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Liberating the Malay Mind

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Article 153 Liberating The Malay Mind forges a way towards a self sufficient Malaysia able to turn crises into opportunities and challenges into inspirations Unlike our political merdeka which was granted to us by the British our liberated mind cannot be bestowed We have to strive for it Then we will be Tuans even elsewhere other than Tanah Melayu M Bakri Mus The effort demanded to finish this 500 pages book was uite taxing For the first 200 pages it annoyed me and I did not feel liberated at all even after I have finished reading the book I don’t see the relevance of this book in addressing the ‘trapped’ minds of the Malays Bakri Musa had basically pointed the obvious and the writing was merely a repetitionrecollection of the constellation of pervasive issues in regards of the Malays lot Bakri Musa attempted to define ‘free mind’ only at page 133 further justifying the irrelevancy of him babbling in the early chapters up to that point No wonder I felt the word had been liberally used it gave you the feeling that Bakri Musa freely sprinkled the word in whatever sentence he felt best just so that it confirmed to the title of the book conseuently leading me to abandon this book for nearly half a year Gave this book another chance to redeem itself and also due to my curiosity on how to make my Malay mind felt liberalized however if failed me stillOn page 345 Bakri Musa said that he did not have the literary talent to make his ‘Ten Decisions’ I found it to be ridiculously funny that he attempted this match the brevity clarity or gravity of the Ten Commandments so he asked the readers to pardon his verbiage This book is lacking exactly all that brevity clarity and gravity So pardon his verbiage I won’t recommend this book at all He introduced me to Pramoedya Ananta Toer and I totally fall for his writings Thanks


In Liberating The Malay Mind M Bakri Musa maps with clarity a path towards a liberated Malaysia by carefully examining the country's past and evaluating the current Malay obsession with Ketuanan Melayu The book explores the way in how special rights and sons of soil privileges bestowed have inhibited the Malay people from forging an educated dynamic and global Heavy in content had to reread a few chapters to fully understand what the author was trying to bring forwardThe author has valid points albeit the American centric approach which is most probably due to the fact that the Author has now moved indefinitely to the States and where he drives most of his examples from

M. Bakri Musa â 1 REVIEW

Ly competitive Tanah Melayu Dr Bakri Musa examines Malay culture through the prisms of history psyche and religion and details the steps necessary to liberate the collective Malay mindset through free access to information an enlightened education system and engagement in commerce With this careful navigation and not by pinning hopes on the political amulet of I liked some of his views Different from what I've ever encountered I needed a breath of fresh air Alas not all were my cup of tea I did not give it a full 5 stars because of a few reasons; one of it being that he dedicated approximately 50 pages to GLCs and I skipped 60% of it I know I know what a waste But hey I learn Economics and there's only so much that I can digest Those Good Gertrudes know I Refined Tastes know what a waste But hey I learn Economics and there's only so much that I can digest

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