of her becoming a female doctor but really it was mainly about her first job as a doctor and not so much the struggle to become one and adjusting to being one But I enjoyed the story A good clean one for a change haha

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The Stars for a Light Cheney Duvall M D Series #1

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Nterviewing for several different openings then being summarily rejected because she was a woman she had almost given up hopeWhen Cheney hears that a man named Asa Mercer is looking for a doctor to care for the two hundred women he is transporting on an extended sea voyage from New York to Washington Territory she grabs the position Mercer is ac. This was a good r

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No Medical School Ever Could Have prepared Cheney for Her First Position…Graduating from the Woman’s Medical College of the prestigious University of Pennsylvania as a full fledged documented accredited physician young and energetic Cheney Duvall assumed that she would immediately find a suitable position But after two months of applying and i. Let me lump all o

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Tually delighted that Cheney is a female doctor who can also help chaperone these potential brides to be for the frontiersmen in the WestBut even before the journey begins a foreboding shadow darkens what Cheney had thought was a great opportunity to finally use her talents and education Was she really prepared for what this responsibility reuir. This is the first

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