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The New Boy

Summary The New Boy

Alex thinks he has the perfect relationship with boyfriend Gary When Dexter moves in next door to Alex things start to get complicated E. Omigod omigod omigod I am so dead So so dead This is so hilarious and romantic and a

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These concerns he outlines in his brutally honest diary while also dealing with his psychotic best friend Andie and his parents' divorc. 35 starsAh teenage soaps and the group dynamic Alex and Andie are besties When Dexter

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Veryone Dexter meets seems to develop feelings for him and even though the new boy is straight Alex can't help but start to fall for him. 45Adorable The characters the story everythingadorable I loved Alex and Dexter And An Vania new boy is straight Alex can't help but start to fall for him. 45Adorable The characters the story everythingadorable I loved Alex and Dexter And An

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    Oh I so needed this book it was a catharsis after the wonderful but emotionally draining series I had just read It is a beautiful and fun love story between two high school friends Alex and Dexter The story is told mostly through diary and texts which usually is unsatisfying for me because I feel it limits it to one extreme point of view Not the case here you do get a sense of what both boys are feeling I really needed the sweetness of young love literally with the boy next door I love YA stories for this very reason I love reading about the initial meeting and the friendship developing and that connection with someone who has the same twerpy interests as you do Then that realization that there is something and what does this mean I love it when an author gets that right My English friend Lori who recommended thanks sweetie pointed out that the author uses a lot of American terms in a book set in England but I really wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t pointed it out I just pretended it was an American section of England Very highly recommend when you need a great pick me up

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    Omigod omigod omigod I am so dead So so dead This is so hilarious and romantic and all kinds of adorbs and fuck it I can't even write a proper review I am in heaven right now This was such a cool concept I've read a lot of diary ish novels but but but the end to The New Boy was so unexpected and good I am totally speechless swoon GIVE ME MORE ALEX AND DEX ACTION NOW Kind of demanding eh? I can't help it I'm in love with this book This goes straight to the favorites shelf Omigod I'm in cloud nine And I'm acting like a giggling school girl and I don't effin care

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    I really really loved this story I loved the first person voice it was written in Alex is a great character and so funny I absolutely 100% believed the romance between Alex and Dexter Andie is one of the funniest and best written characters I have come across in a long timeThe dynamics of the friendship between the main characters was great I thought the diary and IM format that was used to write this worked well I loved how Alex's family were so laid back what a nice change from over anxious parentsThis book was such a light funny read I'd totally recommend it to anyone and thanks Lolita for the recommendationThis would totally have had a 5 star rating from me if it wasn't for the annoying mix of English and American The book was set in England but too many of the wordsfacts were American If it had been set in America this wouldn't have bothered me at all but as it wasn't it really did niggle after a while Mom mum you can't drive here until you're 17 and Alex was only 16 mid term half term candied apples toffee apples Every one irked me and took me out of the story to have a little rant to myself which was a shame because other than this I totally loved the story

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    45Adorable The characters the story everythingadorable I loved Alex and Dexter And Andie and Teegan Even Paulie and Dylan So sweet in the my heart is melting kind of way which is so much better than the my teeth hurt kind of way And funny I was grinning the whole way throughSide noteI'm creating a new shelf because of this book which is a big deal because now I'll have to go through all my other books to see if they belong on it too

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    DNF 65%I tried I really did But there is a reason why I'm not a huge fan of YA genreEspecially when the MCs are 16 years old and use words 'like' and 'totally' way too much It makes me cringe I'm not saying it's bad it's just not for me I need at least a mature writing to enjoy a YA book I still wanted to finish it because I liked that the story is set in a small town not far from where I live which endeared it to me from the beginning pathetic I know But it wasn't enough I'm afraid

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    Dexter 3ALEX The novel is written through the diary of a teenager of 16 years old boy It is given by the teenager’s point of view It is well written through the teenager style It brings the subjects which matters the teenagers It talks about Alex’s life after the divorce of his parents and about arriving a new kid in town who Alex will fall in love with The new boy is very interesting But I just couldn’t understand one thing how is it be that the newly gay guy is the one who is ready for sex and not the guy who knew he was gay since ever? I don’t know it didn’t make sense to me But maybe because of Alex’s psychological disturbance maybe he is just confused the the characters of Alex and Dexter are adorable The events which drew them to each others are very fun and fit to the main theme and the atmosphere is great

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    Cuteish kinda felt like a fanfic

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    35 starsAh teenage soaps and the group dynamic Alex and Andie are besties When Dexter and Teegan bro sis move in next door to Alex and start attending the same high school the pot gets stirred and bonding begins The new boy sets off new feelings in both Alex and Andie This is told from Alex’s POV as a kind of diary he puts everything down in writing you see though the story reads like a narrative not like a diaryAnyway serious crushing ensues Both Alex and Andie lust after Dexter who is god like in his appeal even though Alex already has a b friend Gary who is douche like in his un appeal and Andie well she’s been keeping her options open up till nowExcept Dex already has a girlfriend Olive who happens to be deaf “I don’t know if she’s Andie decided to be benevolent and accept this love rival into the group magnanimously or if it’s some sort of sneaky girl trick to lull the deaf chick into a false sense of security” Alex Then of course all hell breaks loose with breakups and mixed signals And as Andie says “ you’d have to be mad not to get a crush on Dexter He’s gorgeous and he’s lovely and he’s totally cool He’s the trifecta” There you have it the set up New Boy starts off well I like all the characters even the girls and they figure pretty prominently Andie is a good friend without being annoying New boy Dex has a subversive side to his glowing good looks which makes him interesting But mostly I like Alex In the beginning we get him dealing with his parents’ break up his insecurities about Gary his job working in a senior center and his falling for Dex I really like his voice He has interesting insights; he’s a bit of a brat mixed with a bit of onset maturity “The fact that you associate niceness with sexuality is worrying Andrea” The middle of the story gets too mushy and juvenile for my taste It takes a turn into a ‘does hedoesn’t he’ mish mash It’s less about who Alex is and it loses the satisfactory rich character building that made the beginning endearing Then there is a big character reveal out of the blue for us and Alex that feels manufactured to keep this in YA land But it is an interesting development none the less Things do pick up again towards the end and aside from some structural and editorial stuff this was a pleasant read Those who want a sweet coming of age YA story will like this very much References to red vs blue and the gay short movie ‘Starcrossed’ were greatly appreciated D

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    45 Alex thinks that his life is perfect with Gary even though Gary can be very manipulating His world is slowly coming down as their relationship crumbles and he has to deal with his parents divorce But wait something is shinning a positive light over him Could it be the new boy next door? Yes Dexter is the opposite of Gary He is funny understanding and very extrovert He is the life of the party and the guy you want to have around The main idea of the story is beautifully told by Maddy Linehan since she is a new fresh voice in the YA world On the down side there were a few mistakes but nothing that would make your eyes bleed I would recommend this story to anyone who wants to experience High School drama first true love drama and coming to terms with your own sexuality

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    What this book needs is to go back to the authorThe author then needs to find two pre readers and an editor go over the whole thing and re post the book on lineOnce that is done typos spelling fix verbs in the correct tense and all the other grammar misconceptions sorted; then this book will get 4The idea is sweet the High school drama and first love coming out and coming to terms with your sexualityIs a great book but so many mistakes that it was hard to move past themAnd if that was for me that English is my second language and I made mistakes all the time imagine how will it look for someone whose first language is English

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