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    Animosity imagines a world in which animals have become sentient and all of the chaos that followed It's a fascinating science fiction graphic novel in which leaders among the animals have to come to grips with an additional multi billion mouths to feed homes to find and society to organizeCompounding the complexity the animals are now just like people with individual personalities Some are brave others corrupt others run vice dens with black market milk or other forbidden specialties There's problems with population control and predators continue to desire preyA laconic wolf named Wintermute is leading the charge for the former city of San Francisco None of the decisions she is reuired to make on a daily basis are simple and she's almost universally hated except by a few who know her wellMeanwhile out in the ocean the dolphins have organized into their own blood thirsty society Beyond the city limits on the land there are animals and people who don't want to join a new world order in San FranciscoI really enjoyed Animosity Volume 1 It is a multi layered story in a world that has a lot of potential The characters both animal and human are fascinating The relationships that they are attempting to develop are brand new and without precedent There's shifting power structures and social services have been completely up endedI wonder what's going to happen nextMany thanks to one of my local public librarians for the excellent recommendation You rock Ryan

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    When The Wake happened all animals gained human levels of thought and speech Unfortunately just like humans some of the animals break bad Bennett shifts the focus of the series to San Francisco in Evolution where a strange dog wolf hybrid Wintermute has taken control of the city Now animals and humans must work together to survive in a world where meat is suddenly outlawed Resources are tight as the city gets back on its feet and a black market underground emerges It's there that a plan develops to destroy Wintermute and the rest of her animal cyborgs I love the premise and the world building is great My one complaint is that this volume ends mid story

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    I was able to read the first series of the Animosity comic book before and I was expecting that this spin off could surpass or at par with it However I was looking for that kick factor of the adventures of Jesse and Sandor from the original Animosity against this new story from the series I can't stop myself from comparing this to its precedent because I think that there's a huge difference between the two Probably because I think that I find that there's a bit of charm in the story of Jesse and Sandor's story While I think that Wintermute and Adam are for a mature and masculine side Nevertheless I will still try to check out the 2nd volume of the series and let's see if there's improvement in it

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    As a huge fan of all animals far than their human counterparts this comic amused the hell out of me It makes me feel good that should animals ever get an intellect they will not be mad at meSo animals can think and they have risen up against man In this world we run into Wintermute the canine head of the government Helped by Dr North a human vet the animals try to craft a new society But not all the animals are on board There is conflict among their ranks and not all humans have decided to fade uietly into the night Without being spoilery this is the basis for the storyThe artwork is good but never amazing The story? I enjoyed it It is dark and grim and I find myself siding with the animals A different type of comic and I like uniue ideas I will certainly be following this cool new comic

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    One day the animals woke up They started thinking They started talking They started taking revenge Now they’ve started building In a city by the sea a new power is on the riseand they’re making an animal kingdom all their ownYou may expect that's just another post apocalyptic tale and in a way it can be interpreted as such Animosity Universe feels well developed and rich Humans and animals can communicate and cooperate Unfortunately after their awakening animals experience feelings such as jealousy guilt hate hunger for power Conflicts arise and lead to dangerous situationsGapstur’s visual style is clean and polished Apart from static panels there's plenty of dynamic action packed ones that look very well It makes the world incredible and I'm impressed by the way he gives the animals personalities A stellar job really Rob Schwager’s saturated colors bring sharpness to the storyOverall it's a dialogue heavy blend of drama and emotion set in a well developed and rich world I liked it despite some minor issues

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    While the original Animosity series deals with life on the run Animosity Evolution is set firmly in the city of San Francisco now under animal control and ruled tentatively by Wintermute a hybrid wolfdog who I really want to pet We've briefly seen this world set out in one of the Animosity one shots collected with the main series but this gives us a true focus on this setting and just how much the usual animalhuman relationship has been upended with the advent of increased animal intelligenceThis is a little disjointed I'll admit as the story careens around through different animal factions whose motivations aren't fully formed across these five issues but I'm constantly impressed by the new ways that the series uses specific animals and how stories told from their wildly different perspectives can have such impact on each other That's without going into the sole human character and the robotanimal hybrids and the Law Order Special Animals Unit issue we get in these five short issues There's a lot to unpack and a hell of a lot of set up here that promises even greater things going forwardEric Gapstur has the unfortunate task of trying to measure up against Rafael De La Torre on the main Animosity title and he doesn't uite reach the same heights Some of his panels feel a little rushed or lacking in detail but he has the same ability to depict human expressions on faces that probably shouldn't be able to show those expressions so he's definitely in the right place I think this is just his first mainstream comic work so it might take him a little while to warm up is allAnimosity didn't necessarily need a spin off series but this book justifies itself all on its own as the characters mysteries and story potential are all far removed from the main book and are just as compelling

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    Review to follow

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    Animosity takes the speculative fiction framework and uses it in a gargantuan way instead of a market crash or a horde of pesky robots all animals are suddenly imbued with the logic that had until then been only present in the human mind This new level of consciousness has varying results on the animals but they are all aware of if not consumed with rage over their station in society and the endless degradation that their kind has suffered at the hands of humans The first look into this world focused on a young girl Jesse and her dog Sandor in the days after “The Wake” The series is now in its second volume and Matt Santori of comicositycom wrote “experience the complete horror and joy — and the joy of horror — from this new Bennett de La Torre joint” With a sprawling premise Evolution is the beginning of animal society starting with a leader called Wintermute The mysterious canine is feared and respected by the animals on her swathe of the coast and there are a few humans who have proved themselves to her Bennett DC Bombshells Insexts Batwoman has constructed a societal fable or layers and layers of fables intertwined One is reminded of a war torn Europe or Berlin before the wall came down conspiracy in the air and a seedy swinging undergroundFor Fans of Pride of Baghdad andor Y the Last Man by Brian K Vaughan WE3 by Grant Morrison The Power by Naomi Alderman the Warriors and Hunters middle grade series by Erin Hunter and hear me out the live action Animal Farm movie from 1999 Art To see animals be designed as a characters is probably my favorite part of this comic It’s well done and indispensable to the storySell it To speculative fiction nuts and militant vegans Also in the selling feel free to use one of Bennett’s many masterful references Wintermute of Gibson’s sci fi classic Neuromancer Hart Ram Wolf Law Offices of the Buffyverse via the Angel TV show and a slew of establishments named after writers of animal centered literature like Milne Warehouse and Berenstain Bed and Breakfast Customers are bound to get caught up on one

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    If there is one thing I've noticed from reading Marguerite Bennett's Animosity is that she is addressing the uestion of exactly how civilized humanity is by creating a foil for humans in the newly self aware animals and having them interact with each other As we saw in Volume 4 of the main title the results are often messy with both the animals and humans often crossing their own moral codes and logic in their attempts to survive the world in the wake of the WakeSince these issues are also addressed in the main Animosity book one could argue that a second Animosity book is likely superfluous but since Animosity is effectively the story of a girl and her dog Animosity Evolutionis a bit of a deviation from that formula The focus is on the animals here as the humans who do appear seem to be in the thrall of the awakened animals Again the will to survive is key to the narrative here one of the main characters a mysterious wolf or maybe a Malamute named Wintermute is revealed to be universally hated by the community and yet seems to be one of the forces keeping said community together whether it is because Wintermute is willing to make tough decisions regardless of conseuence or the hatred itself is what keeps it together is up for debate However these issues are addressed from the human side in Animosity Vol 4 so Bennett isn't really breaking new ground here just changing perspectivesIf you are a fan of the main Animosity title then you will probably like this one as well But apart from the Wake there isn't much overlap between the two titles Maybe that is in the eventual plans but I don't think we need to count on that for this one to be a success time will tell

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    When The Wake happens all animals suddenly find themselves with the ability to talk and think on what was previously a human only level Annoyed with the way they’ve been treated they uickly seek revenge A month later billions of animals have taken over a city holding off human armies on one side and dolphins on the other Their self proclaimed leader soon finds herself the victim of a suicide bomber then things really get interestingFor those entering the city for the first time the entrance is set up like a refugee camp with delousing and such and those who pass are treated to an intro by a song and dance pink dressed creature For such a bright idea this gets depressing in a hurryIn the background of one of the panels is an angry looking woman carrying a sloth which makes no sense Sloths are funThere’s a law firm called Hart Ram and Wolfe That can’t possibly be a coincidence can it? After that I found myself looking through each panel carefully to see if Buffy’s buddy Angel showed up nextUgh why did one of the main characters have to be a bat? So uglyIf you’re gonna do biological terrorism a frog is the perfect animal to do the jobThat dog like creature in charge some of the philosophy she expounds is interesting but she’s so much of a deep thinker compared to everyone else it makes her kinda ridiculousSo many characters made it somewhat confusing though I suppose if they were all human factions it wouldn’t be any simpler Maybe a character page would have helpedAbout a dozen pages of extras at the end like alternate covers and progress comparisons

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