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    This review is of the Gutenberg book The book has two primary sections The 14 Philippic against Marcus Antonius and Cicero's orations on dialecticsFirst the Philippics Wow These 14 speeches by Cicero to the Roman Senate took place in the year after the murder of Julius Caesar Cicero was an unabashed backer and apologist for his good friend Brutus He took it upon himself to denounce Marcus Antonius and champion Brutus Although he did not trust the youthful Octavius Caesar he sided with the ambitious adopted son of Julius against his hated rival Marcus Antonius These 14 speeches are full of vitriol He pulls no punches and denounces Marcus Antonius as a drunkard a philander a murderer a fool a thief a corrupt politician and an enemy of the state He continues his attack on Antonius through the chaos as Octavius Antonius and Brutus vie for control following the power vacuum following Julius Caesar's assassination Cicero realizes that he was risking his life with his antagonistic behavior and he is correct Cicero was beheaded by Antonius' loyalists and his decapitated head was presented to a gleeful AntoniusThe second half of the book are Cicero's instructions and thoughts on public speaking He advises on how to deliver and craft a powerful speech He is meticulous in breaking down exact phrasing and cadence He is carrying on the works of Plato and especially Aristotle who literally wrote the book on these subjects He also delves into legalistic philosophy and strategy to win an argument He offers ways to use superior delivery thoughtfully ordering the key points preparing with facts past cases historical events and legal policy knowledge and manipulating language with synonyms antonyms and phrasing to win challenging cases and arguments A bit dry and a continuation of Aristotle's work but certainly a brilliant thinker orator legal mind and political tactician The Phillipics are entertaining due to the intensity and historical backdrop than the dialectics If you are looking for the source of Cicero's inspiration on that topic start with Aristotle and you can skip this louacious and detailed variation of that theme

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    My Grandfather's copy Cicero's most important orations