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Folk tale of Saloman a seductive prince staked centuries ago legend's most powerful vampire Now in the ruins of a castle crypt Elizabeth discovers supernatural legends that have. Blood on Sil

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The debut of a seductive new contemporary series of vampires lust and revengeWhile in Romania researching historical superstitions Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk comes upon the. My ReviewThe

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Come alive Her blood has awakened him Her innocence has aroused him But Elizabeth unleashes than Saloman's hunger and it's going to unite them in ways neither could have imagine. Blood on Sil

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    I love the last line of this bookI AM SALOMAN GIVE ME MY SWORD475 starsThis book is the first in a trilogy about vampires It is a paranormal romance novel but relies heavily on the story line making it feel like a UF It is not dripping with romance and sappy lingo It is not all about the relationship and the characters This is a story about revenge world building betrayal and trust And the hero Saloman is not uite a hero at all He is a flawed angry at times uncaring vampire who appears to hold very little value in the lives of his fellow vampires and humans Saloman wakes up hundreds of years after being buried in a crypt and having a stake driven through his heart by those closest to him including his lover He feels betrayed and is determined to avenge his staking a vampire of pure blood who was over three thousand years old He has unimaginable power and had spent most of his life as a voice arm behind thrones and powerful political leaders over time He is feared and known for his ruthless regard for humans and other vampires Power is what motivated him He is awakened week and in order to regain his full potential in power he needs to drain the blood from his Awakener Saloman tells Elizabeth that he needs to kill her in order to gain his full power back but is so drawn to her that he postpones ending her life Her humanity and spontaneity intrigue him Theirs takes on a almost lovehate relationship as the story develops She learns about how he lived and how hungry he is for power and starts to see how inhumane he can be at times She also meets vampire hunters who offer to teach her how to kill vampires and why she should join their groupif nothing else but to stay alive She knows sooner or later Saloman will come for her and drain herBut Saloman keeps showing up where ever she is stalking her playing cat and mouse with her life One scene she wakes up in her house and he is sitting on the edge of her bed smiling at her But always walks away saying he is not going to kill her today She starts being able to predict when Saloman is aroundshe get's this feeling on the back of her neck And he taunts her by telling her that he imagines the interesting conversations he could have with her if he didn't have to kill her He is on a revenge bend His friends and supporters betrayed him along with his former lover Tsigana They staked him because they felt he was gaining to much political power and his lover because he refused to turn her He has had centuries to think about how he will find them and kill them for this betrayal He is cold hearted and each time he picks off one of his betrayershe does it without mercyBut when it comes to killing Elizabethhe doesn't He is fighting some inner struggle with his impulse and need to kill her and his pull towards her Throughout the book he is always sizing Elizabeth up to his previous lover who betrayed him almost as if he is separating them in his mind or heart???Tsigana was power hungry and greedywhere Elizabeth is innocence and learned Each time he comes close to killing herhe backs awaysaving the kill for next timeThere is a pretty hot dance in the club Angel with Saloman and Elizabeththey come as close to sex in public as you can without actually doing it Their romance is not the center of this story but the pull between these twothe vampire who needs her life and blood and the hunter who feels it is morally right to remove a power hungry vampire set on conuering and ruling the world can't seem to detach themselves from the growing bond they have for one another Reading this romance feels like a rubber band is being pulled and the growing constant tension will eventually break the band and explode She struggles with these uestions Is he insane? Does he know what he is doing? Is he dangerous for the world? Should he be eliminated? Am I doing the right thing trying to kill him? What do I feel for him? Can she kill him before he kills her? The novel culminates in a showdown between several vampires Zombies the hunters a twice betrayed Saloman and an angry he doesn't understand how she could plan his death and a vengeful Elizabeth At the end of the battle Saloman and Elizabeth are left She ready to stake him walks up to him with all this pent up anger and he turns and goes for her neck In that moment she draws up her fist with the stake and looks into his black eyes and angry face She will have one shotand at that exact moment it finally dawns on hershe loves him I know this sounds crazy but the author does a great job building up to this She tells himshe hates herself for saying the truth but it is the truth Stakes are dropped anger is dissolved and what comes next is a very hot passionate scene again in public After a very blissful evening spent in each others arms she asks when he will kill her and he tells her that he will never kill her She sadly tells him that when the morning comes that they will go back to being enemies and what they only have nowHe nods and kisses herthen he whispers in her ear But Elizabeth what we have what is between us will never be overNow this is a goooooood storyI am looking forward to book number two I read that this will only be a trilogy and that the story resolves in book three A very enjoyable read Love itNote There is something about angels tooThe author makes a big deal of thisand Elizabeth is reminded of angels over and overangels in the church where he lived in her dreamseverywhere There are angels painted all over his cryptthe crypt of a vampire????? and he hangs out at this nightclub called The Angel who's owner is Angelika and this club has a famous statue in it of an angel Not sure where this is going yet

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    My ReviewThe PlotAn academic researching her thesis Elizabeth Silk finds herself falling head first into the one myth she's trying desperately to debunk the existence of vampires Believing that vampires are merely an excuse to explain or justify communal threats and unlawful killings Elizabeth's research is doing a marvelous job at proving her point except for the persistent re occurrence of one man named Saloman An enigmatic being that crops up again and again since the birth of Christianity through to the nineteenth century Elizabeth can't find any evidence of his birth or death as she has for all the other famous vampires in her thesis Frustrated that Saloman's existence jeopardizes everything that she's worked so hard for when a Romanian villager claims to know of Saloman's final resting place Elizabeth wastes little time locating his tomb But when her voracious curiosity has her unwittingly awakening the ancient vampire from his three hundred year sleep Elizabeth's life is about to be turned up side downSaloman awakens to a burning need for blood followed uickly by revenge Three hundred years ago he was betrayed by those closest to him murdered in a sense by his friends and lover Now while his instinct as an Ancient is to drink his Awakener dry the spunky courage of his female intrigues him to the extent that he lets her go virtually unscathed However she'll not go far for he eventually must kill Elizabeth to regain his full power but in the meantime he'll soak up as much of her as he can Saloman must also protect Elizabeth from other vampires There will be those that don't want him to regain his former strength and influential power rendering Saloman's arrogant decision to leave his Awakener alive as dangerously stupid for both him and her But Saloman wishes to savor his Awakener and will do whatever is necessary to protect Elizabeth for while her death is a surety he can at least make the moment the most pleasurable of her lifeClinging to her cynicism Elizabeth at first believes that the frightening experience in Saloman's tomb was simply an elaborately orchestrated hoax and when three people arrive at her hotel room door the next morning she fully expects to hear their apology before she boots them to the curb But these people aren't just random pranksters they're vampire hunters and they need her help to stop the evil that she in her naivety unleashed upon the world They claim Saloman is insane with ambitions to conuer the world and enslave humans to his every whim As an Ancient he's nearly impossible to kill and if he's given the opportunity to kill Elizabeth as his Awakener as well as kill the vampires who conspired in his death than he'll be absolutely unstoppable While Elizabeth wants to right the wrong she's inadvertently committed there's one little problem she's in love with SalomanThe HeroineEmboldened by a feisty intelligence Elizabeth's clever mind is balanced by a stubborn naivety one that gets her into trouble often than not She's a loner a woman who has grown than accustomed to her independence yet she also retains an intrinsic loneliness that combined with her extreme wariness of others helps keep her aloneSaloman is the first man to ever make her feel wanted and beautiful and while his desire of her spells Elizabeth's death sentence she can't stop her heart from wanting him in return He didn't lie when he said that he'd show her life at its greatest before he killed her for Elizabeth does experience in the weeks following Saloman's awakening than she's ever experienced in her thirty years He opens her eyes to an exuisite world he puts her in the position to make friends with the vampire hunters that are desperately trying to protect her and most of all he instills confidence in herself It's a strange and complex dichotomy that envelopes these two a dance of push and pull that changes everythingThe HeroSaloman for the first third of the novel is a being of no redeeming ualities He's positively lethal with his plain spoken fact that Elizabeth will die at his hand that their moments together are nothing but a game of cat and mouse as he plays with her heart and her fears Waiting patiently for his humanity to be revealed it's his anti heroism that gradually comes to lightA three thousand year old vampire his humanity is truly gone and lost when he first meets Elizabeth He thinks nothing but of himself and the retribution he deserves with the deaths of those that once conspired against him Elizabeth however is a perplexing development Saloman finds her decidedly interesting with her modern ways feisty courage and uick intelligence But it's Elizabeth's complete lack of self awareness and the effortless shine of her inner and outer beauty that inspires Saloman's inner hero He longs to show her true happiness and what it's like to feel true desire Elizabeth's impact on Saloman is nothing short of paramount She inspires him to pause to wait for the rage and anger to subside before he makes his kill Death is so final and it leaves no time afterward for uestions Saloman now waits tries to understand the motives of his enemies before he strikes if he strikes at all And while Elizabeth's death beneath his sensual mouth would return his ultimate power he resists due to the love that he feels in his heart for the woman that opened the window to his humanity even if it is a mere crackMy Final ThoughtsBLOOD ON SILK is at times a difficult and complex read but its also rewarding Utilizing old vampire myths Treanor soaks her novel in a decidedly gothic and dark romanticism Her vampires are every bit of the cloak and dagger beings from which their haunting legends arose from They're dangerous sensual beings with no humanity to speak of and care little but their own existence and the power they feel they're entitled to The vampire hunters with their slashing wooden stakes also bring a distinctly historic flavor to the read but their advanced technology swiftly brings you back to the present with resounding clarity This is a layered and beautiful read that if given a chance one where all angles are viewed a reader can easily appreciate what the author has done with such antiuated and redundant mythsA rarity in the romance world Treanor's use of the anti hero is a welcomed delight Saloman's death sentence for Elizabeth is one that feels very real and he's a being that's fully capable and willing to make due on his promise And while his blossoming love for Elizabeth is perplexing Saloman does little to reject what he feels for his Awakener Instead he embraces her and learns from Elizabeth's humanity implementing her intelligence and researcher heart into his own thought process thereby stilling his lethal instincts Elizabeth is Saloman's Awakener in every sense of the world She awakens his heart his breath his love and ultimately his humanityAs if BLOOD ON SILK couldn't get any interesting or complex there is no traditional Happily Ever After to be had in this gothic romance However reader disappointment is eased with the fact that Saloman and Elizabeth's story doesn't finish with simply the end but continues on with Book Two BLOOD SIN Thank the book godsFor die hard vampire romance lovers don't miss BLOOD ON SILK If you find that the first third of the novel is slow and thoughts of desertion arise push through it for the remaining two thirds are than worth your earlier efforts

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    I’ve read this book back in 2011 and re read it uite a few times since I loved it Blood on Silk is not a love story Do not expect the usual drama of a vampire complaining about his condition and trying to change it or the brainless girlwoman who thinks she’s the one who’ll save him Nope None of thatSaloman has spent the last three centuries with a stake in his heart buried in a crypt beneath a chapel after those he considered his friends had betrayed him Now he’s waiting for his Awakener and planning bloody revengeScottish academic Elizabeth Silk is writing her thesis on historical superstitions exactly vampires and what better place to do it than Romania the country where Dracula was born She doesn’t believe in vampires but she’s intrigued when Saloman’s name keeps popping upWhat began as a thesis research will forever change her life and bring her in contact with a world she had no idea it even existedSaloman is finally free and ready to get back what was taken from him But first those who helped imprison him and their descendants have to die And Elizabeth is one of themI hated Saloman almost the entire book for the way he played with ElizabethBUT like I said in the beginning he’s not one of those vampires who feels sorry for themselves Not even after he’s been betrayed and imprisoned He’s strong confident intelligent calculating and yes his arrogance knows no limitsHe doesn’t rush head first into anything mostly because he’s perfectly conscious of the fact that he’s not at the top of his strength yet Instead he makes alliances and works on building his power by hunting his betrayers one by oneElizabeth is a strong character too Yes she is attracted to Saloman but she doesn’t allow her libido to rule her decisions She’s aware of the danger and that nothing will stop the vampire if he decides to end her life so she has to find a way to protect herselfBut things are not simple and Elizabeth soon discovers she’s been lied to by those who claimed to be her friends She’s so much that Saloman’s Awakener and her role in the story is important than they told her As the connection between her and Saloman evolves she’ll have to make a decision To stay become his toy and eventually be killed or to take her life in her own hands and try to change her destiny Action intrigue mystery passion and so much in this amazing book that you should definitely read as soon as possible I couldn’t put it down until I was finished 45 starsHappy reading

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    Blood on Silk by Marie TreanorParanormal Romance Sept 7 20104 12 starsElizabeth Silk a Scottish scholar doing research in Eastern Europe has unwittingly awakened the great Saloman an ancient vampire whose was feared and revered in the past Saloman a figure of legends and myth must be stopped Vampire hunters from a shadowy organization are amassing to stop Saloman from taking over the world Elizabeth is torn between her attraction to Saloman and saving herself She must choose a side If she chooses to yield to desire will Saloman spare her life? If she chooses to fight him can she possibly succeed?At last a sensible and mature vampire novel that is so not a Twilight clone You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for a decent vampire novel that does not have the girl swooning brainlessly at the feet of her vampire paramour especially one that sparkles in the sun This is one of the better vampire novels that are being churned out by the publishing industry nowadays For one thing the tension between Elizabeth and Salomar is so skillfully maintained and exciting that I couldsn’t put the book down To yield or not to yield? That’s the uestion for Elizabeth Treanor is a fantastic writer she kept me suspense me all the way to the end keeping me hoping and wishing that Salomar and Elizabeth will end up together Treanor’s pacing is superb; there’s not a single slow or overly sappyunnecessary page in the book But readers be warned This is a sexually steamy book Well not pornographic just hot The love scenes are not gratuitous it happens for a reason and after all the constant tug and pull readers will feel very very gratified when the two of them finally come together It’s inevitable and so satisfying Still as this is the first book in the series be aware that there’s a lot of unfinished business plot wise which leaves craving for I know I did The only gripe I have with this book is that it gets crowded and magically out there at the final fight Goblins? Who cares about goblins and zombies? We just need humans and vampires That’s it I wish writers will stop bringing in the entire supernatural horde and just focus on a smaller cast uality over uantity you know? Thankfully this small gripe does not bring down the whole book for me Overall great read and an awesome debut by Miss TreanorReviewed by Pauline from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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    Review to come

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    DNFOriginally posted at academic Elizabeth Silk is spending the summer in Romania researching historical superstitions for her PhD While she is tracing local folktales one subject in particular sparks her imagination His name is Saloman legend's most powerful vampire a seductive prince staked centuries ago Now in the ruins of a castle crypt Elizabeth discovers the legends are real Her blood has awakened him Her innocence has aroused him But Elizabeth unleashes than Saloman's hungerAn army of vampire hunters has amassed to send Saloman back to hell Sworn to help yet fearing Saloman's deadly blood lust Elizabeth seeks to entrap him offering her body as bait But something stronger than dread powerful than revenge is uniting Elizabeth to her prey Caught between desire and rage Elizabeth must decide where her loyalties lieand what the limits are to a yearning she can no longer controlBlood on Silk is a DNF did not finish for me I was unable to connect with this story nor her charactersThe premise was promising Elizabeth Silk is writing her doctoral thesis on vampires myths and travels Romania for research When her blood awakens Salomen she is both frightened and attracted to him A centuries old vampire Salomen was slain by betrayal and buried for over 300 years He now rises to re secure his kingdom and wants to rule world Since she is a descendant of his lover and betrayer; she must dieThe beginning is slow and didn’t capture my attention I didn’t feel any passion in the writing Everything reads rather matter of fact I found Saloman’s lack of humanity to be a huge turn off I feel his character is trying to be this unbelievably handsome passionate vampire who we will all love to hate But I didn’t get that with him The constant references to how much he can make Elizabeth love to die for him grated on my nerves I didn’t feel like he loved her or even liked her His whole attitude is “I’m a vampire and this is what I do Deal with it” Elizabeth has potential but she is portrayed as being so torn between Salomen and her duty that it’s over kill She is an emotional mess We are led to believe that Elizabeth’s frantic switching between lust and rage is due to Salomen’s influence on her but honestly I’m not sure what was going on I did enjoy some of the other characters maybe because we only see them occasionally and they are allowed to develop naturallyThe sex scenes between Elizabeth and Salomen are hot and heavy but the chemistry’s not there To much emotional angst; it smothers the characters and the scenesAbout halfway through I knew this was not the book for me and could not go onI give this a DNF

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    I picked this book up a number of years ago because I liked the cover and the synopsis sounded interesting It ended up being a pretty stereotypical paranormal romance novel It was okay but not great This is the first book in a trilogyElizabeth Silk is a Scottish academic researching her thesis in Romania She is doing research on the folklore featuring vampires and trying to come up with a theory behind these legends One legend always escapes her theories though; that of Saloman By a strange set of circumstances she ends up finding Saloman’s tomb and accidentally awakens him Little does Elizabeth know how much danger the human race is now that she has awoken one of the Ancient Ones This book started out promising I liked the idea of an academic woman who is researching all these vampire legends Unfortunately this skeleton of a story was only there to drive Elizabeth to Saloman and have her fall instantly in love with himThere are a lot of very typical paranormal elements to this story Elizabeth is a super frigid woman who doesn’t care about sexuntil seeing Saloman turns her into a giant raging pulsing hormone of a woman Even when Saloman is abusing her she is drawn to him and wants him yawn Not only that but Saloman who is thousands of years old is completely undone by Elizabeth and falls instantly in love with herSaloman is super alpha and uber bossy Him and Elizabeth can’t stand each other unless they are having really hot and spontaneous sex The sex scenes themselves were fairly ho humI just wasn’t feeling the chemistry between these twoThere is some plot about Saloman going up against both other ancient vampires and a group of vampire hunters that Elizabeth ends up involved with But really most of the story is Elizabeth and Saloman either trying to kill each other or screw each other The writing is decent and the story flows decently as well I just found most of it to be plain silly and very typical not at all something creative or new In the end I was glad to be done with it and had absolutely no need to ever read about Elizabeth or Saloman againOverall very typical and predictable paranormal romance I didn’t really enjoy the characters and thought the story was readable but not all that intriguing or engaging This just wasn’t my cup of tea On top of that there are a ton of vampire paranormal romance books out there to read that are better than this one Not recommended

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    “Is Evil in the eye of the beholder?”My first thought is how refreshing it is that we have a vampire tale based in the old world of Romania and Hungary that brings us back to its origins It has been a while The main characters are complicated Their obstacles are staggering and the situation is further twisted by many external influences Our heroine Elizabeth is seemingly apathetic and content to dedicate her life to her research Then discovers a hidden passion that leads to heartbreaking inner strugglesAfter an imprisonment of than 300 years Saloman awakens eager to exact vengeance on those responsible Not surprising He finds the new world appealing but at the same time morally corrupt strife with famine and overrun with violence and prejudice He’s certain he can make a change that will help vampires and humans alike Only thing is he wants to achieve this by taking over the world For this reason we uestion is it evil? Well it depends on how you look at it Evil is in the eye of the beholder Elizabeth doesn’t agree that he should get to decide who lives and who dies Therein lies the difficulty this couple must overcome Her mind is at odds with her heart A position I would imagine most of us found ourselves in at some point in our livesAlthough Elizabeth refuses to accept it they love each other To uote his words as they share a night of passion“And if I have learned anything over the millennia it is this that in love only the moment matters””For this moment this night Elizabeth I love you”I have to say I was unhinged with that scene and in my opinion the novel is worth the read for that scene alone The epilogue leaves us with a very intriguing scene that will certainly entice me to pick up the next novel in this series Blood SinMy ViewpointMy opinion is that this novel has a• Major bad boy hero • Strong willed heroine • Relationship that has challenging times ahead • uests for power and • Good vs bad theme That’s enough for me to pick up the next in the series

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    Blood on Silk5 StarsSynopsisAn academic researching Vampire superstition in Romania Elizabeth Silk is tricked into awakening Saloman the most seductive and dangerous of the species Saloman needs Elizabeth’s blood to survive but finds himself inexplicably drawn to her innocence and the two soon find themselves on opposing sides of an age old conflict between humans and vampires Which will be victorious?ReviewThe characterization and world building are excellent and the plot leaves you guessing right up until the end The book contains elements of paranormal romance but leans toward the urban fantasy genre with first rate action scenes and an ongoing storyline revolving around the two main characters The chemistry between Saloman and Elizabeth is mesmerizing and their scenes together often left me breathless Saloman is a traditional vampire and while some readers may find him evil and repulsive with uestionable morals the fact that he is “old school” adds a captivating intensity to his character as well as an additional dimension to the heroine’s struggle with her feelings for himElizabeth is an intriguing character who must come to terms not only with the knowledge that vampires are real but with the fact that she has a personal stake in Saloman’s resurrection and the danger that he poses to humanity It is fascinating to see her transformation from a studious academic to a fully fledged vampire hunterThe secondary characters are well developed with singular identities and motivations They are integrated smoothly into the overall storyline and never feel superfluous The writing flows smoothly and it is easy to become immersed in the world Treanor has created I particularly enjoyed Saloman's backstory and the uniue explanation of the origins of vampires Hopefully details will be forthcoming in the next book which is set up nicely in the epilogueOverall Blood on Silk is a compelling and exciting read with provocative and thought provoking characters and themes

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    Elizabeth a captive of academia is a no nonsense woman whose trip to Romania is solely for the completion of her thesis Elizabeth is wickedly smart—sometimes too smart for her own good—but it is the solid head on her shoulders that has gotten her so far in life And yet devastatingly it is Elizabeth whom in the first of Marie Treanor's thrilling Awakened by Blood series accidentally but fatefully brings Saloman the last of the Ancient vampires back from his grave And this is when her safe sensible life goes perfectly disastrously awryThere are so many things about this book that I love—I'm not even sure where to start The plot is gripping and fast paced and the history of vampires in its wake fascinating The premise involving Elizabeth's attraction to Saloman is tragic but absolutely absorbing As Saloman's Awakener especially as an Awakener who is a descendent of one of Saloman's original slayers three hundred years previously Elizabeth is a powerhouse waiting to be bitten and yet an initial spark of attraction—a desperate plea for affection—prevents him from killing her Lust crazed he may be—in his past life he always got what he wanted sex and blood—but there's just something about her that keeps him from delaying the prophesied The dynamic between Saloman and Elizabeth is charming witty and absolutely smoldering In their first catastrophic encounter Elizabeth escapes from his clutches by sweet talking him and even making him laugh But after that it's no longer fun and games; it's power sweet succulent power but in the end it's desire that consumes them bothSaloman's uest to take revenge against Zoltán the evil vampire who has been in rule during his rest is severely hindered by the distraction that is the naïve and beautiful Elizabeth Silk During his unpeaceful rest Saloman had no choice but to be patient to be dead with his eyes open but even he knows now it is time for vengeance Yet the startlingly tender Elizabeth—the surprisingly hilarious and clever girl who's smart in all areas except for those of herself—prevents him from leading a direct path to Zoltán To me this was the typical forbidden love story nothing original but I loved it nonetheless What I didn't really favor was how vampires seem really idealized all of them are attractive all of the powerful ones have the same clichéd paranormal powers telepathy inhuman speed etc which is a bit annoying But if that's what it takes to create a character like Saloman a girl can dream right? LOLThe fine lines between love and hate good and evil and loyalty and betrayal are crossed then crossed back in Blood on Silk and the ride itself will leave you suirming in arousal and panting for breath Treanor's elouent sensual writing style definitely enhances the story This book was hard to put down and definitely hard to let go ofAs for characters Treanor does a splendid job fleshing them out really well both primary and supporting Elizabeth is extremely relatable in that she's a uiet sort of beauty who is still insecure in identity and desire She is contradictory in herself lonely but self sufficient innocent but cynical solemn but witty fearful but unexpectedly bold reserved but entirely passionate She's torn between the well researched highly driven vampire hunters who only want to help her and the beckoning of true desire and obscured evil; I think any reader will be able to sympathize with her frustratingly mixed feelings Having brought Saloman back to life because he's still technically dead or undead she has the self determined obligation to save humanity and put him back to rest but her unbearable attraction to him tampers with her emotions and he in parallel prevents her from fulfilling her duties as wellSaloman on the other hand is the exact opposite sexually experienced mysterious and uite shady but an enchantingly complex and deep character Not much is revealed to readers about him aside from what he tells Elizabeth but he's the most powerful vampire in the world—who are we readers to trust him? I obviously swooned over him he's such a perfect evil hero Marie Treanor cunningly and delicately shapes a lovable devastating vampire one who's human than we think His struggle and greed for power fuels his passion evil and destruction which I think is perfectly portrayed Saloman is all of alluring magnetic and dangerous and throughout the book is someone Elizabeth gets to know by heart but then again not really much at all I'm looking forward to discovering of him in the next book Blood Sin review to comeBoth Elizabeth and Saloman fall for the monster in each other—he for the enemy and she for the evil—and in between the throes of passion both will commit the ultimate act of surrender out of lust But the uestion is raised is it really only lust?From both characters' perspectives the shame humiliation and lingering insecurity of being in love with someone who may have ulterior motives is so true to life The torture of Saloman's ever presence that remains in Elizabeth's mind causes her to behave recklessly and drives her into an emotional mess but no one ever said love would be easy And so readers recognize love in Saloman was something she did not expect but to be fair love in Elizabeth was not Saloman expected eitherThe unworldly and rather reclusive Elizabeth helplessly opens her heart up to Saloman and he even tragically does the same to her Treanor magically and precariously sheds light upon the importance of living in the moment in the name of love while weaving a heart pounding steamy love story about two lost individuals who find each other even under the most extenuating of circumstances ProsSaloman is a perfectly evil dangerous provocative swoon worthy marvelous character Elizabeth is extremely relatable and likable Witty sexy banter Explosive love scenes Awesome secondary characters that are also well developed Forbidden love is heart wrenching and eually hot Plot is well formed with many facets explored and still unrevealed Stylistically smoothConsElizabeth reacts lustily every time Saloman remotely comes near her and Saloman has an erection every time she comes remotely near him Vampires are way too glamorizedLoveYou really are a bit of a bastard aren't you Saloman?Oh no I'm a complete and utter bastard One can perfect these things over the millenniaVerdictThe pages of Blood on Silk are absolutely scorching hot From the chemistry between the main characters to the heartbreaking storyline involving a star crossed encounter and fate this modern vampire tale combines the mystiue of the world's oldest paranormals with the enamoring backdrop of Scotland and it's one you don't want to miss The characterization is strong the sex hot and the love powerful in Marie Treanor's Awakened by Blood debut False hopes unconuerable desires and the repercussions of unspoken longings convey a powerful message in Blood on Silk that when it comes to love sometimes doing the right thing isn't always the best thing 9 hearts Loved it This book has a spot on my favorites shelf Source Complimentary copy provided by publisher via Bewitching Book Tours in exchange for an honest and unbiased review thank you both

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