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Ad But can he work past the steel blockade widowhood has erected around Maria's heart Can Brody and his friends at Heart's Haven convince her that re claiming life and holding on to God's grace can lead Maria not just into new life but a second chance at love as we.

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Trying desperately to find her way following a season of loss Maria Wilde is literally at the end of her road stranded in Angel Falls Texas She's on her way home for Thanksgiving in a car jam packed with her worldly possessions and the greatest treasure of all her.

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Six month old daughter LillyBrody Lang is a mechanic at the gas station where Maria finds herself temporarily sidelined He's got the faith of an angel and willingly helps her out of a jam Sensing God's intervention Brody is compelled to help Maria find the road ahe.

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    The tag line for MARIA'S ANGEL is perfect A mechanic A widow A broken down carsometimes life's purpose is found by accident in God's plan nothing is ever accidental That's what this sweet inspirational novella is all about Everything that could go wrong in widow Maria Wilde's life was And at the worst possible time Enter a savior in grease stained clothes mechanic Brody Lang I admit to some sniffles and than a few smiles as I read this novella If you're looking for a Thanksgiving read with heart this is a good one 45 stars

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    Writing this book took me on a beautiful journey of hope and second chances at love following a turbulent season of loss I hope you enjoy the story of Maria Brody

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    A very sweet story that will capture your interest from page one I really enjoyed it

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