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Transformative research came about what drives it who drives it how it happens and why the people who do it feel so passionate about getting the word out Taking the reader through their life stories it highlights common patterns in the way these people identify a problem worth researching generate an outcome worth spreading and generally conduct a worthy professional lif.

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In an era when the impact of management research and education could be argued is in decline this book helps readers who want to have a real impact through their management practice andor research and allows them to truly stand on the shoulders of giants Doing Research That Matters reveals the ways that exceptional scholars and practitioners have sparked research done it.

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Well and spread it to others in the process shaping the way we live and manage It presents a collection of views and experiences of Nobel Laureates and top management gurus such as Robert Kaplan Philip Kotler Howard Gardner Costas Markides specifically related to the concepts of research excellence research process and research outcome These interviews reveal how their.