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N but the attentions of a lifelong friend are making her think about it for the first time The memory of the sweet kiss she shared with Nolan Roberts hasn’t strayed far from her thoughts but she also fears that pursuing something with him would mean betraying her husband’s memoryNolan has loved Hannah for years but. Piper‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewI will start this review off by saying DAMN YOU Marie Force for making me cry like a big ol’ baby More than once I Want To Hold Your Hand is book two in Marie’s new Green Mountain series As most of you know Marie is one of my go to authors I fell in LOVE with Marie’s book after reading Maid For Love book one in her McCarthy’s of Gansett Island series Marie is a wonderful story teller and I cannot get enough of her booksHannah Abbott Guthrie lost her husband Caleb seven years ago in Afghanistan Life has pretty much been at a standstill for Hannah the last seven years She has had the love her family Caleb’s family and her dog Homer to pull her along these last seven years After a brief encounter with longtime friend Nolan Hannah begins to realize that she may just be ready to move on with her life To let go of her past with Caleb and find love againNolan Roberts has been friends with Hannah since childhood In fact he was one her husband Caleb’s best friends When Nolan realizes that his feeling for Hannah have moved from friendship to something he is worried how this will affect his relationship with not only Hannah and her family but Caleb’s family as well Nolan has a lot of struggles to overcome He feels he is not worthy of Hannah because of his pastHannah and Nolan’s story is so wonderfully written that you root for them cry for them and just want to reach into the pages to hug them To tell them everything will be alright and work out because they truly belong together I loved that we got a look into Hannah and Caleb’s relationship through diary entries at the start of each chapter I liked that even though Caleb was not there physically he was still very present in the story Caleb may have been a hero but he was not perfect and his relationship with Hannah was not perfect I was glad Marie gave us insight to their relationship without it being an overkillFor those of you who have read Marie’s Gansett series she did an outstanding job of telling the story of Jenny Wilks who lost her fiancé in 911 finding her way back to herself and back to love I never thought I could be invested emotionally in a character than I was with Jenny but Marie managed to prove me wrong with Hannah Abbott Guthrie This book is an emotional roller coaster that will have you laughing crying and probably laughing and crying at the same time I have said this before but Marie truly just has a way of telling a story that draws you in and never lets you go Not even when you reach the end of the bookIn I Want To Hold Your Hand we also get some new information about Colton Abbott who;s story will be told in book three And as always I am ready for some Colton I can’t wait to see what Elmer and Lincoln will do next as they meddle in the love lives of the Abbott children Those guys may be in for some troubleAgain WELL DONE Mrs Force This is another wonderful and beautifully written story of the power of love and family

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For the Abbott siblings the Green Mountain state has always been an idyllic place to call home But it isn’t until they open themselves up to love that they’ll truly discover how fulfilling life can beAlmost seven years after losing her husband in Ira Hannah Abbott Guthrie isn’t sure she’s ready or able to move o. I loved the big close knit Abbott family and uaint small town setting I was introduced to in All You Need is Love so I was thrilled to dive back into this world with I Want to Hold Your Hand I must admit I was a little worried to pick up I Want to Hold Your Hand because I thought Hannah would beat herself up with guilt over moving on romantically after losing her husband seven years ago And while she does have some guilt it was understandable and it was never to the point of dragging the story down It was a poignant journey but an uplifting oneHannah Abbott was shattered and numb for years after her husband Caleb’s death but she’s gradually come out of the fog After seven years she finally can see past the crippling pain and feels ready to move on At thirty five Hannah still has so much life to live and she knows Caleb wouldn’t have wanted her spending it alone Deep down Hannah’s known for a while that Nolan Roberts would be the man waiting for her Nolan was one of Caleb’s closest friends and he grieved hard when Caleb died too so in that way Nolan can understand some of Hannah’s feelings which was a tremendous asset to their burgeoning romance “Are you ready for this Hannah Because if you’re not that’s okay I’m not going anywhere” “I think I might be ready” She looked down before bringing her gaze back to meet his “Mostly because it’s you who’s asking”Nolan loved Hannah as a friend forever but it turned into two years after Caleb’s death He knew he was in for an uphill battle and that Hannah may never be ready to move on But there was never any choice for Nolan because Hannah was the one for him My heart went out to Nolan To be so in love with someone who may never feel the same way back is a slow and heartbreaking torture Thankfully Nolan’s years of longing and patience paid off and we get to witness the sweet and satisfying payoff play out Sweet satisfying and HOT Marie Force definitely knows how to write some steamy scenes The Abbott family is a big caring bunch and it seems we have two mischievous members Hannah’s dad and grandfather who are not above meddling to make sure their kids all get a HEA Too cute if you ask me I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the other eight Abbott kids For those who loved Will and Cameron in the last book you’ll be happy to know we get a lot of them in this one too There are a few romances in the works at least three that I can think of I must say that I’m not sure that I want a MeganHunter matchup in the future because she was a right witch in the last book but even so in this installment I guess we shall see Colton the somewhat reclusive Abbott brother is up next in I Saw Her Standing There A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewYou can read this review and at The Readers Den

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He’d been giving her the space she needed to heal from her devastating loss Now when an opportunity arises to show her how he feels Nolan can’t resist but he knows earning her love will take than a kiss Somehow he has to prove to Hannah that finding love twice in a lifetime is possible and well worth risking her hea. Review on InkvotaryOkay after I had finished this novel I had to take a deep breath and to stop reading for a few hours I wasn´t sure about my rating if I would give five stars or only four; about my feelings and for sure not what I should think of Hannah But I can tell you this read this series chronologically No matter what the publisher says Besides that I highly recommend this seriesAs you can see I ended up giving only 4 stars That is because I wasn´t as thrilled by it as I was after reading the first two books Hannah is well she can be uite a bit stubborn and needs to have everything and anything under control That leaves not much space for poor Nolan because even in bed she needs to be in control And that was something I am not really fond of Nothing against a woman who knows what she wants and who likes to control everything But Hannah was for my taste a bit too much of everything

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