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    I absolutly loved this book It was the perfect way to show people how much this remarkable filly was loved Everyone misses Eight Belles so much She changed horse racing forever Thank you for writing this book and sharing with the world how magical and touching her story was and still is today I love you for it

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    Eight Belles deserves a better tribute than this book

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Eight Belles

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And heart breaking passing touched and won thousands of hearts and made a large impact on her sport the sport of kings and on individuals all across the country and across the wor.


On February 23 2005 a bay filly was born at Three Chimneys Farm in Midway Kentucky Who would have guessed as this filly stood for the first time on long wobbly legs that she would.

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Become the first filly since 1906 to finish second in the Kentucky Derby Eight Belles Triumph Beyond the Wire is the biography of a sweet special filly who through her amazing life.