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The Greatest Show in the Galaxy The Discerning Fan's Guide to Doctor Who

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The long running BBC science fiction program Doctor Who has garnered an intense and extremely loyal fan base since its 1963 debut This work examines the influences of psychology literature pop cu I so wanted to like this book I started reading it awhile ago then put it down I finally picked it up again started from the beginning again and re read it It was a real struggle and any book that's a struggle to read is unsuccessful By struggle I don't mean that the language or concepts were difficult nor do I mean it was boring It was well I guess the best word is annoying Like being stuck talking to a know it all arrogant buffoon at a party is annoyingThis book was of an attempt by the authors to show off their knowledge of different academic disciplines than an analysis of Doctor Who The authors really didn't seem to understand Doctor Who at all they insulted the show's fans and they didn't cover various academic disciplines well either The insistence on describing Doctor Who as a kitchy camp silly show doesn't really sound like a fan pov And it describes only one season really of the program that of Gareth Williams exec producer of Tom Baker's second to last season a showrunner who was so bad he was replaced after only one season when in general most Doctor Who producers lasted three years or longer Williams was the producer responsible for stories such as Underworld Creature from the Pit Nightmare of Eden When I tell you that the authors of this book found Underworld to be the peak of the show if you're a fan you'll understand why I have issues with this bookOne of the main problems with the text is that the author's never once in their arrogance jingoism and cultural imperialism ever consider that Doctor Who is a British show Yes they mention that but they never consider it When analyzing Carnival of Monsters and Kinda the word Colonialism pretty much never comes up Yet both stories are obviously criticizing British Colonialism Doctor Who has never hesitated to present stories that get one to think about one's own cultural bias' the character of the Brigadier initially was presented as a negative character not evil but someone who'd follow orders without thinking no matter the conseuences and the embodiment of British colonial attitudes towards others That the Brigadier also became one of the most popular characters was due to the actor's brilliant performance and that the character learned from the Doctor and eventually stopped shooting first and asking uestions later Compare the Doctor's relationship with the Brigadier in Doctor Who and the Silurians verses Remembrance of the Daleks for exampleKinda is a story where the Galactic Empire has landed on the planet Deva Loka and the colonials immediately assume the natives are primitive only to discover to their shock and surprise that the natives of the planet are much sophisticated than the colonials from Earth But then that story is densely packed with a lot to analyze and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy does get into some of it but ignoring the obvious references to the destructive nature of colonialism does the story a huge disserviceThroughout this book the fans of Doctor Who are portrayed as geeky unattractive obsessive fanboys who will never be successful or get laid to be blunt That a book that sounds like a celebration of the show addresses the fans with get a life so to speak is well insulting In fact many of the fans of Doctor Who ending up writing for the Doctor Who lines of original novels or comics and then working in the television or comic book industries professionally Among the fans of the show who are now professionals Russell T Davies who brought the show back in 2005 Paul Cornell who has published original modern fantasy novels written for the new series and wrote several original Doctor Who novels Tony Lee professional comic book author Peter Anghelides professional author Mark Gatiss television writer and producer etc That's just off the top of my head there are many It is also of note that the academic analysis also isn't that great the psychology chapter for example focuses almost solely on Freud the largely debunked Victorian with no mention of Adler Jung or Maslow And Doctor Who is filled with Jungian archetypes some episodes than othersThe chapter on linguistics fails to mention the debate of linguistic relativity the idea that without having a word for something one cannot have an idea for something; though it does become a chicken an egg argument Which comes first The word or the idea; neither are Dell Hymes Frank Boas Edward Sapir or even Noam ChomskyOverall I was extremely disappointed with this book and I do not recommend it

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R and his companions; whether the Doctor suffers from multiple personality disorder or other psychological afflictions; and the role of the Doctor's native culture in shaping his sense of identit Granted I'm one of the co authors of this book so I may be a little bit biased I do however want to say that Tom Powers and I take great pride in the work that we've done and we believe that this is a fun and informative book on Doctor Who If you like books like The Discontinuity Guide The Television Companion or the About Time series there's a good chance that you'll enjoy the insight and analysis that we provide in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy The basic premise of the book is that Doctor Who like all good science fiction teaches us what it means to be human by whisking us away to exotic points in time and space The book examines the show in relation to modern day phenomena like cosmetic surgery political pundits Mafia movies road rage and reality television in order to shed light on the Doctor's relationships with his companions his true feelings toward the Master and the reason why the Daleks seem so cranky all the time among other issues So apologies for reviewing my own book but if you end up ordering a copy thanks and I hope you enjoy itCheck out Who North America for the best price I've seen on it about ten dollars off the cover price

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Lture and the social sciences on Doctor Who storylines and characters Topics explored include how such issues as class gender and sexual attraction factor into the relationships between the Docto A lot of this book is rather silly Written by fans for fans with tongue firmly in cheek it explores such things as the psychological uirks sexual proclivities and raisons d'etre of everyone's favorite Time LordThey had me at road rage DalekSeriously the chapter on cyborgs made the whole book A thoughtful exploration of how the baddies of DW reflect the worst that is already in ourselves and our society Add to that a chapter on the good Doctor's battle against corporations and you have a treatise on the state of the modern world The last is maybe a bit much; nothing in the chapter on corporations is new or terribly surprising but the authors do make their point And they wrap up neatly with a bittersweet chapter on the topic of life and death that almost made me cry a little okay maybe I just watched DoomsdayAnyway I really liked it I found it delightful but my tastes are a little odd so I don't know how much the average reader would actually enjoy this book But if you enjoy the Doctor and don't take things too seriously give it a try

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