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The Australian's Society Bride

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Parties at the luxurious Blanchard estate draw the cream of society Dressed to impress glamorous women swathed in diamonds and designer outfits make a beeline for Boyd Blanchard heir to the famil The Australi

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Y business and the most eligible bachelor in AustraliaLeona has known Boyd since she was a child and he still has the power to turn her emotions inside out But he is so out of her league that she its a nice b

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Carefully hides behind a wall of cool indifference Until the kiss that sets the tongues of society wagging and gives Boyd the means he's been waiting for to make the stubborn sensual redhead his This story w

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • The Australian's Society Bride
  • Margaret Way
  • English
  • 28 March 2019
  • 9780373175659

About the Author: Margaret Way

Margaret Way was born and educated in the river city of Brisbane Australia Before her marriage she was a well known pianist teacher vocal coach and accompanist but her hectic musical career came to a halt when her son was born and the demands of motherhood dictated a change of paceOn a fortuitous impulse she decided to try her hand at romance writing and was thrilled when Mills & Boon accept

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    I can handle even enjoy class and social conscious in a Regency romance Heck I've gotten a kick out of the media's side eyes about Megan a mixed race divorced AMERICAN marrying the adorable and beloved Prince Harry of the British Royal FirmWhat I have a problem with is the same issues in an Australian romance published in 2009 Is it a wealth issue a racial issue a Harleuin Romance issue or all of the above? Isn't Australia essentially a democracy?The vanilla h second cousin three times removed has been in love with the H the alpha heir to the cattle estate forever The h's mother is still mourned by EVERYONE including the H and his dad which leads to some distressing thoughts to me as a reader The distressing thoughts increase when the H's manipulative JR Ewing style papa goes off the rails at the thought of the H and h getting together JR has a plain and downtrodden heiress and an arranged MOC all ready for his son Again 2009Okay I was skimming as I had just a few hours to get my next book on Open Library but that was probably bestCreepy and murderous overtones lay over the romance as the Pater of the family makes himself ill in order to stop the engagement between his son and the daughter of the woman he may or may have lovedDid the bad Dad push the heroine in front of a car was it the evil woman the H hates or was it the pathetic daughter from the wealthy family? Did the father try and do her in or was he the hero that saves her? Another romance that would have been better off a mystery with just a couple of extra chapters

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    Kept waiting for something interesting to happen Two inhumanly gorgeous well connected young and talented people face a tempest in a teacup because only one of them is a billionaire's child Oh the humanity

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    The Australian Society Bride by Margaret Way narrated by Federay Holmes produced by Whole Story Audio Books downloaded from audiblecomThe Blanchards are the richest family in Australia and the son and heir to the fortune is Boyd Blanchard the most sought after bachelor in Australia Leona Blanchard raised in the same house with Boyd but not a close relative was always in love with Boyd and he took care of her starting the day her mother was killed in a freak accident jumping a wall on her horse Leona knew that Boyd’s father had in mind that Boyd marry another heiress So Leona didn’t allow herself to have hope for Boyd But on a weekend visit to her uncle’s house she and Boyd find themselves strongly attracted to each other She finds out that Boyd has always loved her too and was waiting for her to grow up But when they announce their engagement Boyd’s father is set against it and will do anything to stop the marriage Not a particularly exciting book Lots of romantic feelings and descriptions of sex The narrator was excellent

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    Boyd and Leona have grown up together Each secretly has feelings for the other Leona doesn't feel like she is good enough for BoydAt a family even they share a sizzling kiss Then later on after finding out Leona's stepbrother had tried to steal the family jewels Boyd decides it's time they get married Boyds father is unhappy with the union and tries everything to stop itAn enjoyable read on the whole although I did find it annoying that it took them both so long to say they loved each other

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    I just started this book but so far the story line is very similar to another book by the same author Wedding At Wangaree Valley Well I finished it I liked this book better than Wedding The story was realistic except maybe the ending Just disappointed because the 2 books had the same storline

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    its a nice bookfar fetched but nice loved the characters in the book the plot of the book even though a bit common i loved the flow of the novel till the end Its a good book for a nice uiet picnic Margaret out did it

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    This story was just lost for words it was well written loved the storyline and i just couldnt get enough of this book

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    Los chantajes así me pueden Me encantó

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    Nice romance good plot line with interesting characters

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    Re read April 18 2011 Reason downloaded audiobook from NetLibrary I'm Spring Cleaning and I forgot I had read it already Too many books So little time

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