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    A conversational and spiritually stoking read from this Roman Catholic Trapist monk It enters predominantly around levin divine and its for part component lection meditation oration contemplation Each is necessary for knowing and union with God and this clearly demonstrated in the book'The first degrees are of little or no use without the last while the last can never or hardly ever be won without the first Lectio without meditation is sterile meditation without lectio is liable to error oratio without meditation is lukewarm mediltio without oratio is unfruitful ratio when it is fervent wins comtemplatio but to obtain it without oratio prayer would be rare even miraculous' p58Further compassio compassion and operatio action are additions to supplement the meditative practiseWritten in an easy to read and appealing style it's a good introductory book for any Christian seeking guidance on meditation and contemplation of God's glorious Word

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    I enjoyed this book; one of the better books on lectio that I have encountered I would have moved chapter 8 and 12 up in the book Getting started is important Lectio is much like swimming; reading about it is only valuable after a long practice sessionUnlike the good trappist monk I loose meaning by reading a verse 3 or 4 times and moving on I have to spend 2 or 3 sessions on a verse in order to do it justiceI would recommend his book to those starting out or to those who have done lectio and lost touch

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    Basil Pennington was such a clear gentle and intelligent thinker I gave a copy of this book to a woman who wanted to know how she could possibly hear from God it was a great help to her in her desire to learn

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    It's a keeper

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    I am no expert on Lectio Divina I’m not even Catholic This book could have easily received 4 stars if it weren’t for a few major concerns 1 The idea that God made us because “he wanted to have someone with whom he could share his happiness” 12 This idea is just a shade short of the false teaching “God made us because he was lonely” The trinitarian God is perfect within himself lacking nothing at all He needs us not He does share his happiness with us this is true however to claim that as a reason for him creating us seems ludicrous when compared to the overarching meta narrative of Scripture This is one of the least disturbing ideas I have to comment on2 In appendix 4 Pennington gives several maxims of belief In the first one he refers to the Holy Spirit as she I’m not going to present a full argument against this here Either you agree with Scripture or Pennington on this one3 Though Pennington does emphasize that Scripture is the main place to seek God he also allows for the writings of the church fathers to be used Granted God does speak through people and even through their writings but generally in my limited understanding this is to corroborate what he has already said in his Word This one is not a huge issue for me I would need to have a sit down with Pennington so I could finesse out and further understand his meaning but that is not possible4 The reliance on the allegorical interpretation of Scripture as being a deeper one Pennington notes that the “literal translation” that is what the author intended the text to mean is what it means not literally as in the opposite of metaphor when the author clearly uses metaphor poetry etc is the most important and that the “allegorical” must not deviate from what was intended However he also claims that the allegorical is deeper and draws one closer to Christ In fact he even hints that the book of Genesis is nothing than storyAnd then of course there is Mary Look Mary was a godly woman chosen to bare the Son of God But she is overshadowed by Jesus because be is God Pennington devoted an entire chapter to Mary discussing how she was basically the best at Lectio That’s fine to use her as an example but he built her up and put her on a pedestalThere are a number of good things about this book however I feel that each of those can be found elsewhere and without the major concerns Pennington brings with him

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    An alright introduction to the topic Unfortunately Fr Basil often goes off topic and loses track of what the current chapter is supposed to address He goes off topic uite freuently so the book asks a lot of patience to be read but it can be done He has a few good thoughts that are worth considering though

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    Highly recommended for those wanting a tried and true way of growing closer to God through Scripture Starting with and Drawing on the desert fathers and mothers you get a sense of the origin of this practice and it’s importance for today’s spiritual disciplines

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    This is an excellent volume for anyone who wants an introduction to Lectio Divina and what it means or just wants to review how to pray using Lectio Divina methodologyThis is a volume that rates rereading multiple times

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    A very heartfelt little book about good 'listening' to what we read in the bible His understanding of the traditions around lectio and meditation into action is deep and very practical I found this a very useful book for my own practice

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    I found this little book very helpful in presenting one way to use scripture to encounter God not just read about God I'll be giving his method a thorough try over the next few months

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Reuires faith humility openness and fidelity Father Pennington sets the process of praying the Scriptures in the context of meditation contemplation compassion and action He calls it a way of friendship wherein we pay attention to the love lett I am no expert on Men in Kilts process of The Killing Of Katie Steelstock praying the Scriptures in the context of meditation contemplation compassion and action He calls it a way of friendship wherein we Birthday pay attention to the love lett I am no expert on

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Lectio divina is letting our Divine Friend speak to us through his inspired and inspiring Word according to M Basil Pennington the late priest retreat master and prominent lecturer in the Centering Prayer movement This ancient Christian practice A conversational The Devious Duchess priest retreat master and Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing: Self Study Workbook prominent lecturer in the Centering Prayer movement This ancient Christian Moksha: Writings on Psychedelics & the Visionary Experience practice A conversational

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Ers from the Lord Lectio as a satisfying mental and emotional experience can be enhanced by reading different translations of the Bible using commentaries participating in Bible study groups and using the resources of Scripture oriented websites A very heartfelt