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The exact time or date but I will never forget the moment I felt the knowing of it; its searing upon my conscience its emblazoned seal upon my heart Those are the kind of moments a man never forgets; not even in deathAfter surviving a deadly rock slide 17 year old astronomy enthusiast. Lisa Star and the Solstice Academy rock slide 17 year old astronomy enthusiast.

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Sometimes a man knows his destiny before he meets it Perhaps he has glimpsed it in a dream or in the face of a passing stranger Or maybe he has felt it in the still of night in the dark whisper of shadows As for me I’m not sure when I knew of it; my destiny I cannot claim to remember. Sir Gawain and The Green Knight remember.

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Michael Garner is captured by a magic alien race of humans called Enori who take him to the planet Arlectus where he is thrust into the middle of an intergalactic war and falls under the unlikely tutelage of Empyrean's old military leader Obed Northaven a half dragon half human Nuhlga.