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    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book Highly recommend

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Camp X The Final Battle

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… Why was Sisera the target of Operation Tent Peg in London … Had Jael been betrayed Was Jael's trusted Camp X colleague actually an agent of the Abwehr the German secret service …Where was the top secret hiding place of Great Britain's gold reserves


What if…… Great Britain had lost the 'Battle of Britain' … We now know from recently released documents that Sir Winston Churchill had a master plan in readiness during this decisive conflict A brief two week period in history would have changed the

Lynn Philip Hodgson ç 1 READ

World as we now know it The possibilities are unthinkable … What was Canada's role What covert operations might Camp X STS 103 have unleashed to defeat this new Nazi world order What was the true identity of Jael the mysterious Camp X trained assassin